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Our Six Best Jogger Scrub Pants

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If you’re a healthcare professional, it doesn’t matter if you enjoy running. You do it. Your job is physically challenging, and, on average, many medical workers are walking (or jogging) miles around the office every day. Enter: the jogger scrub. 

Good nurse clothes protect you from germs and bodily fluids at work. Great nurse clothes are also comfortable, well-fitting and pleasant to wear. Jogger scrubs check all of these boxes.

They also check an additional box: Joggers are so comfortable that you can wear them as loungewear. This may go without saying, but you can use them for, well, jogging.

It’s time to leave the nurse uniforms of the past behind and get to work in sleek hospital looks that move with you, support you, help you feel great and even hold all your gear. 

What are jogger scrub pants?

Pajamas: meet your match. Joggers are a pant style that combines comfort and mobility. These pants feature a drawstring waist, a tapered leg and fitted ankle cuffs. They’re roomy and nonrestrictive, and the best jogger scrubs also come equipped with plenty of pockets for carrying around all of the tools of your trade. 

What to consider when choosing jogger scrub pants

If you’re used to the typical scrubs nurses wear, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised by jogger pants. And, if this is your first time buying this type of clothes, allow us to guide you toward joggers that won’t let you down (spoiler alert: they rarely do). Here are our pro tips: 


If you wear a roomy drawstring pant, it should definitely be comfortable. If it’s not, there’s definitely something wrong. Besides comfort, what else should you look for? Focus on the fabric. Seek out extra soft material that will work with you and help you get through even the toughest shifts. Our joggers are made with one of the two following high-performance, super-soft materials,

  • SPINryx™: This soft fabric is extremely flexible and comfortable and offers moisture-wicking technology and advanced breathability. Its compression properties make it great for base layers. This material supports you throughout your day, no matter how long. Did we mention it’s also antimicrobial-finished?
  • FUSEryx™: This is the most durable fabric we’ve ever made, so we’re kind of proud of it (and just not because we’re confident it can outlast any shift). This material provides a sleek, classic fit and is fade- and wrinkle-resistant.

Pocket space

As comfy as medical joggers may be, they’re nursing scrubs first and foremost, and nurses need pockets. So, look for pants with plenty of storage to keep everything you need for the day close by (and that includes a snack). 


As a healthcare worker, medical scrubs are your everyday workwear, so they should be durable. Cheap scrubs may save you money, but we recommend investing a bit more in garments that will see you through many shifts.  

The perfect fit

As if their comfort and utility weren’t enough, joggers are also pretty flattering. You can find low-rise, mid-rise and high-waisted varieties, so choose the fit that feels great on you and makes you feel great. Remember that you’ll be on your feet almost all day as a medical professional, so feeling good both inside and out is a priority. 

What are the best jogger style scrub pants for a nursing job?

Our joggers are comfortable and focused on performance, not to mention easy to pair with your favorite v-neck or scrub top. So, how to choose? Let details like fabric, fit, color and the ever-important number of pockets guide you. Some of our top joggers include,

  1. Women’s Rib Band High Waisted Jogger: This relaxed-fit, 4-pocket pant offers extreme comfort and durability, so it hits all the right notes. Plus, it features a flattering high-waisted fit and wide-ribbed knit waistband. It also comes in six easy-to-pair colors for when you need to put together a full look.
  1. Women’s 10-Pocket Mid-Rise Jogger: Yes, you read that right: This jogger features a double-digit number of pockets. This means you’ll always have your essentials on hand when you need them—including those things that help make your day more comfortable (like hand lotion or trail mix).
  1. Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger Pant: This women’s scrub pant combines function and comfort in a relaxed-fit jogger with nine pockets designed for different needs like carrying around badges, pencils and hand sanitizer. This pant also comes in 14 colors, so there’s a hue to go with any mood. 
  1. Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant: This pant will have you looking like you’re heading out to the gym or on a weekend hike, but you’re really just heading out to get in a workout at the hospital. It also features five pockets to hold everything from your stethoscope to your ring. 
  1. Men’s Momentum 2-in-1 Jogger: This tech jogger is so soft you won’t want to take it off even to go to sleep (though we do fully recommend tossing your hospital wear in the wash when you get home). It also features a breathable liner (think: briefs), which is why this pant is called “2-in-1.” It’s our way of making your pre-shift routine a little easier. 
  1. Men’s 5-Pocket Mesh Panel Jogger: This performance pant is highly breathable and features an inner mesh panel, making it perfect for work and lounging (though, as we said, we recommend washing your gear after every shift). The waistband is made from a comfortable rib knit, and as luxurious as these pants are, they’re crafted with utility in mind, with five pockets to store everything you need for the day. 

We may be experts in joggers, but that’s just part of what we do. We also make quality men’s and women’s scrub sets, lab coats, nurse tops, face masks…you get the idea. Let’s just say we’ve got you covered (literally) for your day at the hospital.

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