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8 Fashionable Scrubs To Make You Feel Stylish at the Hospital

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Every healthcare worker knows it: the job can leave you feeling less than glamorous by the end of the day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a personal interest in fancy scrubs or med-athleisure fashion. Nor does it mean that a more polished appearance can’t help you get through a long workday. 

Sometimes, a contemporary, comfortable set of medical scrubs can make you feel more comfortable and confident, regardless of how hectic your workday is. Below, we’ve put together a list of our most fashionable nursing scrubs and designer scrubs for doctors.

Women’s Rose Zip Signature Tulip Top

Rose tulip pink scrub

When it comes to high-fashion scrubs, our Rose Zip Tulip Top is bound to make a statement. With its sublte, semi-fitted cut and stylish puff sleeves, this pocket V-neck has an artfully curved hemline that flares out gracefully over the hips. Its soft, stylish appeal emphasizes your natural form, whether your build is petite, tall or athletic, and it provides long-lasting comfort on your shift. 

Rounding out this women’s scrub option are 3 pockets and Jaanuu’s proprietary FUSEryx™ fabric, which has 4-way stretch capacity and an antimicrobial finish.




Women’s Rose Trim Rib Crew Top

 Rose trim scrub

Equally beautiful but with a slightly modern approach, our Rose Trim Rib Crew Top is one of the most fashionable scrubs that you can find. 

Like the previous option, this high-quality top has 3 pockets. Its slim, form-fitting cut and savvy scoop neck give off an air of upscale professionalism. The top also has a hidden hem badge loop with rose gold accents. Its soft knit texture comes from our SPINryx™ fabric, which is specially treated with an antimicrobial finish.




Women’s Rose Trim 10-Pocket Jogger

10 rose jogger pant

To accompany the Rose Trim Top, we recommend the Rose Trim 10-Pocket Jogger, suitable for doctors’ medical scrubs and scrubs for nurses. Its slim-fitting, mid-rise design looks like a casual fashion accessory rather than a pair of industrial joggers, which can help you meet that inner urge to be stylish 24/7.

Detailed with rose gold zippers and an elastic waistband, this scrub bottom has 10 functional pockets. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, too. Like its matching top, it’s made of antimicrobial-treated SPINryx™ fabric that’s super soft, flexible and durable.




Women’s Rib Band High-Waisted Jogger

Rib Band High-Waisted Jogger

This list wouldn’t be complete without our Rib Band High-Waisted Jogger. It’s a flexible but sleek option for women’s nursing scrubs, with a flattering high waistband, 4 functional pockets, and thick ribbed fabric at the ankles to cinch these jogger scrub pants into a more delicate, tapered look.

Like the previous option, these joggers are made of soft SPINryx™ knit with an antimicrobial finish, allowing you to machine-wash and dry your medical uniforms quickly and with ease.




Men’s 3-Pocket Crew Neck Top

3-Pocket Crew Neck Top


For men’s medical workwear, never fear: Jaanuu also has a wide selection of fashionable scrubs that are sure to make a statement. The 3-Pocket Crew Neck Top offers a sleek, modern cut made out of 4-way stretch FUSEryx™ fabric that has been treated with an antimicrobial finish. This short-sleeve top also has 3 pockets and a hidden hem badge loop, and comes in various colors. 




Men’s Mesh V-Neck Top

Men’s Mesh V-Neck Top

Equally stylish but with a slightly different neckline, the Men’s Mesh V-Neck Top is a more modern addition to this list, with multiple color options and sizes to choose from.

Featuring a cut that’s athletic and slimming, and simultaneously very comfortable, this 2-pocket V-neck scrub top is made of durable FUSEryx™ fabric, allowing it to stand the test of time against the most vigorous machine-washes.





Men’s 5-Pocket Mesh Panel Jogger

5-Pocket Mesh Panel Jogger

Looking for scrub pants? Look no further than the 5-Pocket Mesh Panel Jogger, a semi-fitted scrub with a rib-knit elastic waistband and ribbed ankle closures. These joggers are as functional as they are upscale and polished, with 5 pockets and our iconic FUSEryx™ fabric.

Best of all: They’re part of Jaanuu’s Shades of Pink collection, which makes it easy to mix and match different cuts of tops and pants to create your own combination of the perfect scrub sets.




Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant

Drawstring Jogger Pant

Last on our list of fashionable workwear is our Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant. It’s a simple but chic, semi-fitted option for scrub uniforms. Featuring 6 pockets, an elastic drawstring waistband, and ribbed ankle closures, these joggers come together to create a tapered, form-fitting silhouette.

Its FUSEryx™ antimicrobial-finished fabric comes in multiple colors. The scrub pants are easy to wash and fade resistant, too.





What to look for in a fashionable scrub

x Olive 4 pocket v neck top

Whatever scrubs you decide to buy, whether they’re a new arrival collection or a Jaanuu core classic, a couple of key features should be kept in mind when making your purchase.

Fabric blend

If you work in healthcare, you know how important it is to have a uniform that’s not just breathable and stretchy, but also moisture-wicking and crazy comfortable (think loungewear for work). When your uniform falls short, it just adds discomfort, stress and strain to your shift. Who has time for that?

Cotton, poly and spandex are all popular fabric options, each with its strengths and weaknesses. On top of that, what good are new scrubs if they fall apart after the first few wears and washes? Even with fashionable scrubs, you want your uniform to be durable, wrinkle resistant and fade resistant.

Fortunately, Jaanuu has developed two innovative, high-quality fabric blends: the woven FUSEryx™ mentioned above and a softer-than-soft SPINryx™ knit. Both of our proprietary fabric options allow your scrubs to be stretchy, sleek and hardy, no matter how many times you wash them.

Fit and comfort

With scrubs, look for a fit that is not too baggy but not too tight, either. Baggy uniforms can interfere with your work activities or look strange when worn under lab coats or scrub jackets. If the scrubs are too tight, however, they can become uncomfortable or have too little stretch. These really tight scrub tees can also leave little room for a warm or muscle-supporting compression underscrub.

Fit and comfort can also be affected by how scrubs are designed to sit on your body. For example, if you’re petite or plus size with a shorter build, you’ve probably run across a longer pant leg once or twice (or maybe a thousand times). If so, you know how frustrating it can be to discover a cute set of scrubs only to find yourself tripping over the hemline. Unisex scrub options, while functional, can significantly affect the fit and comfort as well. 

Because of this, it’s always a good idea to make sure the scrubs you’re buying come in a variety of sizing options; choose the one geared toward your personal needs.


Before buying a new set of scrubs, fashionable or not, always ask yourself, “How well will these scrubs do their job?”

The fabric should be antimicrobial treated to keep away germs. The fabric blend should also contain moisture-wicking properties to allow for faster drying times, if possible. Additional features like ample pockets, a zip front and hidden hem badge loops can increase functionality.


What are you trying to say by wearing this particular set of scrubs to work? Do they look cutting edge, modern, sporty or chic for medical professionals like yourself? Do you want something softer or more feminine? What about a more professional look that conveys authority or a sense of calm? Are you planning to pair your scrub pants and tops with Jaanuu’s scrub jackets

Count on fashionable scrubs to lean into this style element more so than others. Of course, your specific workplace environment can affect the style of your scrubs. For example, if you’re working in a maternity ward, you may want to go with a softer, gentler color scrub set—something pleasant and sweet for those new mamas. 

If you’re looking to create a customized fashionable scrub set from the ground up, try out our women’s scrub set builder for more color, style and fit options. Look good, stay comfortable and carry on.

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