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Our 6 Best Scrubs To Keep Any Nurse Feeling Good On the Job

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Nurses are always in need of a new pair of scrub pants or a scrub top, and if you work as a nurse, you know far too well how true this is.

Every day, you run into situations that stretch your medical uniforms to their limits. You encounter stains, rips and stressful, high-intensity situations that almost always leave your work outfit looking less than glamorous. Not to miss, you’re running around in these nursing uniforms for eight to 12 hours at a time, too.

At the end of the day, those scrubs need to be put through a heavy-duty wash cycle to keep them fresh, clean and sanitary. Repeat this often enough, and they start to fall apart. This feeds into that ever-present cycle of needing new high-quality scrubs. And when you’re shopping for scrubs, you want to find ones that look great and feel comfortable, too.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the best nursing scrubs you can buy, divided by category: overall excellence, the best price and comfort. Each of these figure-flattering scrubs also keeps in mind varying body types.

Our 6 best scrubs for nursing

At Jaanuu, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to healthcare fashion and scrub brands, inspired by our co-founder and Pediatrician, Dr. Neela. In essence, we believe that comfort, functionality and premium apparel all go hand in hand. 

All our scrubs have something to offer in each of these categories, but if you’re looking for a bit of advice or a good starting point, we’ve got the guide to point you in the right direction.

Our best overall scrubs for women: Jaanuu’s Relaxed 3-Pocket Top and 10-Pocket Jogger

When you combine these two fashionable, functional scrubs, you get premium apparel at a stellar price. A bestseller in our women’s nurses’ tops selection, our Relaxed 3-Pocket Top speaks for itself as far as its popularity among healthcare workers goes.

Marrying function, fit and fashionability into one easy package, the Relaxed 3-Pocket Top is made out of our innovative FUSEryx™ weave. At the same time, the mid-rise 10-Pocket Joggers come in our soft knit SPINryx™ blend. Both shirt and pants range from sizes XXS to 3X and come in various antimicrobial-finished, wrinkle resistant colors. 

With a total of 13 pockets between the two, you’ll never run out of storage space with these medical scrubs.



Our best overall scrubs for men: Jaanuu’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top and Mesh-Pocket Jogger Pant

Olive 4 pocket v neck for men

Jaanuu has an ample selection of men’s bestselling scrubs that are also well-suited for nursing. If you’re looking for the best overall deal, we recommend our 4-Pocket V-Neck Top and our Mesh-Pocket Joggers.

Comfortable and highly durable, both items are made of our woven FUSEryx™ fabric and coated with an antimicrobial finish. Both our moisture-wicking scrub top and jogger scrub bottom have a 4-way stretch capacity. Translation? They can put up with a lot of daily wear and tear, and they’re wrinkle and fade resistant. Between them, you’ll have 11 pockets in total.




Our best price-friendly scrubs for women: Jaanuu’s 3-Pocket V-Neck Top and Essential 5-Pocket Jogger

Women 5 pocket mesh pant

At Jaanuu, we focus on premium scrubs with an emphasis on quality. We engineer all of our designs to last a long time. Even still, who can resist the occasional bargain? If you’re looking for a more price-friendly option, we’ve got sets that fit the bill.

Our 3-Pocket V-Neck Top and Essential 5-Pocket Jogger for medical professionals like yourself are premium, bestselling scrub options that will give you the perfect mix of excellent prices and priceless features that you’ll need to get the job done.

Other things these two items have in common: both are made of our specialty FUSEryx™ weave with antimicrobial-finished technology and fade resistant qualities, ensuring they’ll last wash after wash.



Our best price-friendly scrubs for men: Jaanuu’s  4-Pocket V-Neck Top and Drawstring Jogger Pant

 4 pocket v neck top for men

Yes, once again, we’re going to mention our 4-Pocket V-Neck Top. Except this time, try pairing it with our Drawstring Jogger Pant. Both are made of our FUSEryx™ antimicrobial-finished weave, and the joggers have an elastic waist with 6 pockets.






Our most comfortable scrubs for women: Jaanuu’s Rose Trim 4-Pocket Top and Jaanuu’s Rib Band High-Waisted Jogger

 rib band hand black jogger for women

As mentioned earlier, narrowing down the list of our most comfortable scrubs is anything but easy. All of Jaanuu’s workwear options are designed for extreme comfort, so there’s truly no wrong choice. 

If you’d like a few suggestions on where to start looking, however, then we suggest our ultra stylish Rose-Trim 4-Pocket top, along with the Rib Band High-Waisted Jogger. Both are made of our antimicrobial-finished SPINryx™ fabric and have ample stretch built into the material.




Our most comfortable scrubs for men: Jaanuu’s Raglan-Sleeve Top and Drawstring Jogger Pant

Looking for the most casual of casual men’s scrubs, especially nursing scrubs that give you 24/7 comfort? Then we suggest our Raglan-Sleeve top and Drawstring Jogger Pant. 

Both are made with our 4-way stretch FUSEryx™ fabric. Our customer-favorite, semi-fitted Drawstring Joggers feature a tapered leg, ensuring they’re form-fitting while still giving you more than enough room to stretch comfortably.





Choosing the right scrubs for a nurse

 4 pocket grey pant for women

Of course, our recommendations for the best scrubs for nurses include a few additional factors. Let’s run through a quick list of them.


How do these scrubs sit on you, per style? Do they have a slim, flattering fit, or are they a bit too baggy? Are your scrubs unisex or made with a particular body type in mind? 

Also, regardless of whether you’re shopping for men’s, women’s or unisex scrubs, consider your personal preferences. Do you prefer a slim-fit scrub set or something more relaxed? Do you like long sleeves, short sleeves, cargo pants, yoga pants or joggers? Ankle length, straight legs or flares? Aim for a cut that makes you happy while still sticking to workplace regulations.Color

What color of scrubs do you prefer to wear? What color of scrubs are you allowed to wear based on your workplace dress code, if you have one? 

Is your scrub color of choice easy on the eyes or perhaps too harsh or straining to stare at over long periods? Are there particular colors that make patients calmer or more anxious? All these factors will help you ultimately decide on your choice color of scrubs.


Before you make your buy, figure out the durability behind your brand-new scrubs. As a nurse, you’ll be washing those scrubs frequently. Will the weave of the fabric hold up in the wash? What about the color of the material? If it fades or falls apart, it’s not very durable, and you’ll wind up replacing them too soon—a costly practice you’ll want to avoid.


How many pockets do your scrubs have, and are they enough for what you need on the job? Do you want a particular type of pocket, like cargo pockets or secure zip pockets?


Lastly, do these scrubs serve the purpose they were designed for? Do they work with your healthcare position specifically? Factors that contribute to the functionality of your scrubs include fit, colors, durability and pockets, along with healthcare-specific features like antimicrobial-finished technology.

If you’re looking for more nursing scrub recommendations, be sure to check out Jaanuu’s selection of bestsellers. Happy shopping!

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