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Our 6 Best Scrubs For Every Kind of Woman

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Working in the healthcare industry comes with unique challenges. If you’re a nurse or medical professional, you’ll know that one of the most common issues that can arise is finding yourself a pair of great scrubs, from fashion to function. 

Not only do you need to have great scrubs tops and scrub pants on hand, but they have to be tailor-made to meet your needs, too. Feeling comfortable and looking good in your medical uniform, especially during a 12-hour shift, can give you that little extra boost to keep going. 

Read on for a list of our best scrubs for women, along with a quick list of tips on what you should be looking for when you buy quality scrubs.

What to look for when buying medical scrubs

As a company co-founded by a female pediatrician, Dr. Neela, we know a thing or two about stellar scrubs—especially for women. Dr. Neela relied on real-world experience to design an innovative, function-first, and style-forward collection that caters to a woman’s needs in healthcare, making sure that things like fit and comfort were top of mind.

This leads us to exactly what you should look for when choosing the right uniform, whether you’re a nurse, pediatrician, or vet tech: style, fit, comfort, function and our personal favorite: pockets.


First and foremost: You want scrubs that express your personal sense of style. Do you prefer a more feminine look or more sporty? Traditional or fashion-forward? Take a look in your closet to see what you gravitate toward for everyday wear, and translate that to your scrubs. Finding the right style is an automatic confidence booster—you’ll look and feel great the instant you put them on.


Fit is crucial because it affects how you move in your scrubs. If something’s too loose, you’ll constantly be tugging; if something’s too tight, you’ll feel uncomfortable and constricted. If it doesn’t fit just right, your uniform will distract you from the task at hand. If it’s the first time buying a certain scrub style, order them in a couple of sizes so you can be sure it fits correctly in all the right areas, like your bust and hips, and to test tricky things like pant length. After all, the last thing you need when racing to and from patients is to trip over your hem.


Similar to fit, comfort is key—and often, this is a personal preference. Do you run hot or cold? Do you prefer a more flexible fabric or one with more structure? How about the waistline? Do you like a high waist that tucks in the tummy or a lower waist that’s less constricting? To get the comfort just right, be sure to assess fabric construction carefully, keeping in mind that knit fabrics tend to be warmer and stretchier while woven fabrics are cooler and more structured. Whatever your preference, be sure to choose styles that will cater to your comfort needs for those extra-long shifts.


You know what it’s like being on shift: The action never stops, meaning your scrubs need to be up to the task. That’s where function comes in. Make sure you assess things like durability, mobility, moisture-wicking, and fabric finishes like antimicrobial-finished technology. Will they hold up after long shifts and multiple washes? Are they flexible enough to move as much as you do? Do they have the capability to regulate your temperature? Are they set up to protect you from unwanted germs? The more functional the scrub, the more functional you are when wearing them.

Pockets and accessories

And last but not least: pockets. You’re a healthcare professional, so you get it: When you’ve got something in hand that you need to deposit quickly, pockets and accessible holding spots for must-have items like cell phones, pens, notes and stethoscopes are vital. The list goes on. In the scrub world, the more pockets, the better—always.

And that’s not the only accessory of importance: consider D-ring holders to clip your badge, or pockets designed specifically for valuables like wedding rings.

Here’s our list of the best scrubs for women who work in healthcare.

Our best overall scrubs for women: Jaanuu’s Relaxed 3-Pocket Top and 10-Pocket Jogger

Based on popular demand, Jaanuu’s Relaxed 3-Pocket Top and 10-Pocket Jogger are two styles that repeatedly take the cake as our top customer favorites. Hugely popular and available in a variety of colors, the 3-Pocket top is both functional and flattering, with a notched-V neckline, side vents, and a hidden hem badge loop.

Rather than a wide leg, expect a slim fit with a mid-rise drawstring elastic waistband for the bottoms, suitable for multiple body shapes and sizes, including plus sizes.

Our best cost-conscious scrubs for women: Jaanuu’s 3-Pocket V-Neck Top and Essential 5-Pocket Jogger

We totally get that budgets are important, which is why we offer scrubs at a variety of price points. A solid option is the 3-Pocket V-Neck Top and Essential 5-Pocket Jogger to complete your healthcare look.

With a relaxed fit and deep-set pockets, the sporty V-Neck fits the job and has a hidden hem badge loop to hold your ID badge. The pants feature an elastic waistband and cuffs, with an inseam length that fits regular, petite, and tall body shapes.

Our best scrubs with pockets for women: Jaanuu’s 4-Pocket D-Ring Top and 10-Pocket Jogger

All Jaanuu scrubs come with ample pocket space, but if you’re looking for the scrubs with the most pockets, you’ll want the 4-Pocket D-Ring Top paired with the 10-Pocket Jogger.

This relaxed-fit top has a removable D-ring for your badge, two patch pockets, and two zip pockets with mesh lining. There are hidden pockets, four slash pockets, a right thigh cargo pocket and two patch pockets for the pants.

Our best scrubs for tall women: Jaanuu’s 4-Pocket D-Ring Top and Mesh-Enhanced Jogger Pant

If you’ve got long legs, we’ve got the scrubs for you. Among our favorites are the Mesh-Enhanced Jogger pant (hello, 33-inch inseam!) and the 4-Pocket D-Ring Top, with vertical princess seams that flatter anyone with extra height. The top has ample pocket space, coupled with a gentle V-neck. The pants feature a mid-rise elastic waist and cuffs that make for a relaxed fit.

Our best scrubs for petite women: Jaanuu’s Rose Trim Rib Crew Top and Rose Trim 10-Pocket Jogger

If you’re on the petite end of the size spectrum, you’ll know all too well that shopping for quality scrubs can come with its own set of challenges. Uniforms that are normally form-fitting can suddenly look baggy, and pant leg length can have you inadvertently tripping over your own feet.

Fortunately, many of our scrubs fit a petite body shape, and one of our favorites is the Rose Trim Rib Crew Top and the matching Rose Trim 10-Pocket Joggers. The crew top features three pockets, a scoop hem and a crew neck, along with a hidden hem badge loop and rose-gold accents to add a delicate touch to the outfit.

The bottoms have matching rose gold details, a mid-rise waistline and 10 pockets.

Our best scrubs for curvy women: Jaanuu’s Rose Trim 4-Pocket Top and Essential Jogger Pants

Whatever your beautiful shape, from pear to hourglass to athletic, we have styles that complement every curve.

The Rose Trim 4-Pocket Top is one of the most stylish, with a semi-fitted design that flares out over the hips, a gentle V-neck and two curved patch pockets to create a softer, more feminine look. The Essential Jogger Pants feature a mid-rise, drawstring waistline, a relaxed fit and six pockets, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable on long, high-intensity shifts.If you’re looking for additional tools to help you while you’re on the job, check out Jaanuu’s jacket selection, and be sure to take a look at our new arrivals section, too.

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