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How to Choose the Right Dental Assistant Scrubs

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No matter your specialty as a healthcare professional, one thing is true. You’re going to be wearing scrubs for a long shift. So you might as well be comfortable, right? 

We created a business around being comfortable in workwear, so allow us to say that having the right scrubs can make or break your day—at least when it comes to feeling good. 

Dental assistants spend their shifts holding some uncomfortable positions. Whether you’re on your feet while helping a dentist with a filling or bent over a patient while making a mold, your work may feel like more of a workout

At Jaanuu, we make our scrubs with the physical challenges of your role in mind. And our sole mission in this article is to introduce you to the best scrubs. We’ll share some expertise from our line of work for people in yours.  

How to choose dental hygienist scrubs 

Let’s start with the basics—a few tips you can follow when selecting the right scrubs, no matter where you buy your workwear or what position you hold (literally and figuratively) at the dental practice. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you shop:

The fit

Comfort is key. Since you can’t wear loungewear or athleisure to work, you should look for scrubs that embody the same qualities as these garments. Search for pieces that move well with your body, won’t get caught on things in your path and allow you to comfortably hold the positions you need to at work. Good scrubs shouldn’t ride up, fall down or feel too tight. Remember that scrubs are workwear, so you need to be able to work in them. At Jaanuu, our endeavor is to manufacture the most comfortable set using premium-quality fabric for our healthcare community.  



Medical settings tend to have fluctuating climates. Many have some pretty intense air conditioning. Even if you live in a warm climate, you should prepare to layer at work. Look for sets that fit well under a light scrub jacket or those you can comfortably layer over underscrubs or leggings. 


As a medical professional, you have a lot to carry around. Pockets allow you to keep all your tools close, so you never have to look for anything and risk slowing down your work. We make medical scrubs with up to double-digit numbers of pockets, so there’s something for every dental assistant, no matter how much you have to carry around. Check out our collection to get your hands on the perfect set of scrubs.  


Scrubs are no longer the blue or green, baggy hospital-issue garments of the past. You can now express yourself in fun color combinations and flattering fits. So let your creativity soar as you choose dental scrubs, just as you might while shopping for weekend fits. 

Scrubs for dental assistants you’ll love

Without further ado, let’s go shopping! 
Here’s a curated list of our top picks for dental professionals: 

The essential dental scrub set

Our three-pocket scrub top for women features a flattering, comfortable fit for all-day wear. It also comes in 12 colors, so you can hit the dental office in different looks for two whole work weeks. Pair this blouse with our women’s performance jogger for a fit that doesn’t quit. Looking for men’s dental scrubs that work for everyday use? Combine our drawstring scrub pants with our classic two-pocket tuck-in top. They’re best-sellers for a reason.

Feeling sporty? 

Nowadays, joggers are not only great for the track but also a win at the office. For women, we recommend pairing our comfortable, essential jogger scrub pants with our 4-pocket top. Between these two pieces, you get an impressive total of 11 pockets. That’s enough to carry around even some complementary floss and toothbrushes for your patients to take home. Try our yoga pants if you want a sleeker (but equally performance-friendly) bottom. Men can combine our drawstring joggers with the 3-pocket crew neck top for an athletic look.  

Med couture for women 


You’re the dental scrubs styling expert at the office, so uphold your reputation with haute scrubs. Try our tulip top to infuse your look with a bit of glam. This top features flatting lines with a fitted waist and tulip hem. Pair with our skinny-fit, performance tulip pants for a head-to-toe cute dental scrubs look that says you’ve got some serious fashion sense. 

Carry it all 

You don’t have to decide between fashion and practicality. You can have it all. Our 14-pocket scrub set for women pairs a flattering 4-pocket V-neck scrub top with a sleek 10-pocket jogger. Alternatively, women can try our slim cargo pants, which feature seven pockets and a body-hugging fit that’s a far cry from the bulky utility trousers of the ‘90s that usually come to mind when you think “cargo.” For men, we recommend our six-pocket pants with any of our 3- or 4-pocket tops. 

Get to know our fabrics

We make all our scrubs from one of three hardworking fabrics that feature helpful technologies like sweat-wicking or antimicrobial action. Learn more about these materials that keep you going throughout your day below. 


This soft fabric is highly flexible and comfortable, offering sweat-wicking technology and advanced breathability. Its compression properties make it great for base layers. This material supports you throughout your day, no matter how long. 


FUSEryxTM is the most durable fabric we’ve ever made. We’re proud of it because it can outlast any shift. It provides a sleek, classic fit, and its wrinkle-free properties save you the hassle of ironing. This fabric is also fade-resistant and features antimicrobial action to protect you from pathogens at the office. 


This lightweight fabric is weightless, breathable, and super stretchy. It moves with you and never gets in the way. It also has an antimicrobial finish to keep you safe. Did we mention it’s made from recycled materials?
We have scrubs for every job and occasion. Making them is our passion, just like dentistry is yours. We look forward to supporting you throughout your long and fruitful career. 

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