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The Best Shoes for Nurses who Stand All Day Long 

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Shoe shopping can be fun, especially if it’s for pumps to wear out on the town, trainers for the track or boots for those weekend hikes. But hunting down the best nursing sneakers? Not the most glamorous.

Picking out a fashionable pair of kicks for work is one thing. After all, who doesn’t want to look stylish while on the job? But as a healthcare worker, you need comfortable shoes for standing all day, too; something that’s shock-absorbing and roomy with enough arch and heel support to keep you comfortable, especially during those 12-hour marathon shifts.

Sure, it’s a given that most medical professionals wear scrubs (and we’ve got you covered there, ladies and gents). But when shopping for the ideal work uniform, appropriate shoes often come as an afterthought. 

If you’re wondering what to look for when shopping for the best shoes for nurses, we’ve got all the deets for you right here.

What are the best shoes for nurses?

First things first: The best footwear for healthcare workers will always combine fit, function and fashion into one appealing design. Not only do you need the best shoes for walking all day, but you want something that’s easy to clean, too.

A great example are lightweight shoes made from easily washable material that are both durable and breathable. Bonus points if you can find nursing shoes with memory foam or footwear that comes in multiple colors so you can match them with your different scrub sets.

Which are the most comfortable shoes for nurses?

What shoes do nurses wear to keep comfy while on duty? Well, that all depends on your feet (do they have a neutral arch, high arch or flat arch?) and your job duties (do you spend most of your time on your feet or behind a desk?). Either way, all nursing footwear should be gentle on your soles. Some shoemakers have perfected that soft touch better than others, so be sure to pick a slip-resistant sneaker with excellent cushioning on the insole for shock-absorption. 

As a healthcare professional, you’ll also need something that’s lightweight while walking and most likely with a wider footbed, as standing for extended periods can cause your feet to expand. If it’s additional arch support you’re after, you might consider a slip-on clog. 

How to choose shoes if you’re a nurse

The best shoes for healthcare workers will keep you feeling light on your toes even toward the end of a long shift. If you pair them with removable foam padding or a sturdy outsole or midsole, even better.

Here are other factors to consider:

1. The gist of your job role

Sure, all nurses need “nursing shoes.” But just as different nurses have different duties, shoes with certain features are best for certain nurses. Be sure to keep that in mind as you’re looking to lace up in a new pair of work shoes. For example, if you regularly encounter bodily fluids on the job, you’ll need shoes that are nonporous and stain-resistant, something that’s easy to clean.

2. Size up your level of activity

How physically active is your role as a nurse? We all spend a lot of time on our feet, but that time comes in varying intervals. Are you constantly on the go? Do you have to physically move your patients or lift heavy supplies frequently? While shoes like Crocs are easy to clean, they can be a tripping hazard when you’re running. 

3. Put price second

At Jaanuu, we’re all about premium quality, and that includes footwear. Think of your work shoes—like your scrubs—as an investment. Sure, most everyone’s on a budget these days, so keeping costs in mind is more than understandable. But you never want to opt for shoes that prioritize price over comfort, function and craftsmanship. We needn’t tell you twice: you work hard; you’re worth it. Be sure your feet know that, too.

On that note, you needn’t wait for your birthday or National Nurses Week to drop your loved ones a hint about how much you’d love a new pair of work shoes or any of these gift ideas.

4. Express yourself with fashion

Along with quality, we also believe in a holistic approach to healthcare, inspired by our co-founder Dr. Neela. Our mantra is, the more confident you feel about your appearance on the job, the better patient care you’ll be able to provide. There’s no denying how you look and feel personally affects the quality of healthcare you give. Caring for others requires strength, patience and kindness, but it also calls for skill and confidence. Think of fashion as a tool to empower you to express that confidence and pride in who you are and how far you’ve come as an individual and a medical professional. 

5. Listen to your feet

Just like the rest of our bodies, feet come in all shapes and sizes. So, to find the best nursing shoes, get to know yours like the back of your hand. Why? Different shoes are made to accommodate different types of feet. Is your arch low and flat or high and firm? Does your foot land on the heel and roll forward evenly, or does your weight shift inward or outward as you step? Is your foot especially narrow or wide? All these specifics are important to consider as you search for the best nursing shoes for you.

Which are the best shoes if you’re standing all day?

If you’re looking to add a touch of style to your daily #nurselife routine, your work shoes (and your whole uniform, for that matter!) are the perfect place to start. That said, not every pair of cute, comfy kicks is cut out for the job.

Remember, just because a shoe feels good on your foot doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made for standing for extended amounts of time. If you’re mostly on your feet, you’ll want footwear that’s engineered to optimize arch and heel support, along with a large footbed. Without it, you can run the risk of chronic back and foot pain. And let’s face it. If you’re going to care for others, you have to make sure you’re caring for yourself too.

If you need some fashionable accessories to pair with your brand-new nursing shoes, be sure to check out our colorful selection of Jaanuu socks, too.
Happy feet!

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