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Our 10 Best Scrubs + Accessories for Surgeons

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For surgeons, the number-one apparel concern is safety. That said, surgeons don’t necessarily have to compromise on looks (have you seen “Grey’s Anatomy”?).

Surgical scrubs typically come in a teal hue to contrast with blood stains from the operating room. And while this deep green color may prioritize function over form, we think it’s an aesthetically pleasing tone. Perhaps high fashion takes a page out of the hospital attire playbook when designing apparel in the distinct color of surgical-green scrubs.

At Jaanuu, we’ve taken what was arguably already a cool hue and upgraded it with performance fabrics and flattering cuts in our scrubs for surgeons. We’ve also thought about all of the accessories—from scrub caps to face masks—that you’ll need to top off your look (and keep you and your patients safe). We’re all about the perfect harmony of form and function. 

Read on to learn about our line of hospital surgical scrubs and accessories. 


Ten of Jaanuu’s best medical scrubs and accessories for surgeons

Before we dive into our list of faves, let’s talk fabric. We know you need high-performance, comfortable scrubs that look great, so our materials have a tough job to fulfill. That’s why we work with the following “miracle” fabrics that have no trouble keeping up with the demands of hospital work. 


This soft fabric is highly flexible and comfortable while also offering sweat-wicking technology and advanced breathability. Its compression properties make it great for base layers. This material supports you throughout your day, no matter how long. 



FUSEryxTM is the most durable fabric we’ve ever made. We’re proud of it because it can outlast any shift. It provides a sleek, classic fit and saves you the time of ironing. And the surgical-green tone stays sharp for a long time in this fade-resistant fabric. Did we mention it has an antimicrobial finish? 

Now that you’re an expert on our fabrics, let’s explore some of our best options for surgeon scrubs

  1. Men’s Mesh 5-Pocket Surgical Green Jogger Scrub Pant in FUSEryx™: Heading out for a run after a long day of surgery? Perhaps not; you have to get your rest, too. But, you could easily feel inspired to squeeze in a cardio session in these functional, drawstring-waist athleisure pants that work well at the hospital, in the park or on your couch. 
  2. Women’s 2-Pocket Side-Rib Surgical Green top in SPINryx™: Buttery soft to the touch and functional, this women’s scrub top features fashionable side ribbing that makes for a flattering fit. We won’t tell if you wear this out to girl’s night (the girls won’t be able to tell it’s hospital wear either).  
  3. Women’s Essential 5-Pocket Surgical Green Jogger in FUSEryx™: Few garments are as flattering as jogger pants. They’re snug at the waist and relaxed through the leg. They’ll look good on you even when you’ve stuffed those five pockets with all the tools you need. 
  4. Men’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Surgical Green Scrub Top in FUSEryx: This hard-working top is for some of the hardest-working professionals. It is seriously stretchy, durable and comfortable. It also keeps you safe at work. As if that weren’t enough, it features four pockets. 
  5. Women’s High-Waist Surgical Green Yoga Pant in SPINryx™: You may need a mind-clearing yoga session after a long day, so why not go to work dressed for your post-hospital meditative stretching? These surgical green pants are well-fitting with a body-contouring look.
  6. Scrub Cap in FUSEryx™: A good scrub cap should keep you cool and comfortable so you don’t end up with “hat hair” at the end of the day. Our back-tie scrub hats feature moisture-wicking fabrics and a hidden mesh band. This surgical cap is so comfortable you may forget to take it off at the end of the day. Thanks to its antimicrobial fabric, it’s perfect for sterile environments, but we won’t judge you if you wear it after work.
  7. Microrib Underscrub for Women and Men: Hospital temperatures can be unpredictable (and often cold), so prepare for whatever the office throws at you in this crew-neck, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial undershirt. It’s a wardrobe basic (that’s anything but basic). 
  8. Compression Pants for Women and Men: Hospital workers suffer from muscle pain and swelling, and compression garments can help. These moisture-wicking, antimicrobial compression pants will keep you looking, feeling and even smelling good all day. 
  9. Antimicrobial Face Masks: If you’ve ever worn a face mask for several consecutive hours (and we know that you have as a medical professional), you know that comfort is key. Our reusable face masks are washable and reinforced, and have soft, stretchy ear loops that won’t bother you throughout the day. 
  10. Performance Socks for Men and Women: You may need a hug when you’re stressed and on your feet all day. What better answer than to get a “hug” from supportive, durable socks that also wick away moisture and stay flexible? Your feet will thank you. 

Scrubs for surgeons FAQs

Why is it important to wear scrubs?

Hospital scrubs are functional on a few levels. First, they can distinguish specialists in a healthcare environment, as departments often use specific colors. Second, scrubs help protect doctors and their patients against cross-contamination of germs. 

Do only doctors wear scrubs?

Scrubs are typically part of a medical uniform for doctors, nurses, dentists, and veterinarians, but anyone can wear them. They’re a comfortable, durable, and high-performance apparel option. Medical and administrative professionals often wear this garment in healthcare environments, as do technicians in cosmetology spaces like spas and salons.

We don’t just make fashionable scrubs—we live, breathe and dream them. We’re dedicated to helping you feel and look great at work, so you can count on us to keep developing the very best products for healthcare professionals like you.

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