JAANUU » Our 6 Best Plus-Size Scrubs For Medical Workers of All Body Types

Our 6 Best Plus-Size Scrubs For Medical Workers of All Body Types

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Shopping for work scrubs can be a little stressful, especially if you have a hard time finding your size.

Worse yet, ill-fitting scrubs can leave you feeling uncomfortable, which can ultimately distract you from your job. Needless to say, this is the last thing you want in a high-pressure environment where you’re helping others with their healthcare.

Although searching for plus-size scrubs can be frustrating, we’re happy to say that Jaanuu has taken a more holistic, inclusive approach to med-athleisure fashion. We carry men’s and plus-size women’s scrubs, and the best plus-size scrubs sets are never an afterthought for us. It’s truly our hope to make all healthcare professionals feel comfortable and look great on those 12-hour shifts.

If you’re in the market for some new scrub pants or a scrub top, we’ve put together a list of our best plus-size scrubs for both men and women to give you that perfect fit. We’ve also included a handy collection of tips on what to look out for when buying new uniforms.

3 of our best plus plus-size scrub tops for medical workers

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Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top

One of our best-selling medical scrubs is the 4-Pocket V-Neck scrub top, a relaxed, comfortable, stylish top with 4 functional pockets. It has short sleeves, gently cut side vents and a flattering V-neck collar to help keep you cool during long, intense shifts. 

Available in sizes XS to 3X, the 4-Pocket V-Neck scrub top is made of innovative SPINryx™ fabric, a blend that’s 65% rayon, 30% nylon and 5% spandex. This means that it stretches well and dries quickly. It’s also coated with an antimicrobial finish to keep you and your patients safe. Overall, it’s a perfect plus-size stretchy scrub top option.

Women’s Relaxed 3-Pocket Top

If you’re looking for more nursing scrubs with “xtreme stretch” or a relaxed fit, Jaanuu’s Relaxed 3-Pocket scrub top is your next best scrubs choice. Short-sleeved with a notched V-neckline, it features Jaanuu’s FUSEryx™ fabric, which allows for a 4-way stretch fit that’s soft and wrinkle-resistant to keep you comfortable, casual and professional during your shifts. And it’s available in multiple colors, including black, pink and blue.

Men’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top

If you’re looking for some of the best plus-size scrub sets for men, our 4-Pocket V-Neck scrub top is where you want to start. With a relaxed, comfortable fit and antimicrobial-finished FUSEryx™ fabric, this piece of workwear is durable enough to withstand repeated washings. Like the other tops on this list, it also comes in multiple colors and is wrinkle and fade-resistant, making it perfect for medical professionals.

3 best plus-size scrub pants for medical workers

Blue jogger pants for women

Women’s 10-Pocket Jogger

If you’re in the market for plus-size scrub tops, you may be searching for plus-size scrub pants, too. Jaanuu’s 10-Pocket Jogger is a customer favorite in the women’s scrub category, with a wide range of sizes that includes 3X. (When we say we take  a holistic approach to all fashion cuts, we mean it.)

Made of soft-knit SPINryx™ fabric with an antimicrobial finish, these joggers also feature 10 pockets, a couple of which are cargo pockets. You’ll find so much storage in these joggers that you might even call them the cargo pants of scrubs. 

The pants are outfitted with a mid-rise drawstring elastic waistband, creating a flattering but relaxed fit. Think athleisure wear, but for the hospital or doctor’s office.

Women’s Essential 5-Pocket Jogger

Equally popular but with slightly fewer pockets, the women’s Essential 5-Pocket Jogger also comes with plus-size options. Like the 10-Pocket Jogger, it has a mid-rise cut and comes in multiple color options with a drawstring waist. With a delicate flare leg pant that tapers into an elastic cinch at the ankles, these pants are flattering on the figure and are another great stretch scrub.

The big difference here: The 5-Pocket is made out of fade and wrinkle-resistant woven FUSEryx™ fabric, as opposed to knit SPINryx™. Don’t be dissuaded, though. The SPINryx™ is just as good.

Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant

Lastly, suppose you’re looking for a pair of men’s plus-size scrub pants to finish off your uniform. The Drawstring Jogger Pant is a popular choice with its functional, semi-fitted, 6-pocket cut.

Made of comfortable, 4-way stretch FUSEryx™ fabric, this set of joggers is wrinkle-resistant and made of 76% polyester, 18% rayon and 6% spandex. In short, these joggers are perfectly primed to be easily cleaned after a long day at work.

How to buy our best plus size scrubs

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As with any new purchase, you’ll want to be discerning about buying a new uniform. Price is always a factor, as is the durability of those uniforms and their care instructions. With scrubs, you’ll also want to pick items that fit snugly enough that they won’t hinder you on your job.

Additional factors to consider:

Tightness: To expand on the snug factor, a tighter, more form-fitting outfit will help keep contaminants at bay. Loose-fitting scrubs are more likely to come in contact with a patient, and as you know, that can expose them to an unclean surface or spread unwanted germs to you. Form-fitting but stretchy is what you want to aim for.

Fit and cut: How do those scrubs sit on you, and are they appropriate for the workplace? Pick a scrub top that has enough space to fit an underscrub beneath it.

Function: How helpful is this scrub set for your job? Does the scrub top or pant have an adequate number of pockets? Is there a clip or hoop for your badge? Is the fabric of the scrub set well-suited for a hospital setting? Essentially, stylish-looking scrubs are always great, but they need to serve their primary purpose, too.

Waist closure: What kind of waist closure do you find most comfortable? Do you prefer button-ups, elastic waistbands, drawstrings or a combination of several? Many of Jaanuu’s scrubs come with elastic and drawstring options, but go with the one you prefer.

Fabric: Fabric must be durable, comfortable and stretchable. Some of the most popular fabric blends for healthcare clothing are cotton, polyester and spandex. Cotton is ideal because of its breathability, while polyester is preferred for its durability. Spandex has an excellent stretch capacity, too. Fortunately, Jaanuu’s SPINryx™ and FUSEryx™ materials are often made of a blend of several of these fabrics.

Still looking for more plus-size scrub options beyond the ones found in this list? Check out Jaanuu’s selection of extended sizes and extended sizes for men, where you’ll find options for scrub jackets, too. 

You can also read up on our fit guide to find a more accurate gauge of your size. Happy scrub shopping!

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