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10 Top Jobs for Nurses Outside the Hospital

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If you work as a nurse or plan to be one, chances are you love to help others. After all, nursing is definitely not one of those simple “9-to-5” careers.

At Jaanuu, we consider nursing a calling and believe in a fun, forward-thinking, holistic approach to healthcare all around. But that doesn’t mean that your nursing career has to keep you at the hospital. 

Maybe you want to reduce your stress load, have regular hours so that you can spend more time with your family or embark on a new career path altogether. Whatever the case, there are several alternative nursing career options available for you to consider that are outside the boundaries of a hospital.

Below we’ve put together a list to answer the ever-perennial question: Where can new nurses work other than a hospital setting?

10 Jobs for nurses outside the hospital

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Research nurse

Love the idea of helping others or being a nurse educator while simultaneously continuing your academic studies? A career as a research nurse may be the right choice for you.

As a research nurse, you’ll focus on experimental treatments and clinical trial specialties. You may also lend a hand with database maintenance and informatics. In special cases, with additional training, you may also work as a legal nurse consultant.

Requisite education and average salary will depend on the type of research you’re conducting, along with the state you live in and the healthcare facilities you work at. That said, although your focus will be research, you’ll still need to wear scrubs when dealing with patient care.

Travel nurse

Of course, travel isn’t what it used to be; the pandemic has seen to that. However, if you”technically” want to travel and are not afraid of heights, you can pick up a job as a flight nurse. It’s a high-stakes, high-risk job where you’ll perform emergency procedures as patients are airlifted to and from hospitals.

To qualify as a flight nurse, you’ll need your registered nurse license (RN), along with some emergency care experience.

School nurse

Love to work with kids and have an educational flair? The pediatric wing at your local hospital isn’t the only place where you can help children. 

If you’re looking for career opportunities with regular 9-to-5 hours, a school nurse position may be appealing. It’s one of the most common career changes for nurses, and as the name suggests, you’ll work in a school setting. General duties include patching up injuries, assessing illnesses and teaching nutritional courses. 

Your range of options includes elementary schools, high schools or universities, based on your qualifications and interests.

To become a school nurse, all healthcare providers need an RN degree and a license to practice in the school’s state. Also, your salary can vary depending on the school district you work for, but the overall average is $53,486 per year.

woman wearing white signature lab coatOccupational nurse

Depending on the type of business, this position can have more reasonable hours. A unique option here to maximize flexibility is pursuing an at-home nursing job that you can do online, perfect in a post-pandemic world.

If your position is in-person, you’ll also be in charge of drug screening and wellness programs, as well as assisting with safety training for other non-nurse employees. Additionally, you’ll treat workplace injuries and case management for insurance purposes.

To be eligible for this position, you’ll need to complete your Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) and obtain your RN license. The average salary for this position is $58,015 per year.

Public health nurse

Closely related to a school nurse, a public health nurse works in community outreach and focuses on improving overall health. 

As a public health nurse, you’ll assist social service agencies and nonprofits in developing preventative care programs. To be eligible for this position, you’ll also need your MSN, along with your RN license. The salary average currently sits at $68,848 per year.

Nurse midwife

Do you love babies and helping new mothers and families? Nurse-midwives usually work in hospitals, but they can also work in clinics and private practices. Your tasks will center on women’s health, birthing and prenatal and postnatal care. 

This is a delicate job where you’ll be welcoming newborns into the world. As such, make sure you have the right nursing equipment to keep your patients and yourself safe and sanitary. 

To be eligible for this position, you’ll need your RN license, along with a graduate degree that has a women’s health specialization. A certified midwifery license is required, as well. As of fall 2021, the average salary for this position was $97,670.

Ambulatory care nursing

Ambulatory care nurses are stationed at outpatient centers, telehealth centers, school facilities and sometimes, patient homes. You’ll travel between these locations to provide onsite healthcare assistance and educational tips. 

For this role, you’ll need to get your certification from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Your pay grade will depend upon the facility that you’re working for.

Man wearing olive top scrubsHome health nurse

Want to assist patients on their terms and help them regain a sense of independence? As a home health aide, you’ll be traveling between patients’ residences, providing onsite nursing care and assisting with treatment plans.

Educational requirements for this position include an RN license. However, additional optional certification for home health care providers is never a bad idea. The average salary for this position in 2021 was $31,204 per year.

Side note: You can find work uniforms perfectly suited for this mobile long-term care in our women’s scrubs selection.

Aesthetic nurse

Looking good can make you feel good, especially if you’re helping other people. As an aesthetic nurse, you’ll be doing just that. 

Despite the unconventional nature of this career path, the professional pull here is to find a way to have fashion and healthcare work in concert in a holistic, helpful way.

For this position, you’ll be stationed in medical care spas or working with doctors and surgeons on plastic surgery procedures. Botox injections, fillers and laser hair removal can also be part of your daily task routine. Additionally, you’ll need excellent customer service skills to make your patients feel comfortable and pampered.

As for credentials, you’ll need an RN degree along with additional cosmetic training. Your pay grade will vary, depending on the facility you’re working at and the procedures you’re assisting with.

Hospice nurse

On a more solemn note, sometimes the care you provide is geared toward making your patients feel as comfortable and at peace as possible, as their time to pass nears. As a hospice nurse, empathy, care and compassion should be at the very top of your skillset.

This position calls for regular patient assistance, pain management and emotional support.

Hospice nurses require an RN license, along with training in pain management and a palliative care certification. The average salary for this position is $81,094 per year.

Discover how much nursing school costs so you can find the perfect career

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Taking on a nursing job at a hospital may seem daunting or unattractive, but fortunately, you have options. If you’re seriously considering those options, and you need more schooling to make it work, we have those answers. Here’s how much nursing school costs.

Should you want to be a nurse but are keen to do so against a backdrop other than a hospital, know that your options are vast. The very best to you in your journey ahead!

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