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Wear Your Scrubs Proudly to Your Pinning Ceremony

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If you’re a nurse preparing for your pinning ceremony, we want to congratulate you. This means you’ve completed the educational requirements of nursing school and are ready to get licensed and begin working in the field. 

Graduating from a nursing school isn’t easy. You’ve studied long hours toward your Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or Bachelor of Service in Nursing (BSN), learned how to provide patient care, prepared for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and perhaps even held a part-time job. 

So, revel in this moment of celebration. Look back at how far you’ve come, and think about where you’re headed; exciting, right? In some ways, a school pinning ceremony marks the end of an era and signals the start of an enriching career. Your future patients will be very grateful to meet you.

How it all started

You know what a pinning ceremony signifies, but how did it all start? 

Pinning started during war times in the 12th century, when nurses received pins for providing care to the wounded. But the tradition indeed took hold when Florence Nightingale started giving out pins to exceptional nursing students. From there, Nightingale began holding nursing pinning ceremonies for all nursing graduates. 

What happens during a pinning ceremony? 

Pinning ceremonies can feel a lot like graduations. Students invite their loved ones to witness this important moment in their career. Often, both students and faculty members will give speeches and reflect on the years of nursing school leading up to this moment. 

Then comes the actual pinning. Students can choose an important person in their lives—whether a family member who supported them or a professor who inspired them—to put the pin on their scrubs (yes, scrubs!). Another important aspect of most pinning ceremonies is that most graduating nurses wear white scrubs. Other traditions may include a candle lighting ceremony, a nod to Florence Nightingale (known as the “lady with the lamp”), a reception and gift-giving. 

So, why are pinning ceremonies so important? They’re meaningful to those who participate in them. This ceremony neither replaces your graduation ceremony nor is it required. For many, this tradition represents the importance of community and hard work and the history of the nursing profession. 

Our graduating nurses

At Jaanuu, we can’t get enough of the white looks you put together for your pinning ceremonies. We want to thank you for wearing our scrubs proudly (and fabulously) on this ever-important day. Here are some of our favorite all-white looks from actual nurses on their pinning days. 



Asmita Dhakal Acharya

Asmita Dhakal Acharya





Shop our scrubs for your pinning ceremony look

If you’re about to attend your pinning ceremony, you’ll definitely need a neat pair of white nursing scrubs. We’re happy to help you look and feel great on this special day with an unforgettable all-white look. Time to get photo-ready! 

White tulip top + bootcut yoga pants 

Our Women’s Mock-Wrap Tulip top is all about elegance. With a classy tulip hem, feminine detailing, fitted princess seaming and a faux-wrap silhouette, it’s not only flattering but also formal for one of the most important days in your career. Pair this top with our equally flattering high-waisted bootcut yoga pants. You’re about to look stunning and feel extremely comfortable (even if your nerves get the best of you). 

V-neck top + bootcut yoga pants

Our slim-fit, ¾ sleeve V-neck top is a classic. It features a princess seaming for a bodycon silhouette and has two pockets, which will come in handy for holding all those congratulatory cards from your friends and family. Pair this top with a pair of form-fitting yoga pants for a sleek all-white look worthy of a pinning ceremony. 

4-pocket V-neck scrub top + slim-fit cargo pants

Want a look you can wear to your pinning ceremony and your first day of work? Opt for an outfit with all the pockets you can get. Our popular four-pocket V-neck top features a flattering slim fit, side vents and luxuriously soft fabric. And, our sumptuously soft cargo pants add six more pockets to your look for a total of 10 pockets. Also, these cargo pants are anything but bulky. Their slim-fit cut will flatter your form for a work-ready and classy look for this important celebration.

Lab coat

For a polished finish, top your look off with a student lab coat. Our form-fitting, three-button closure coats for women and men feature a professional lapel (the perfect place for that pin!) and collar. This tailored piece has the look of a white blazer and will make your pinning ceremony look stylishly edgy. 

Other pinning ceremony outfit ideas

While white scrub sets are common pinning ceremony looks, some schools of nursing allow all sorts of formal attire like suits and dresses. If this is the case at your institution, you can let your creativity soar. 

At schools that require all-white looks, some individuals prefer a white nursing dress over a scrub set look. These dresses can be vintage white, knee-length A-line dresses, more contemporary fits or scrub dresses. The idea is to stay on theme and wear an all-white look appropriate for an elegant ceremony but takes cues from nursing fashion. Check out Pinterest boards on pinning ceremony looks to get inspired. 

Whatever look you choose, don’t forget to accessorize with a comfortable pair of dress shoes, delicate jewelry and a tote you can wear right into your nursing career. For now, the bag is just for holding all those gifts from your family and friends. 
From your pinning ceremony to your retirement party, we’ll stand with you and support you. Come to us for a refined all-white scrub look, everyday performance scrubs and loungewear you can slip into after a long shift. You can get your white pair at a discounted price through our student discount, and stick around to read our advice on how to take care of yourself and excel as a healthcare professional.

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