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Six Fashionable Scrub Options for a Dressy Look

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Medical uniforms prioritize mobility, safety and sanitation above all else. But some situations call for scrubs that go beyond just meeting those basic needs. As a medical professional, you need to look, well, professional. Strike the perfect balance with dressy scrubs. 

Our scrubs protect you at work and are made from antimicrobial-finished fabrics. But we also know a thing or two about comfort and style, and we understand the importance of scrubs that don’t look “scrubby.” 

In this article, we’ll guide you through putting together a formal outfit from medical scrubs that look as good as a suit but feel more like your favorite sweats. 

What to consider before choosing dressy scrubs

It’s easy enough to assemble a formal look when shopping for “regular” clothes, but this becomes more of a challenge when it comes to scrubs. Physician or nursing scrubs are often baggy and made from functional, no-frills fabrics like cotton and polyester blends. Here are some questions to ask yourself when trying to find that happy medium between form and function: 

Does it look professional?

Professional looks are often tailored to fit the body. They’re also made from high-quality materials. So, be sure to check off these two points in a formal look—fit and fabric—even though you’re choosing from scrub garments. A scrub jacket can go a long way to giving your look some structure, and a well-fitting top can look as classy as any other blouse in your wardrobe. If in doubt, take a look in the mirror. If you feel professional, chances are others will think you look professional too.

Nurse wearing relaxed burgundy pant jaanuu scrubs

Is it comfortable?

You should always keep comfort in mind, even when trying to go formal with your scrubs. Just because you need to step up your fashion game for an important conference doesn’t mean you won’t be running through your rounds afterward. Plus, if you work a long shift, you’ll likely be wearing it for hours to come.

Do I feel confident? 

You could be wearing the world’s most comfortable fabric, but if you don’t feel good about yourself in it, the look isn’t for you. You deserve to feel your best as you face challenges at work and take opportunities to lead others. In other words, your scrubs should always give off a vibe that radiates “the doctor (or nurse) is in.” 

Does it look modern?

Dated styles can often unintentionally look tired and unflattering, so opt for contemporary scrubs in flattering cuts. These days, scrubs come in all kinds of fun colors. For a formal look, you may want to choose a muted, classy tone or stick to neutrals like black and white. But dare to throw in a little flare once in a while.

What are the best colors for dressy scrubs?

We offer scrubs in a variety of vibrant colors, but for formal looks, we recommend more reserved tones. Here are some of our top picks:

Our six best dressy scrubs looks

Outfitting medical professionals in stylish looks is the name of our game, so we’re happy to suggest some options for dressy scrubs looks. The following are some go-to staple pieces you can creatively mix and match to make structured, contemporary and professional combos. As much as we love our yoga pants and joggers, they won’t necessarily work in situations that call for dressier attire (but you can throw them on the second you get home and dive into your well-earned self-care rituals). 

Man wearing white jaanuu lab coat
  1. Women’s Keyhole Sleeve Tulip Top: This flattering, form-fitting, short-sleeve scrub top was made with style in mind—so much so that it looks more like a dressy blouse than part of a scrub set. This top was made with work in mind, too, featuring three pockets and extremely comfortable fabric. 
  1. Women’s 4-Pocket Relaxed Essential Pant: These women’s scrub pants are dress trousers with a comfortable surprise—a drawstring waist. Pair these straight-leg bottoms with a black v-neck top and lab coat for a hospital look that’s structured, functional and chic. 
  1. Women’s Microrib V-Neck UnderscrubThis extremely comfortable microrib v-neck top is a basic style every wardrobe needs. It can move from the office to post-work outings and even function as a formal look. In black, it’s easy to pair with any color scrub bottom or dress pants. Did we mention the fabric is moisture-wicking? You won’t even shed a drop of sweat during that big presentation. 
  1. Men’s 4-Pocket Relaxed Essential Pant: These trousers are part-dress pant and part-jogger scrub and can keep you comfortable even during those tense moments. Pair them with a microrib underscrub tee and top it off with a structured lab coat for a look that reflects the leader you are.
  1. Men’s Microrib Underscrub: This top comes in a range of refined colors that not only pair well with your professional look but also your weekend ones. This layer is made of moisture-wicking, comfortable fabric to keep you feeling fresh all day. We’re sure it will become your go-to shirt when you want to feel good walking into the office. 
  1. Signature Lab Coat:  A lab coat is practically a blazer, especially when it fits well. Our signature lab coats for men and women are designed with style in mind, offering a flattering, tailored look. This garment is also extremely comfortable and offers functional pockets, so you won’t be sacrificing utility for fashion.  

No matter what kind of day you have ahead of you at work, we have a look to meet its demands. Come to us for comfortable everyday outfits and more formal ones that make a statement, too. 

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