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18 Jobs That Require Scrubs

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What does the word “scrubs” bring to mind? Most anyone will think of nurses or other medical professionals—maybe it’s even the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy”. 

But if you work in the medical industry, your thoughts most likely jump right to all the sanitation protocols you follow while on the job. More than just a uniform, you already know your scrubs are essential to keeping you safe, clean and comfortable during those long shifts. 

However, it’s not just nurses and healthcare professionals who wear scrubs. Several other fields also make use of these sensible, practical work uniforms. 

Why do healthcare professionals wear scrubs?

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Medical professionals wear scrubs for several reasons, none of which are probably news to you. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also germ-resistant. And in healthcare settings, like operating rooms, nursing homes or extended care facilities, the chances of running into germs or other contaminants is not a question of if but when. With their antimicrobial-finish (like Jaanuu’s FUSEryx and SPINryx fabrics), scrubs significantly reduce the risk of being exposed to potentially harmful contaminants. 

Scrubs are also durable, with wrinkle and fade resistant properties that are more likely to hold up in the wash, be it women’s or men’s scrubs.

And, with a wide array of color options, scrubs allow staff members to easily show their role in the workplace to both coworkers and the general public.


18 jobs that require or are recommended to wear scrubs

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Regardless of whether you’re a medical professional, you may also be wondering, “Can anyone wear scrubs on the job?” The basic answer? Yes! So long as it suits your workplace environment, almost anyone can adopt scrubs as their work uniform—or even as leisurewear at home!

What are some other jobs that require scrubs, and why?

Home health aide

Home health aides help patients who live at home rather than in assisted-living facilities. Typical tasks include lending clients a hand with everyday tasks, like bathing, eating and dressing. Not all home health aides are required to wear an official uniform. Still, they’re likely to be exposed to bodily fluids or other contaminants that could stain their street clothes. Scrubs are an excellent alternative that help to keep home health aides safe and sanitary while on the job.

As of 2021, a home health aide’s average salary is
$31,056 per year.


Similar to home health aides, caregivers work in homes as well as healthcare facilities. On top of helping with everyday tasks, they also assist with other situations, like laundry, meals and driving their patients to appointments. 

The average salary for caregivers in 2021 is $47,143 per year. A high school diploma is necessary to remain competitive within this field.

Nursing assistant

Nursing assistants are responsible for keeping patients’ rooms clean, reporting on patient statuses and escorting patients to and from operating rooms.

The average salary for nursing assistants in 2021 is
$36,690 per year.

Pharmacy technician

For pharmacy technicians, scrubs are all about comfort and clearly defining their role to the public. Daily tasks include collecting patient info, labeling medication, answering the phone, processing insurance claims and assisting pharmacists.

The national average salary for pharmacy technicians is
$30,913 per year.

Dental assistant

Have you ever walked into a dentist’s office and been greeted by a person wearing scrubs? That person is likely a dental assistant. 

Although they help dental hygienists with cleaning procedures, dental assistants also perform more administrative-focused tasks, like scheduling appointments and answering phones.

The average salary for a dental assistant as of 2021 is
$62,867 per year.

Dental hygienists

Dental hygienists are responsible for cleaning teeth, taking X-rays of patients’ teeth, and passing patient info onto dentists.

The average salary for a dental hygienist is currently
$83,535 per year, but this is not an entry-level position. You’ll most likely need an associate’s degree to land a job as a hygienist.


Surgeons are most readily associated with scrubs and with good reason. They’re responsible for specialized operations and work in situations where contact with bodily fluids is an everyday occurrence. As such, scrubs are an essential tool for protecting both themselves and their patients.

The average salary for surgeons is currently $299,282 per year.

Massage therapist

Massage therapists work from small offices, healthcare facilities, spas and beauty salons. They aim to ease a client’s body aches and pains with different corporal massage techniques. While they don’t necessarily partake in typical medical procedures like nurses and other health practitioners, scrubs allow massage therapists to move freely and comfortably while they attend to patients.

The average salary for massage therapists is currently
$73,130 per year.

Physical therapist

Like massage therapists, physical therapists dedicate themselves to getting patients’ bodies into healthy physical shape. Instead of working on generalized aches and pains, however, physical therapists focus on helping patients recover their mobility, especially after an accident or surgery.

The average salary for physical therapists is
$82,376 per year.

Radiological or MRI technologist

Looking for a healthcare career geared toward tech? Try working as a radiological or MRI technologist, both of whom specialize in analyzing and operating diagnostic imagery. 

In either field, scrubs help to keep you comfortable throughout the day and also denote your position to the public. The average salary for radiological technologists is $57,358 per year.

The average salary for MRI technologists is
$26,366 per year.

Medical assistant

Like dental assistants, medical assistants take on various administrative and healthcare-related tasks like scheduling appointments, preparing patients for minor procedures and answering phone calls. 

The national average salary for medical assistants is $38,348 per year.

Medical biller

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Like medical assistants, medical billers work for healthcare facilities and providers. However, their duties are primarily administrative, especially on the finance end. 

Overall, they’re responsible for maintaining billing records and collecting payments from patients. A set of scrubs is not so much for contaminants, but rather as a uniform, as it helps to distinguish them from other positions.

The average salary for a medical biller is
$31,287 per year.

Medical secretary

Want to work on the administrative side of healthcare but don’t love billing? Medical secretaries are responsible for scheduling appointments, ordering office supplies and helping doctors file their reports, among other tasks. 

The current salary for a medical secretary is $52,986 per year.

Occupational therapist aide

Occupational therapists provide rehabilitative services across a broad spectrum of categories: life skills, mental health assistance and physical health assistance.

The average salary for an occupational therapist aide is
$82,130 per year.


There’s no denying that this list would be incomplete without mentioning nurses, whose job consists of close, personal contact caring for and monitoring patients. So the chances of exposure to germs and other contaminants are high. What’s more, nurses often work extremely long hours, so comfortable clothes to wear on their shifts – like Jaanuu’s selection of women’s scrub pants – is a must. 

For career paths, you’ll find several nursing positions to choose from, along with different pay grades: registered nurses ($79,668 per year), licensed practical nurses ($50,463 per year) and nurse practitioners ($80,858 per year), among others.


Although not always required, it’s common to see doctors wearing scrubs in medical offices or hospitals, especially the ER. The average salary for this position can vary, depending on the doctor’s specialization and their tasks.

Veterinary technicians

Ask any animal lover, and you’re sure to hear the same: Veterinarians and veterinary technicians are as quintessential as any human medical professional when it comes to keeping your four-legged family members healthy. 

Tasks associated with this position include surgery prep, first aid and X-rays. There’s no denying that animals can be messy, so scrubs are essential. You may need underscrubs, too, to protect your arms from an animal moving around in distress.

The average salary for a veterinary technician is
$30,509 per year.



Last but not least on this list is a profession outside the realm of healthcare where scrubs are commonplace: housekeeping. 

To clean stains, housekeepers use a lot of harsh chemicals that will easily ruin ordinary clothes. If they’re working in a place like a hotel, there’s a chance they may run into bodily fluids during one of their room sweeps, too. Housekeepers and janitorial custodians also spend a lot of time on their feet, which calls for a comfortable uniform. 

The average salary for housekeepers is currently $37,705 per year.

If you need more scrub suggestions, no matter your field of work, be sure to check out our selection of women’s scrub tops here. We’re committed to outfitting you with the industry’s very best scrubs, so you can feel your best throughout your journey.

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