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Our Six Best Scrubs for Petite Women

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If you’re petite, you’re probably used to clothing sizes running large. However, taking your clothing to the tailor probably isn’t on your list of ideal ways to spend your day off, so let’s hear a round of applause for petite scrubs pants. 

Scrubs may be functional workwear, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t fit well. In fact, the better your scrubs fit, the more mobility you have and the better you feel (inside and out) on the job. 

Our mission is to make the best fit scrubs we possibly can. This means making scrubs that fit tight enough to your body to achieve a fashionable silhouette but loose enough that you can perform all the walking, jogging, bending, and standing that your job requires without feeling like your clothing gets in the way. That means we spend a lot of time thinking about sizing; we not only offer scrubs in petite cuts but also extended and tall sizing. 

Learn about some of our favorite petite scrub sets that will keep you looking good and feeling great while you’re on the clock. 

What to consider when choosing scrubs for petite women

Before shopping, it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for. Here are our top considerations for choosing the perfect petite scrubs, including how they measure and feel and how many pockets they have.


Most of us shop online these days, which is amazingly convenient but unfortunately means we can’t try on clothing before purchasing it. 

If you know your measurements and how to read a size chart or fit guide, you can choose well-fitting pieces without a dressing room. You can find your inseam measurement by taking a pair of pants that fit you well and measuring from the seam of the inner thigh to the ankle.   



When you’re on your feet all day, you need to be comfortable, so look for fabrics that offer practical perks like antimicrobial finishes and extreme softness. Enter: two of the most buttery-soft fabrics out there. All our petite scrub bottoms are made with one of the following two high-quality materials:

  • SPINryx™:  This soft fabric is extremely flexible and comfortable and offers moisture-wicking technology and advanced breathability. Its compression properties make it great as a base layer that supports you throughout the day. 
  • FUSEryx™: This is the most durable fabric we’ve ever made, and we’re confident it can outlast any shift. This material provides a sleek, classic fit and is resistant to fading and wrinkles.

Pocket space

Medical professionals carry a lot with them every day—from the tools of their trade to a nutritious snack. This means you need a place to store it all. Look for scrubs with plenty of pockets—and in all of the right places—so that you won’t have to spend time looking for things when you need them.  

Our best six scrubs for petite women

Ready to shop, or at least browse our virtual racks? The following are some of our best scrub bottoms that come in petite sizes. Pair any of these with your favorite petite scrub top for a look that fits like a glove (and feels like a dream). 

  1. FUSEryx™ Women’s 6-Pocket Ankle-Zip Petite Jogger Scrubs

This slim-fit jogger is super-soft and has plenty of space to store everything you need to get through your day. It also features a drawstring waist and a zippered ankle hem that will work with even your highest high-top sneakers.  

  1. SPINryx™ Women’s 4-Pocket Rib Panel Pant

Part yoga pant, part medical scrub, this slim-fit pant takes aesthetic cues from streetwear, achieving a look that’s too cool for school (or the hospital). Plus, it offers a flattering high waist. Did we mention it’s so soft you’ll never want to take it off?

  1. SPINryx™ Women’s Rib Band High-Waisted Jogger Scrub Pants

This relaxed-fit jogger features a wide, ribbed waistband and ankle cuffs. It has just enough pockets to store your essentials, so it’s perfect for a light day at the office or for running your weekend errands.  

  1. FUSEryx™ Women’s 4-Pocket Essential Drawstring Scrub Pant

Your favorite pair of sweatpants better watch out. This relaxed-fit, straight-leg petite scrub pant may be made for the office, but it’s perfect for lounging, too. Designed with comfort and mobility in mind, it makes for the perfect go-to look. 

  1. SPINryx™ Women’s Slim Cargo Scrub Pant

“Slim-fit” and “cargo” might not be terms you’re used to seeing together, but cargo pants have come a long way since their baggy origins back in the ‘90s. This sleek, soft, drawstring-waist scrub bottom pairs well with any office look and features six functional pockets. Now that’s what we call a wardrobe essential.  

  1. SPINryx™ Women’s Gold Zip Moto Pant

Did someone say “high fashion?” This mid-rise scrub bottom with contrasting gold zippers is the epitome of med couture. Plus, they feature two cargo pockets, two slash zip hip pockets, and a hidden ring pocket—so this pair of scrub pants is not all looks, either. Pair these bottoms with your favorite v-neck top for an office look you can wear after your shift. 

At Jaanuu, we get to meet the needs of busy healthcare professionals like you and help make your day a bit easier. We’re passionate about creating details like the perfect fit for all body types so that you don’t have to.

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