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Nurse-Approved: Our Best Scrubs for Women

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Nothing makes a hard day at the hospital harder than clothes that don’t work for you. At Jaanuu, it’s our mission to ensure that you never have to wear poorly fitting, scratchy, uncomfortable scrubs. We’re all here for workwear that moves well, looks great, and feels like your favorite pair of pajamas. 

While we may be experts at workwear, the real authorities on the matter are doctors and nurses like you. The game recognizes the game! After all, it’s healthcare professionals who put our scrubs to work and provide the important feedback that keeps us improving. 

That’s why we like to bring you nursing scrubs you’ll love. The reviews are in, and we’re happy to share some of our best-selling looks so that when you treat yourself to a new work set of scrubs, you can rest assured that it’s nurse-tested and nurse-approved. That’s one stressor you can take off your plate. 

But first, let’s talk about fabric

Before we share some of our best-selling pieces, let’s see what they’re made of. Since we know that you need high-performing fabrics, we’ve worked hard to develop “miracle” fabrics that help you take on your day, no matter how long (or sweaty). 


This soft fabric is highly flexible and comfortable. It’s made with sweat-wicking technology, offering advanced breathability. Its compression properties make it great for base layers and offer excellent support. 


FUSEryx™ is the most durable fabric we’ve ever made. We’re proud of it because it can outlast any shift. It provides a sleek, classic fit and is wrinkle-resistant, antimicrobial, and fade-resistant. You’ll love it; we know it.


This fabric is a literal weight off your shoulders. It’s comfortable, breathable, and super-stretchy. This wrinkle- and static-resistant fabric with an antimicrobial finish will have you looking sharp and feeling fresh all day. Did we mention it’s made from recycled materials? 

3 of our best-selling women’s scrub tops

What makes the perfect scrub top? We think it’s the combination of functionality and form. Moisture-wicking, antimicrobial action doesn’t hurt, either. Here are a few of our customers’ absolute favorites: 

  1. Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top in SPINryx

This top comes in a wide variety of colors and may be cute enough to wear after work, but what else does it have going for it? It’s incredibly comfortable, features four pockets (something you can never have enough of as a nurse), and has two side vents for breathability. 

  1. Women’s Performance V-Neck Top in ULTRAlite™

This is another scrub top that might as well be your favorite T-shirt. It’s extremely lightweight, features a flattering V-neck and stylish tulip sleeve detail, and has just enough pockets to hold your essentials (like jewelry or a pen). This blouse also has two knit side panels for a form-hugging fit. 

  1. Women’s Mock-Wrap Tulip Top in SPINryx

Here’s a scrub top so elegant, we won’t judge you if you wear it out to date night (your date won’t judge you either!). This blouse features a faux-wrap silhouette, a tulip hem and a form-hugging fit that’s still comfortable and practical for work. As if that weren’t enough, this top has two hip pockets to hold some of your gear.


3 of our best-selling women’s scrub pants

Great scrub pants should feel like loungewear but perform like workwear, so getting the right fit is everything. Here are some of our customers’ favorite scrub bottoms. Go for a silhouette that makes you say, “I look awesome today!” 

  1. Women’s 10-Pocket Jogger Scrub Pants in SPINryx

That’s right: 10 pockets. This is the scrub pant that really understands just how much you have to carry around on the job—from tape to nuts (you can’t forget your energizing snacks!). These pants aren’t only great in terms of pockets; they do it all. They’re durable, soft, stretchy, and sporty and even feature a flattering relaxed fit and mid-rise drawstring elastic waistband.

  1. Women’s Yoga Pant in SPINryx

Yoga pants, meet pockets. This high-waisted scrub pant looks like athletic wear but is definitely intended for the hospital, with five pockets that can hold all the tools of your trade. The sporty fit of these pants means they move well with you and won’t get caught on anything as you do round. Additionally, they look great on a range of body types.

  1. Women’s Slim Cargo Pant

Cargo pants; they’re not just for the ‘90s anymore. If anyone was going to keep this fashion trend alive, it was going to be someone with a need for a lot of pockets—a nurse. No wonder these six-pocket scrub pants are among our customers’ favorites. They also feature cooling inseam vents and a flattering high-rise waist, so what’s not to love? 

Why is it important to wear the right medical scrubs?

We can quip about our scrubs being just as comfortable as loungewear all day, but scrubs are actually designed for work. Here’s why you should focus on getting the right workwear, whether you buy it from us or other top scrub brands like Cherokee, Dickies, or Wonderwink.

  1. Scrubs keep you (and your patients) safe: This workwear is intended, first and foremost, to keep you safe at the hospital. Scrubs protect you from pathogens, and items made with antimicrobial finishes can keep you from germ cross-contamination between you and your patients. Plus, well-fitting scrubs keep you safe as you move around quickly in tight spaces, helping ensure that your clothing doesn’t snag on furniture or prevent you from moving freely. 
  2. A good pair of scrubs make your day less stressful: We’d like to think you get a mental boost from feeling good about your outfit, but there are other more practical reasons that high-quality scrubs can help you stave off stress. Firstly, wicking or vented fabrics help you manage your body temperature at work, so you’re not always worried about feeling too hot or cold. Secondly, scrubs with enough pockets hold the tools you need to grab quickly without rummaging around. 

We’re here to support healthcare workers, not just with compression fabrics. At Jaanuu, we’re dedicated to making your life more comfortable as a medical professional, including providing content on self-care, career advancements, and even picking out the right snack for work.

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