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Fifteen Great Gifts for Neurosurgeons

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Neurosurgeons are hard workers and professionals that perform extremely sensitive work. If you know one, you know they deserve gifts from time to time, at the very least. They have one of the most challenging careers, with approximately 15 years of schooling and training to get where they are, powering through pre-med, med school, and the longest residency around. 

Whether you’ve had an excellent experience as a patient or have a friend or family member who works in this role, you can brighten their day with a well-selected gift. What better than a present that can make that vital work more comfortable? 

The 15 best neurosurgeon gift ideas 

When selecting the perfect gift for a neurosurgeon, it needn’t be brain surgery. But even if it seems as challenging as the skill these highly skilled doctors display daily, we assure you it’s not—especially when equipped with our handy list of gifts for neurosurgeons below:


Scrub cap

If you’re not a medical professional, you may not be up on the sheer variety of surgical caps on the market, but there truly is something for everyone. There are scrub caps for long hair, scrub caps with buttons, scrub hats with ties, ones made with antimicrobial fabrics—the list goes on. If you’re purchasing a cap for a brain surgeon, look for a well-fitting one that minimizes the possibility of germ cross-contamination. Check out our chic women’s scrub caps or performance scrub caps for men.  

Hand cream

Surgeons are constantly scrubbing their hands, meaning they’re likely to experience dry skin. Help them keep their most precious tools soft, healthy, and in their best working order by gifting them a quality hand lotion. You can explore our list of recommendations here, but try to look for a long-lasting, deeply moisturizing, scentless cream. 

Lumbar pillow

Neurosurgeons—like most medical professionals—are on their feet for hours on end, and they need more than just the moral support of their surgical team. They need back support. Look for a lumbar pillow they can use in their office, car, or even on the couch. 


Hospital temperatures often fluctuate, so a lightweight jacket that pairs well with their favorite set of scrubs is a great gift. Explore our collection of sleek, hospital-chic outerwear for women and men

Scrub top

Neurosurgery is all about performing well, so these medical professionals deserve scrubs that perform well for them, too. As experts on the subject of scrubs, we recommend garments made from antimicrobial-finish fabrics in surgical green. You can check out our collection here.   

Scrub pants

That scrub top will need a matching bottom, and our recommendations remain the same for this piece. Search for the perfect top/pant pairing in our green surgical scrubs collection.

Special shoes 

You can read our full edit of the best shoes for medical professionals here. Still, in general, we recommend kicks that provide good sole support and breathable uppers with materials that stand the test of, well, standing all day. And since we believe in the power of feeling good about how one looks, we’re all about opting for an aesthetically pleasing pair.  

Face mask

These days, a comfortable face mask is everything—and not just for healthcare workers. This accessory is now a part of daily life for many, but medical professionals know better than most the importance of finding a mask that’s easy to wear during 12-hour shifts. We recommend keeping an eye out for those made of antimicrobial-finish fabrics and earloops that won’t dig in. 



As we said, hospital temps can fluctuate. So, even when the neurosurgeon in your life has to take off that great lightweight jacket you gifted them, they can stay warm (or get even cooler) by wearing performance, moisture-wicking underscrubs

Lab coat

A lab coat makes an excellent gift for any medical professional. Look for one you can personalize, perhaps in the recipient’s favorite color. This garment isn’t traditionally flattering, but we’d like to think it can be. Check out our contoured coats here

Compression scrubs

Medical professionals often experience swelling and pain in their legs, back, feet and ankles, but compression scrubs can reduce the adverse effects of standing all day. Give your favorite neurosurgeon the gift of a uniform that takes care of their muscles and circulation while they focus on taking care of patients.

Performance socks

Complete a head-to-toe hospital look with a pair of socks that won’t quit. Look for features like arch support and moisture-wicking, and have some fun with the aesthetics. Socks offer the tiniest pop of color to surgical outfits. 

Personalized water bottle/ coffee mug

Many medical professionals rely on that morning (or evening) brew for energy, and they also have to be sure to drink enough water to keep hydrated. A personalized water bottle or travel mug is a unique gift they’ll love taking to the office with them (and won’t easily lose).

A funny gift to get a laugh

There are plenty of inside jokes in the medical field, and each specialty has its own. Yes, even neuroscience. Find the funny neurosurgeon in your life a kitschy neurosurgeon mug, T-shirt or keychain with a phrase that only people in their field will truly understand. Consider a tumbler or coaster if your neurosurgeon likes a beer after a long day. Or opt for a more serious and heartwarming gift like a plaque or piece of jewelry that features a representation of human brain anatomy.

Jaanuu gift card 

Not sure what to buy for your favorite neurosurgeon? Consider our site your one-stop medical gift shop. We offer scrubs and accessories for healthcare professionals, designed to help them look great while on the job. And yes, we’ve got gift cards too! 

Looking for the perfect birthday or graduation gift for the medical professional in your life? Look no further. At Jaanuu, we’re full of options that won’t let you—or that special brain doctor in your life—down.

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