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Top 20 High-Paying Nurse Practitioner Jobs

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If you had the opportunity to earn more doing what you love, you’d take it, right? If you’re a registered nurse (RN), you’re just a few steps away from securing a higher salary (and some important new responsibilities). 

And if you wish to hone your skill set by earning a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), you’re even closer to the dream! By becoming a nurse practitioner (NP)—an advanced healthcare professional who performs some of the clinical tasks that physicians typically carry out—you’d be setting yourself up for a bright career outlook and a high-paying nursing job. 

There are many specializations within the NP field. If you’re associated with a particular field of medicine (maybe the specialty you focused on as an RN), you can further your knowledge by becoming an NP. This position also allows you to provide more advanced patient care in your favorite specialty treatment. 

Ready to enroll in an NP program? We’ll discuss how much you’ll earn in different specialties.  

The top 20 high-paying nurse practitioner specialties and their average salaries

If you’re ready to make the leap and advance your career, the first step is going back to school. This could mean working less (and perhaps taking out loans) as you return to school for a higher-level degree. The following list shows a nurse practitioner’s salary in various fields to help you make informed financial decisions. And, you’ll learn what everyday life as an NP will look like in various high-paying specialties, so you can find the right path.  

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner: $136,846

If you’re a healthcare provider who works “with heart,” you can transition into a well-paying role as a cardiology NP, performing your duties in a hospital or outpatient setting. Your specialized efforts will be rewarded with one of the highest NP salaries.

Bilingual Nurse Practitioner: $134,329

Put your skills to work and help patients who best express themselves in a language that isn’t English. Communication is the key to providing excellent healthcare. 

Interventional Cardiology Nurse Practitioner: $131,450

Delve even deeper into the matters of the heart as an Interventional Cardiology Nurse. You’ll perform specialized procedures, like putting in stents and catheters, under the supervision of a cardiologist. 

Cardiothoracic Surgery Nurse Practitioner: $124,627

Do you see a pattern? Working in cardiology as an NP is a lucrative career route. In this role, you’ll take care of surgery patients before, during and after their procedure. As a cardiothoracic surgery NP, you’ll participate in invasive surgery, hence the high compensation. 

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: $123,607

If you’re fascinated by behavioral and mental health, this NP role could be for you. You’ll work directly with patients, implementing a treatment plan for the physiological conditions they’re experiencing. 


Pediatric Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: $121,965

If you want to combine your love for working with children and treating psychiatric conditions, this is a potential career. Besides being a pediatric nurse practitioner, you’ll garner the specialized psychiatric knowledge needed to treat young patients and help them along their developmental path. 

Telepsychiatry Nurse Practitioner: $121,148

Just because you prefer to work from home in your most comfortable loungewear doesn’t mean you can’t make a huge difference in your patients’ lives. In this role, you’ll help psychiatric patients remotely, providing health services from the comfort of your home office. 

Geriatric Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: $120,266

The U.S. has an aging population in need of support from specialized medical professionals like NPs. In this role, you’ll provide psychiatric care in long-term healthcare facilities and patients’ homes. Not only is the annual salary great, but the career outlook also is constantly growing due to the said aging population. 

Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner: $117,880

If you’re good at thinking on your feet (and standing on them for a while), consider working alongside a physician in this hospital role. You’ll see all types of cases, provide acute care and act as a knowledge source across the hospital’s many specialization areas. 

Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner: $117,080

Consider this a specialization in which you don’t really have to specialize. On a daily basis, you’ll address various health concerns without focusing on just one specific area of medicine. And, you’ll be rewarded handsomely for being a clinical “know-it-all!”

Oncology Nurse Practitioner: $117,074

Oncology nursing isn’t easy, but it’s among the most rewarding. In this role, you’ll provide empathetic care to cancer patients at different stages of this illness. Your hard work, specialized knowledge and ability to suggest treatments will be reflected in the high salary.

Hematology-Oncology Nurse Practitioner: $116,139

If you like a career with a strong focus, consider a hyper-specialized role like this. Here, you’ll work with cancer patients, specifically leukemia. Your knowledge of blood disorders won’t only help you provide excellent patient care but also will ensure you’re paid well for doing so. 

Bariatric Nurse Practitioner: $115,589

This NP role is perfect for anyone who wants to help patients reach their health and wellness goals through weight loss. In this career, you’ll specialize in bariatric surgery and be rewarded for your niche knowledge, empathy and guidance. 


Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner: $115,195

In this primary care role, you’ll work with the elderly, ensuring comprehensive overall care for chronic conditions. Your monitoring of these older patients could help extend or save a life. 

Wound Care Nurse Practitioner: $114,504

If you don’t mind the gory sight of blood and enjoy watching your patients heal in real time, consider a lucrative career as a wound care NP. You’ll treat all types of injuries, provide urgent care, perform wound assessments and make treatment plans.

Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner: $113,387

This is the ideal role for any healthcare professional who loves working with children and treating a diverse range of conditions. As a pediatric NP, you can choose your workplace such as private practices, hospitals, clinics and/or schools.

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Practitioner: $112,511

If you’re an empathetic soul with the right disposition for working with children who’ve received difficult diagnoses, put your skills to work as a pediatric oncology NP. Your sensitive nature and clinical expertise will go a long way to making a difference in young patients’ lives. 

Neurosurgery Nurse Practitioner: $112,384

Are you a brainiac? Use your knowledge about the human brain and nervous system to help patients before, during and after surgery. In this role, you’ll work with some of the body’s most delicate systems and be rewarded for your exactitude, skill and unique clinical knowledge. 

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner: $110,249

Are you ready to take care of the tiniest humans of the society? If so, this career could be for you. In this role, you’ll take care of premature newborn babies or those with life-threatening congenital conditions (which could either be genetic or acquired during the fetal stage). You’ll be working in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), thus the high salary.  

Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Nurse Practitioner: $110,118

This specialized role involves the conditions of the head and neck, besides ear, nose and throat. If you’re ready to treat diseases such as Meniere’s, among others, this is for you. Your expertise in the field, which will be much more than physicians, will get you a high income!    

Whether you become an RN, a  family nurse practitioner (FNP), a physician, a surgeon or choose any other role in between, we’ve got you covered with scrubs that are perfect for your line of work. Count on us to keep you looking and feeling good at the office! 

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