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Our 5 Best Scrubs For Men To Look Like a Boss on the Job

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Scrubs. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, every healthcare worker needs them. That includes the guys.

We at Jaanuu believe there are more reasons to love than to loathe your scrubs. That’s because long gone are the days of nothing but boxy cuts and stiff fabrics that leave you feeling like you’re wearing a step above cardboard. Now you can flex up in scrubs that are as fly as you. From joggers and athletic-fit tops to bomber jackets and more, there are many things to consider prior to purchase: fit, fabric, colors, durability, functionality and, of course, pockets.

We want you to look forward to suiting up in your medical uniform, looking and feeling your best—confident, stylish, professional—every moment that you’re on the job.

Read on for an explanation of each and a roundup of our best scrubs for men.


How does this pair of medical scrubs sit on your body, regardless of the uniform style? Are the scrubs baggy or straight-leg? Too tight or form-fitting? Is the cut appropriate for a workplace setting? Do they have side vents? Never overlook the details, even if you’re purchasing your scrubs in a hurry.

If you work in a hospital or a medical facility, you’ll want to avoid scrubs that fall too far to either side of the baggy-versus-tight spectrum. Essentially, look for that perfect form-fitting mix that still allows enough flexibility for you to stretch and stay comfortable without being too loose.

Fabric blend

Although functional scrubs are created with healthcare workers in mind, some fabric blends hold up better under frequent washings than others.

For example, cotton can be a popular fabric choice because of its softness and breathability. However, it wrinkles easily and is prone to tearing. Polyester blends are very durable, albeit not as soft. At the same time, spandex gives you incredible mobility that holds up well under strain. In a nutshell, there are a lot of options to choose from.

At Jaanuu, we’ve developed two innovative fabric blends that give you the best options from multiple fabric worlds: our branded FUSEryx™ and SPINryx™ materials, which combine poly, rayon and spandex. This unique blend makes them soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking and machine-washable, with wrinkle and fade resistance, and antimicrobial-finished properties.


Depending on the facility you’re working at, you may be required to purchase scrubs in a particular color. Consider choosing colors that appeal to your patients, too, such as softer colors to put those patients at ease—think Stone, Spice and Ceil Blue. If you’re looking for the best scrubs for doctors, Jaanuu’s Shades of Pink series fits the bill.


How well do your scrubs hold up under repeated wear and tear, including frequent machine washings? If those scrubs aren’t durable, you can wind up having to replace them more quickly than you’d like. That becomes both costly and inconvenient.


You know it, we know it: pockets are a must for almost any piece of clothing, especially medical scrubs. When shopping for new scrubs—be it for tops, pants or both—keep count of the total number of pockets. Be sure to take note of their location on the garment, too. 

Chest pockets can be essential, and cargo scrub pant pockets can also help store your essentials. Additionally, look for special clasps for your ID badge and be sure to note the placement of these hoops. 


Above all, uniforms need to serve the function they’ve been designed for. With scrubs, this includes fabric blend and fit, along with pockets and durability features. 

For example, is the fabric antimicrobial-finished to help keep away contaminants? Does it have moisture-wicking properties to allow them to dry fast? What about the cut of the scrubs? How will the design help or hinder your physical comfort during your shift? All of these features work together in tandem to determine whether or not the scrubs will suit your individual needs.

Our 5 best scrubs for men

Blue Men's Drawstring Jogger Pant

Looking for specific recommendations when it comes to the best scrubs for men? We’ve collected a few.

Our overall best scrubs for men

When it comes to all-around winners, among our best-sellers are Jaanuu’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top and the Mesh-Pocket Jogger Pant to complete your look.

With this men’s V-neck top, expect a relaxed fit with a comfortable collar, a hidden hem badge loop, and 4 functional pockets. The top is constructed out of FUSEryx™ fabric with an antimicrobial finish, giving it a 4-way stretch capacity that is both wrinkle and fade resistant.

For the Mesh-Pocket Jogger Pant, you’ll find a semi-fitted cut with a tapered leg and an elastic drawstring waist. It’s also made of antimicrobial-finished FUSEryx™ fabric, with 7 pockets in total to make for maximum functionality in the workplace.

Our best value scrubs for men

If you’re looking to stock up on scrubs without breaking the bank, we also recommend the 4-Pocket V-Neck Top, along with a new set of pants: the Men’s Drawstring Jogger

The reason we mention the same V-neck scrub top? Not only is it one of the best overall scrubs, but this 4-Pocket top also offers some excellent features at the lowest price. 

For the Drawstring Joggers, expect a semi-fitted cut with an elastic waist drawstring and 6 pockets. Like the other options, it’s also made of an antimicrobial-coated FUSEryx™ material, making it machine-washable. 

Our most comfortable scrubs for men

We design all our scrubs with your comfort in mind, so in this category, we want to stress that you can’t go wrong with any Jaanuu option. But if we had to choose a personal favorite? We’d recommend the Men’s Raglan-Sleeve Top and give another nod to the Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant.

For the top, you’ll find a relaxed cut with short sleeves and a ribbed crew neckline, along with 2 pockets and a hidden badge loop. For the pants, on top of being the best scrub pants for the budget-conscious healthcare worker, they’re the most comfortable, too.

Our most stylish scrubs for men

Sometimes you need scrubs that are not just comfortable and functional, but stylish, too—whether it’s for a special occasion or you simply prefer a more flattering cut. 

If that’s the case, we recommend Jaanuu’s 3-Pocket Crew Neck Top and the 5-Pocket Mesh Panel Jogger to complete your modern fit. With the top, expect a sleek, relaxed cut, along with 3 pockets and a hidden badge hem loop. This top’s 4-way stretch FUSEryx™ fabric is antimicrobial-treated and wrinkle resistant, meaning it’s perfectly safe to throw in the wash. It will also look crisp once you take it out of the dryer. 

For the Mesh Panel Joggers, you’ll find a semi-fitted cut with a knit elastic waistband that gives you a wide range of motion. The jogger has 5 pockets and is made out of the same amazing FUSEryx™ woven fabric.

The scrubs with the most pockets for men

Finally, your make-or-break decision may come down to something essential yet straightforward: how many pockets do these scrub tops or scrub pants have? You may be looking for back pockets, front pockets, cargo pockets or all of the above. 

If you’re looking for the best scrubs with the most pockets, we’ll once again recommend the Men’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top, along with the Men’s Slim-Fit Cargo Pant. With the top, you’ll find 4 pockets; with the pants, expect 8.

Find the best scrubs for men that fit you

Man in grey scrubs

Regardless of the scrubs you ultimately choose, remember to factor in their fit, function, durability and comfort. You can up your chances of finding all of these features by shopping for scrub tops and pants separately, allowing you to mix and match your options.If you want to shop for Jaanuu’s full selection of scrubs for men, click on our men’s top collection, or scroll through our men’s pants. You can also browse Jaanuu’s best sellers to see what other medical professionals are buying now. Flex on in scrubs.

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