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10 Tips On How To Wear Scrubs Fashionably

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Healthcare isn’t what you’d call the most glamorous of professions. If anything, it’s a calling to help others that goes above and beyond your typical ol’ nine-to-five. If you work in this field, you already know it means long hours spent on your feet, often in stressful situations, mixed in with some moments of joy and triumph.

Sure, fashion may not come to mind when you think of healthcare. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up in scrubs that express your truest, realest personality. Here at Jaanuu, we’re inspired by the holistic healthcare approach of our Co-Founder, Dr. Neela. Since day one, she has maintained that scrubs should make you feel beautiful and stylish in your own special way. Why? If you feel good about yourself, you’ll be better at helping others feel pretty good, too.

If you’re struggling with your scrubs and want to add a little extra flair, self-expression and flex to your outfit, we’ve got the answers. Read on for a list of tips on choosing scrubs that are most flattering for your body type, along with some advice on wearing scrubs fashionably.

How to choose the best-looking scrub

Of course, with all scrub tops and scrub pants, you have a few key considerations: functionality, comfort and durability of the fabric. Combined, they make a uniform ideally suited for a healthcare setting. 

Fashionable scrubs that remind you of your favorite athleisure should also fit the bill for practicality and function. Here are some factors to consider.

Sizing and cut

Wrap tulip top

Making sure your scrubs fit properly goes without saying; there’s nothing worse for fashion than a frumpy outfitHowever, there’s also a difference between a good fit and a great fit. When you’re aiming for sleek and stylish scrubs, look for the latter.

For fashionable scrubs outfits, try to find a uniform that complements your body measurements. Aim for a scrub cut that you not only like, but one that looks lovely as it gently dips around your body’s natural curves, too.

For example, hourglass figures often look their most stunning in medical scrubs that emphasize a more cinched waistline. Tops like Jaanuu’s flower-shaped Mock-Wrap Tulip Top are perfect, because they remain within workplace regulations and are functional for a healthcare setting.




 Blushing pink top

This plays into sizing and cut, but it has more to do with your uniform’s overall presentation. Sure, it’s important to think of how you look while wearing your scrubs on the job. But it’s also essential to think about how you feel, too.

What kind of aesthetics or fashion trends do you like, and what kind of scrubs do you prefer to wear? Do you like T-shirts? V-necks? Do you prefer a more modern look? Formal? Athletic? Perhaps a feminine set of scrubs, like Jaanuu’s Blushing Pink series? How about some shine, like Jaanuu’s gold and rose gold zip collection? And what about wearing lab coats on top?

Overall, it’s essential to take into account how you feel in anything you wear, including your scrubs. What makes you feel happy? What expresses your truest self? Our best-selling scrubs collection is a great place to start. Check out which medical uniform styles are hot on the market right now.



 Woman with navy 3 pocket scrub

Your scrub fabric should suit the medical field at hand: wrinkle-resistant, fade-resistant, antimicrobial-finished and soft to the touch. If you’re looking for fashionable scrubs or how to dress up scrub pants and tops, the grade of that fabric matters, too. 

For fashionable scrubs, look for premium uniforms made of high-quality fabric that stand up in washes, wears and weather. You’ll want this high-end med-athleisurewear to last.






Woman wearing white scrub

As always, pick a scrub color that is easy on the eyes and conforms to workplace regulations, especially if you’re looking for nursing scrubs. As simple as it may sound, different colors can also play a massive role in making an ordinary outfit look amazing.

To get an idea of what color of scrubs best suits you, think about things like your skin shade’s undertone. Is it cool or warm? If you have a cool skin tone, jewel-toned shades such as purple and royal blue are incredibly flattering.

Want to create a visual impact? An outfit in a single shade, such as white, can definitely make a statement. Additionally, specific colors associated with cultural signifiers (such as pink) can also send a strong message. This is especially true when paired with the right accessories.

Remember, you can look stylish even in a healthcare setting with a cute pair of well-fitting, quality scrubs.

How to wear scrubs fashionably

Of course, all these tips will help you find a beautiful set of scrubs that will fit you like a glove, but there are a few other ways you can fashionably style your uniforms. 

Play with colors

Royal blue scrub

Try experimenting with scrub colors throughout the week or for different events or seasons if your workplace allows it. If you prefer a specific color and want to stick with it, try different shades of that color, or create a scrub outfit that mixes and matches shades of the same color (royal blue scrubs with a wine underscrub, for example). 

Jaanuu’s innovative scrub set builder is a user-friendly tool for playing around with different color combinations.





Wear stylish shoes

Men in scrubs with sneakers

Shoes for medical professionals must be comfortable. You’ll be on your feet for most of the day, every day of your shift, often doing strenuous activities. If you’re not comfortable and don’t have good arch support, it can cause health issues, on top of making you grumpy at work.

Of course, good shoes require comfy socks. Check out Jaanuu’s brand new collection of colorful Ergo socks, engineered to support you wherever your day takes you. 




Accessorize where you can

Wine color socks

Accessories are generally frowned upon in a healthcare setting, and if you work in healthcare, you know why. Dangling jewelry like necklaces are likely to find themselves caught on a corner, snagged on a piece of fabric, be tugged or wind up broken. They’re also difficult to sanitize.

However, you can still find a few ways to accessorize your scrub outfit while sticking to those ever-present dress codes. Simple, small, stud earrings that don’t dangle can add a delicate personal touch. 

Also, you can accent your scrubs with some comfortable, form-fitting underscrubs, a flattering healthcare-approved jacket, or a pair of supportive, color-matching socks, to complete your unique uniform. Remember that layering can create a sophisticated silhouette for anyone.


Find the right fit

Woman with black underscrub

Also, the fit can make or break your outfit. When searching for fashionable scrubs, look for something that’s form-fitting but not too tight—so that you can layer underscrubs beneath it. Make sure those scrubs aren’t too baggy, too.






Keep those scrubs clean

Man in color olive scrubs

We know we’re singing to the proverbial choir here, but keeping those scrubs clean is indispensable. Not only will clean scrubs protect you from germs and other contaminants, but a neat, wrinkle-free appearance will give your fashion-forward scrubs a coveted look of professionalism.






Add a personal touch

Man wearing grey jacket

Lastly, you may not be able to accessorize your scrubs as much as you’d like, but a few tastefully placed embellishments could be acceptable. A delicate, muted set of initials embroidered into the fabric, for example, can really bring home the idea that these are “your scrubs” by showing they’ve been personalized for you.

For more fashionable scrub options, be sure to check out Jaanuu’s selection of men’s jackets. Go on, express yourself, scrub edition.

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