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Our 8 Most Comfortable Scrubs To Make Your Shifts Less Tense

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If you’ve ever worked super-long shifts where you spend most of the time on your feet, you know without a shadow of a doubt how important it is to stay comfortable. This is doubly so if you’re a healthcare professional working in a high-stress environment. Double that again if you combine all these factors during a pandemic. That’s quadruple the intensity, if anyone’s keeping count.

To say that we’re all a little burnt out from our current circumstances would be an understatement, and finding the most comfortable scrubs with wrinkle resistant and moisture-wicking qualities is key. From women’s scrubs to men’s scrubs and unisex options, so long as you have some basic workplace aids to help, you’ll be able to get through the most challenging parts of the day.

Below, we’ve put together a list of our most high-quality comfy scrubs to help you feel less tense while on the clock. Healthcare is stressful, but these medical uniforms can make it better.

Our most comfortable scrubs for nurses and medical professionals

Now, we really want to stress that at Jaanuu we design all our stretchy scrubs to be comfortable. We take a holistic approach to fashion in that we firmly believe, figure-flattering scrubs, functionality and feeling good should go hand-in-hand, regardless of the situation you’re in. 

Medical scrubs are just like any other item you would wear to work. They should uplift and express a person’s individuality, and we aim to do just that. 

Read on for some of our top choices for comfortable, quality scrubs to keep you feeling and looking good while on the job.

With scrubs for women:

 Red 10 pocket jogger for women

  • Try our 2-Pocket Side-Rib Top, made out of our supersoft SPINryx™ knit fabric that’s treated with an antimicrobial finish for heightened protection. A mix of rayon, nylon and spandex, this breathable top has a relaxed fit with comfort top of mind. Its 2 front pockets allow you to carry around items, ensuring it stays functional on top of everything else.
  • If you’re looking for a semi-fitted alternative, check out our Rose Trim 4-Pocket Top, an attractive option that is as comfortable as it is fashionable. With a total of 4 pockets, it’s one of the best scrubs for doctors. Also made of our breathable SPINryx™ blend with antimicrobial finished technology, this scrub top is durable and designed to get you through the day.
  • Looking for scrub pants instead? Try our 10-Pocket Jogger. In general, joggers are some of the most comfortable pant styles you can wear. The 10-Pocket Jogger is made out of our very own soft knit SPINryx™ blend, and its drawstring elastic waistband ensures that it never presses down on your midsection.
  • Also in the pants section, consider our Rib Band High-Waisted Jogger. On top of being a jogger, its high-ribbed waistband is supportive without being compressive, easy to bend in, and will help keep your midsection warm. This particular pair is made out of our SPINryx™ knit and is treated with an antimicrobial finish.

Be sure to check out our FUSEryx™ fabric selection for women’s comfortable scrub tops, too. Once again, we want to stress that we craft all our scrubs with comfort top of mind, for all our fits and fabrics.

For men’s scrubs:

Blue 4 pocket v neck scrub for men

  • Check out our Raglan-Sleeve Top. With a relaxed fit and a ribbed crew neckline, this is one of the most casual scrubs available at Jaanuu, made out of our innovative FUSEryx™ fabric.
  • Also consider our 4-Pocket V-Neck Top, a functional, durable alternative that has increased mobility with its 4-way stretch capacity. Its poly-rayon-spandex mix is very soft against the skin.
  • Need scrub pants for men? Our Mesh-Pocket Jogger Pant is a fantastic choice. With its mid-rise elastic drawstring waist and cinched ankles to create a relaxed but enclosed fit, this soft, durable jogger scrub style has 4-way stretch capacity.
  • Last on our list of “so comfortable you could sleep in them” scrubs is our Drawstring Jogger Pant, a semi-fitted cut with cinched ankles and a 4-way stretch FUSEryx™ woven blend. These pants are built for extreme comfort in high-intensity situations, and can withstand high-intensity wash cycles, too.

Additional men’s scrubs can be found in our relaxed silhouette and our FUSEryx™ fabric selection.

Key things to consider when buying comfortable scrubs

Woman in Navy compression jacket

By now, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what you should buy and what you want to buy when it comes to your scrubs, at least in the comfort department. However, there are a few more things to consider, and we’ve dropped those points below.

1. Durability

This is a big one, so ask yourself, “How well are these scrubs going to hold up in the wash?” Is the weave strong enough to withstand friction, wear and tear? While it may be tempting to buy cheaper scrubs upfront, we’ve found those are more likely to fall apart after the first few dozen washes, causing you to replace them more quickly than normal.

2. Fit

How do these scrubs fit your body, per style? Does the cut look and feel flattering? Do they fit in a way that is comfortable against your skin? It’s important to personalize your scrubs and choose a style that authentically represents you. Of course, we’d never encourage you to sacrifice fit and functionality for fashion, so we work hard to engineer all attributes into all our Jaanuu scrubs.

3. Pockets

Lastly, pockets. Everyone needs them, but healthcare workers especially so. The scrubs you’re buying may be comfortable, but do they have enough pockets for the tasks at hand? Maybe you want a particular style of pocket, like cargo pockets or zip-up pockets. Perhaps you’re even looking for mesh-lined pockets for extra breathability when you tuck in your hands. Maybe you want those pockets in a specific place, or you want them to serve a particular purpose. Pen pockets are an excellent example of this.

Whatever the case, pockets are essential, and so long as you keep them in mind, having storage to carry around extra items can keep you feeling comfortable as well (you won’t be juggling odd pens and paper).

If you’re looking for more comfortable scrubs recommendations or additional pocket options, be sure to scroll through Jaanuu’s relaxed scrub tops section. Keep calm and scrub on.

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