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Our 6 Best Premium But Affordable Scrubs

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It’s no secret that healthcare workers are always in demand, and working extremely long hours is not uncommon. So it’s no surprise if you often find yourself needing new quality scrubs tops or scrubs sets that don’t break the bank. 

Here at Jaanuu, we’ve heard that call from medical professionals, and that’s why we offer some of the best value scrubs options on the market, making your shopping experience for med couture as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Remember, when shopping for medical uniforms or any work-specific apparel, you should consider a few things before making your purchase: fit, function, durability and value.


When you think “best fit” scrubs, what comes to mind? Do they sit comfortably? Are they unisex scrubs? Is this uniform so baggy it won’t fit under lab coats, or will it look professional within your workplace environment? When judging a quality set of scrubs, you’ll want to aim for something form-fitting but nothing too tight. If they’re too snug, they’ll be uncomfortable to wear during long shifts. 


Suppose you’re looking for the best scrubs for nursing or the best scrubs for doctors. You’ll want your uniform to be functional to a T for the healthcare environment. Functionality features can include:

  • Pockets
  • Pockets for cell phones
  • D-rings or hidden clasps to clip your badge
  • Fabric with an antimicrobial finish to keep away contaminants
  • Moisture-wicking fabric with quick-drying properties
  • Side vents in your uniform or a V-neck top to keep yourself cool
  • A drawstring or an elastic waist for the pants to provide extra comfort and flexibility


If you’re looking for the best nursing scrubs that are budget-friendly, durability should also be at the top of your list. After all, how long your scrubs will last under repeated wear and tear will determine how much you spend on them. No point in buying scrubs on a budget when they aren’t high-quality and wind up wearing out quickly, making you buy replacements over and over again.


When you compare the fit, function and durability against the scrub’s upfront price, how much are you saving now and in the long run? Will the most comfortable scrubs be the least expensive? With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of quality scrubs for the premium, budget-conscious healthcare worker to help you replenish your workwear.

Our top 6 best value scrubs for women

Woman dressed with black scrubs

For women’s uniforms, we’ve picked our best value scrubs for tops, ranging from innovative spandex blends to mock wrap alternatives:

  • Our Women’s Relaxed 3-Pocket Top. This option comes with a notched V-neck scrub top, a chest pocket, 2 patch pockets, side vents, and a hidden badge hem loop. Unlike a more general fabric like rayon, this top’s 4-way stretch FUSEryx™ fabric features an antimicrobial finish. The top is resistant to wrinkles and fading, allowing you to toss it in the washer and dryer easily time and again. 
  • Our 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Top. Sometimes you’ll want a scrub that is a little more form-fitting, or perhaps longer sleeves during the cold winter months. With a notched crew neck and 3 pockets in total, this scrub top is made of our supersoft SPINryx™ knit fabric with an antimicrobial finish. Like the first option, it can be machine-washed and tumble-dried.
  • Our Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top. With this particular SPINryx™ knit option, you’ll get a relaxed fit, bottom side vents and 4 pockets in total. Additional perks include a standard antimicrobial finish that’s machine-washable.

If you’re in need of some women’s scrub pants, our top choices are:

  • Our Essential 5-Pocket Jogger. As the name suggests, this is a jogger scrub option where you can’t go wrong. These joggers feature a mid-rise waistline and a relaxed fit that ends in a tapered leg. They also have an elastic waistband and cuffs, as well as 4-way stretch scrub fabric, with 5 pockets in total.
  • Our 8-Pocket Slim Cargo Pant. This is another budget-friendly option, and one with extra pockets, which makes it even better. These cargo scrub pants have a mid-rise waistband and 8 pockets, some of which are cargo pockets. They’re also constructed of antimicrobial-finished FUSEryx™ fabric and are wrinkle and fade-resistant.
  • You also have the Essential Drawstring Pant. With 5 pockets, including several back pockets, a durable woven fabric and a relaxed fit, these 4-way stretch pants will get you through the day and survive frequent machine washes, too.

Our top 6 best value scrubs for men

Men jogger pants

When you’re looking for affordable but well-crafted scrub options for men, especially in the tops department, you have:

  • Our 2-Pocket V-Neck Top, available in multiple colors. With a relaxed fit made of antimicrobial-finished FUSEryx™ fabric, this 4-way stretch top has 2 pockets and a hidden hem badge loop. It can be machine-washed and tumble-dried. 
  • Our Men’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top. With its relaxed fit, multiple pocket options, and a hidden hem badge loop, you can’t go wrong in the functionality department. Like the previous option, it’s made of machine-washable FUSEryx™ fabric and comes in various colors.
  • Our 3-Pocket Crew Neck is another budget-friendly option. This top has lots of storage options, featuring 3 pockets and a hidden hem badge loop. Its FUSEryx™ antimicrobial-finished fabric is durable enough to survive repeated cleanings.

Lastly, for men’s scrub pants:

  • Our Men’s Classic Straight-Leg Pant. This pant option has 5 pockets in total and is made out of wrinkle and fade-resistant FUSEryx™. It also features a relaxed fit with a mid-rise drawstring elastic waistband.
  • Our Men’s Mesh-Pocket Jogger Pant. With a semi-fitted cut and antimicrobial-finished FUSEryx™ fabric, these 4-way stretch pants have 7 pockets in total, along with a drawstring mid-rise elastic waist. Its collection of features contrasted with its price definitely makes it a budget-worthy option.
  • Our Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant. Semi-fitted with 4-way stretch FUSEryx™ fabric, these joggers have 6 pockets in total and are durable enough for the washing machine.

Buy the best value scrubs for you

Nurse with pink scrubs

We know what it’s like to be on a budget, but we also know what it’s like to be on shift for 12 hours at a time. That said, at Jaanuu we believe you deserve the absolute best in med couture, every day and every hour you spend on the job. Remember, when shopping for medical uniforms, you should always keep a few core features in mind: fit, function, durability and, of course, cost.

Other features that you may want to consider are the color (especially if your medical facility requires a specific dress code). And, given that people come in all shapes and sizes, one pant leg style may just fit you better than another.

Looking for further sale-friendly or reasonably priced scrub options? Check out Jaanuu’s sale selection or our men’s sale selection. You can shop all Jaanuu scrubs to see if other options interest you, too. Scrub on.

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