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Super-Soft Scrubs That Will Make Your Shifts Better

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Who says you can’t be comfortable at work? Not us. 

One of the many perks of working in the medical field is just that. If you choose your scrubs right, you can essentially go to work in your pajamas—high-performance pajamas, that is. 

The truth is that healthcare professionals deserve to be comfortable at work. You have patient care to focus on and you can’t be distracted by scratchy scrubs that don’t move well or help regulate your body temp. Good scrubs never get in the way of your work, they only allow you to perform your job better.

And speaking of good scrubs, when it comes to making them, we like to think we know a thing or two on the matter. We’ll tell you more about our sumptuously soft trademark fabric, SPINryx™, below, but for now, just imagine scrubs so comfortable that you’ll be tempted to keep them on even after you’re off the clock. If you do want to change, though, we also offer loungewear. Read on to learn about our soft scrubs sets and more.

Five of the softest scrubs from Jaanuu

Before we dive into the list of some of our ultra-soft scrubs, let’s explore why they are that soft. For many of our garments, we use a fabric called SPINryx™, which is extremely flexible and comfortable, featuring moisture-wicking technology and advanced breathability. This material’s compression properties make it great to wear as a base layer. A miracle fabric? We’d like to think so. Now, let’s get into our list of butter-soft scrubs: 

  1. Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top: This top is the perfect combination of one part function, one part form and one part comfort. This flattering short sleeve, v-neck scrub top features side vents, three pockets and fabric so soft you could sleep in it (just not while on the job!).
  2. Women’s Slim Drawstring Cargo Scrub Pant: If you work in healthcare, you can see the advantage of wearing cargo pants—storage. These scrubs are far from the bulky khaki pants that may come to mind when you read the word “cargo.” These slim-fit pants are extraordinarily soft and feature a no-scrunch waistband.  
  3. Men’s Evolve Side-Zip Medical Scrub Top: Is it a scrub top or your new favorite T-shirt? This soft, stretchy scrub top features a V neckline, a chest pocket, a hidden zip pocket and a handy badge loop. We think you’ll love it so much you’ll also wear it on your days off; just remember to take off your badge before heading to the party.
  4. Men’s 4-Pocket Drawstring Ankle Zip Pant: With the way you run around the hospital, the place is practically a gym (right?). These athletic-looking scrub pants are just the thing to get you through a day-long workout—by that, we mean: rounds. The tapered silhouette combines comfort and function (and yes, they have plenty of pockets, too!). 
  5. Women’s 14-Pocket Scrub Set: Yep, you read that right! Four-teen! These super-soft scrubs have all the pockets to carry anything you could need while on the job. It’s the perfect basic set, and it comes in 12 colors to help add a little variety to your work wardrobe.

Four of the softest Jaanuu loungewear pieces 

We call our loungewear collection Comfort RX for a reason. This line is the prescription you need after a long day of work or for your adventures. These styles have a jersey stretch knit you won’t want to take off. When you put your scrubs on for your next shift, you’ll feel just as comfortable as wearing one (or all!) of these:

  1. Women’s 1-Pocket Lounge Hoodie: Everyone needs their favorite hoodie (or five). After all, it’s undeniably a loungewear staple. Pull on this unbelievably soft sweatshirt when it’s time to unwind once you’re home from work, and reserve that front pocket for whatever suits your mood—snacks, your phone, the remote—just as long as it’s not work-related. 
  2. Women’s 3-Pocket Lounge Jogger: The great thing about joggers is that you needn’t be jogging to wear them. Wear these soft, lightweight, low-rise pants on the couch or when you run out to pick up your favorite takeout. 
  3. Men’s Lounge Hoodie: This lightweight drawstring pullover is so cozy we’re pretty sure it’ll become one of your wardrobe’s all-stars. Pair it with our matching lounge jogger for a stylish, comfy look that’s fit for the gym or simply relaxing.
  4. Men’s 3-Pocket Lounge Jogger: This jogger fits like athletic pants but feels like pajamas, making it perfect for wherever your free time takes you—whether on a hike, a jog or the couch. 

Soft scrubs FAQs

Why is it important to wear comfortable scrubs? 

You’re always moving at the hospital, so you need scrubs that move well with you. As we mentioned above, itchy or ill-fitting scrubs can irk you throughout the day, and that’s the last thing you need when you want to focus on providing patients with the best care. What are the benefits of using scrubs? 

Scrubs are workwear meant to protect you from bodily fluids and keep you mobile in a fast-paced environment. Even the least comfortable, hospital-issued scrubs feature a loose fit that you can move well in. Scrubs are also a kind of uniform. Medical professionals in different departments may wear distinct colors, which helps people tell one specialty from another. Surgical scrubs serve an extra-special purpose; their unique green hue contrasts with blood during an operation and is easy on surgeons’ eyes.

Come to us for lab coats or scrubs, but stay for the loungewear. We’ll even give career advice or a chuckle, if that’s what you need. Whether during or after a stressful day, remember to take a breakroom breather or cozy up on the couch to revel in how comfortable you feel (and how great you look!).

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