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How to Wear Underscrubs: A Guide to Staying Stylish (and Prepared)

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There are a few places where you get to experience all four seasons in a single day. You might wonder why we’d talk about seasons in a blog about scrubs. That’s because the temperature inside a hospital fluctuates like in these places. You could get a pleasant wave of Spring in the morning, a frosty afternoon and a chilly evening. 

But how do you prepare for such an experience? The secret is to wear layers. Surely, when you head out on your off days, you’re great at throwing on an ensemble that combines the perfect jacket with a fashionable top, but things get a bit trickier when you’re putting together a look for the office. The situation gets even more complicated if you have to wear a uniform or a certain color of scrubs. 

But, at Jaanuu, it’s our job to think about these challenges and create solutions for them—good-looking solutions, if we do say so ourselves. Below, we’ll share our secrets for wearing underscrubs in a way that’s fashionable, comfortable and ready to combat those wild temperature fluctuations at your workplace. 

When wearing underscrub tops, you should consider:


Underscrub tops often have the same appeal as your favorite T-shirt (and we won’t judge you if you wear underscrubs when you’re off shift for that reason). These base layers are made from soft fabrics and feature a tailored fit and flattering necklines. 

No matter which style you choose, these body-hugging tops will fit nicely under your scrubs and even give your look more shape. Speaking of shape, play with contrasting necklines to show off the underscrub below, especially if it’s a fun color (we’ll get to that in the next section). 


This is the part where you get to have some fun. All the underscrub tops we offer are long sleeve, so if you’re wearing a short sleeve scrub set (or one with a contrasting neckline), you get the opportunity to team up complementary colors. Just remember to stay within the guidelines of your dress code, and stick to the colors your department allows. If you’re in the operating room, surgical green it is! 

If you want a more subtle look, choose a neutral undershirt color that is not as saturated as the color of your scrub top, i.e., a beige or white underscrub top under blue scrubs. 



If you don’t want the world to know you’re wearing an underscrub top or your dress code requires more conservative looks, use a base layer that’s roughly the same shape as the scrub top above it. Ensure the layers have the same neckline and sleeve length and that the underscrub does not extend past the bottom of your scrub top (or tuck the underscrub into your pants).   

When wearing underscrub pants, you should consider:

Fit & visibility 

When wearing underscrub pants, fit and visibility go hand in hand. If your underscrubs are too large, they may look bulky under the top layer of clothing. But if they’re too tight, you’ll be uncomfortable and the outfit may not look the most flattering. If you want your undergarment to function as shapewear, try bike shorts or leggings with moisture-wicking action to stay cool. 

Consider the fit of your scrub pants, too. If you’re right on the line between two sizes and plan to wear a layer underneath, choose the next size for your scrub pants so that the underscrubs fit comfortably beneath them. 

Whatever you choose, remember that mobility is key to working well, so prioritize flexibility over style. 


Healthcare professionals barely get a break, so we’re sure you don’t want to spend yours doing a wardrobe change. But, such will be your fate if you wear underscrubs that are too warm for your workplace. There is no easy way to remove a layer when it comes to your pants, so be sure you really need a base layer before heading to work. 

The importance of wearing proper scrubs

At a company that prides itself on making great-looking workwear, we’d love to tell you that the importance of wearing proper scrubs has to do with fashion, but the reality is that style is just a plus. 

Scrubs help you stay safe and comfortable at work. 

One of the primary purposes of these garments is to protect you from pathogens and prevent the transmission of germs between patients and staff. To this effect, our microbial fabrics have got you covered.  

One of the other top functions of scrubs is keeping medical professionals comfortable. You rack up some serious mileage walking around the office and hold uncomfortable positions for long periods. Plus, you’re almost always on your feet. This means that scrubs need to wick sweat, move well with you, not get caught on furniture and other items as you hurry from one patient to another and keep you comfortable. That’s a lot of work for one set of garments, but premium scrubs are versatile. 

Other layering pro tips


A base layer will help you stay warm all shift and even wick away sweat if you get too warm. But, if you have a chilly commute or simply don’t work up a sweat at the office (tell your friends how to get that job, by the way), you may need a couple of extra layers. Consider: 

  • A lab coat 
  • A performance fleece 
  • A scrub jacket 
  • A scrub cap (hey, you lose a lot of heat through your head!) 
  • Cozy shoes 

If we know one thing inside and out, it’s scrubs—in all their layers. Let us guide you toward a high-quality work look that makes you feel great about yourself and better about those unpredictable office temps. 

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  1. Is there an underscrub in a plus size?

    • Hi Janet,

      Right now we do not carry Underscrubs in our Curve line. I will inform the design team about the interest in plus-size Underscrubs!

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