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The Six Best Scrubs for Sweating

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Regardless of whether you consider yourself an athlete, if you’re a healthcare worker, we think you are one. You have the stamina to stay on your feet all day and walk (and sometimes jog) miles around the hospital—and most likely on a tricky sleep schedule dictated by irregular shifts. Like it or not, excessive sweating is part of the job.

So, just as it’s important to stay hydrated, eat energy-boosting snacks and squeeze in some rest and relaxation, choosing the right performance gear for your work is essential. This task starts with finding physician or nursing scrubs that can keep up with the demanding nature of your work.  

What should you look for in the perfect scrub? We believe in the power of comfortable garments that make you feel good on the job, and we infuse all of our scrubs with a superpower: high-performance fabrics that move well, wick moisture and stand the test of time. 

Why do we sweat over all these details? To help you control all the sweat you work up while on the go. Read on to learn about six of our best scrubs that help you stay cool and dry while on the job.

Why wear scrubs for sweating?

You work hard and need to remain focused, but uncomfortable garments like scratchy standard cotton scrubs can distract you from doing your best work. Soft scrubs not only help you stay on task, but they just feel good (and we never underestimate the power of feeling good). But true comfort goes beyond plush fabrics. No one wants to be doused in sweat at the end of a hard day, so real comfort includes temperature (and odor) control.

Let’s talk about advancements in fabric technology. At Jaanuu, we’re proud to have dreamt up some high-quality materials that feel great and work hard for you. When it comes to controlling sweat, we recommend SPINryx™. This ultra-soft fabric is highly flexible with 4-way stretch tech and offers moisture-wicking technology, as well as advanced breathability. 

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The best six scrubs for sweating

Our motto? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got your back with a wide selection of men’s and women’s scrub sets to help keep you feeling fresh throughout those hospital “workouts” and temperature fluctuations. Check out our top moisture-wicking scrubs made with SPINryx™ fabric. 

  1. Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top: What could be better than a performance scrub top that wicks away perspiration? One that’s endlessly flattering, soft and has functional pockets (four of them). This v-neck top features side vents for even more airflow. The takeaway? This top is so comfortable, stylish and hardworking that it will withstand a day at the hospital and all your weekend errands.  
  1. Women’s Slim Cargo Pants: With six pockets, durable fabric, extreme comfort and a flattering slim fit, these are some of our best women’s scrub pants. Enjoy the feel of the smooth, mid-rise elastic waistband that won’t scrunch (yes, we thought of that!). Inseam side vents help keep you cool even during your shift’s most stressful moments.  
  1. Men’s Evolve Side-Zip Top: The relaxed silhouette of this top looks and feels so good we won’t be surprised if you wear it to the gym or to a casual day-off outing. Made from our soft but durable performance fabric, this top will keep up with you as you make your rounds or run laps at the track. Just be sure to take your ID card off the handy badge loop before you begin your workout. 
  1. Men’s Merger Jogger Scrub Pants: Who doesn’t love a good jogger? This particular one combines a relaxed fit with streetwear style, and is perfect for work and workouts (which, for healthcare professionals, often happen simultaneously). With a ribbed mid-rise drawstring waist, knit ankle cuffs and six functional pockets, these pants are the picture of fashion and performance. 
  1. Women’s Microrib Underscrub: Pro tip: Set yourself up for anti-sweating success by wearing underscrubs. This is a literal extra layer of protection. Our women’s crewneck microrib undershirts feature moisture-wicking technology and an antimicrobial finish so you can leave the office looking, feeling and smelling good after a day’s work, no matter how long or trying.
  1. Men’s Microrib Underscrub: Hospital temperatures are unpredictable, so we recommend layers. After your first rounds, we’re sure you’ll be out of that jacket you wore on your commute, and after a few more hours, you might even be down to your underscrub top. This soft, body-contouring garment looks even better than a scrub top. Not to mention, it wicks away moisture and has an antimicrobial finish. Dare we say it’s perfect? 

What to consider before choosing the right medical scrubs

Even if you love shopping, sometimes choosing workwear isn’t quite as enjoyable as picking out a hip pair of sneakers or sleek formalwear for a night on the town. For these more “practical” purchases, consider these questions as part of your handy scrub shopping checklist:

Is it comfortable?

Not all scrubs are comfortable, even if they are of the standard loose-fitting variety. However, when you focus on finding a fit that moves with you, fabrics that sit well on your skin and features like sweat-wicking technology, you’re sure to choose scrubs so comfy you could sleep in them (and we do recommend sneaking in a 20-minute power nap whenever possible). 

How will it affect my performance?

Doctors and nurses often suffer from back and neck pain, as well as swelling in the legs, feet and ankles, because they stand on their feet for long hours, hold uncomfortable or unnatural positions, and, you know, cram in naps on break room couches. Choose pieces that offer a wide range of movement, are comfortable to the touch and will mitigate sweat and odor. 

Does it look appropriate?

While our underscrubs look as good as your favorite soft-washed tee or performance shirt, not all garments are appropriate for every setting. If you’re a surgeon or work in a department with a dress code, you may be limited to specific colors of scrubs and shoes. And, if you’re going to give an important presentation, you may want to consider a professional-fitting lab coat and a more formal set of scrubs. 

We have range. We offer cozy loungewear for you to snuggle up in after a long shift and blazer-like lab coats that add polish to any look. Come to us for our high-tech fabrics and stay for the high-fashion looks. 

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