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Our Guide to the Best Nursing Student Gift Ideas

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Remember when you visited the hospital and every nurse and doctor took exceptional care of you? We know how you felt—grateful, right? Perhaps you also felt like saying “thank you” wasn’t enough. This was probably the moment when you thought of appreciating that healthcare professional with a gift

There are many other moments in a healthcare worker’s career that call for a gift. If there’s a nursing student in your life, for example, you may find yourself attending their pinning ceremony or graduation, and you don’t want to show up empty-handed. You’ve seen how hard this person worked to get where they are, so give them a graduation gift that shows you recognize their effort. They’ve not only studied for extended hours but also probably worked part-time to pay off their loans. 

When buying a present for a nursing student (or any medical professional), think about what they really need. Whether that’s a gift card to a day spa for some self-care or a rose-gold stethoscope they’ll love wearing to work every day, aim for a present that supports them in their career but still delights. 

Read on for our top gift ideas for nursing students that’ll surely make this special person in your life feel acknowledged and appreciated. 

Gift ideas that will put a smile on their faces

While a practical gift may seem a little less fun than a piece of jewelry or a new shirt, presents related to nurses’ work are excellent choices. Student nurses work hard to pay off their education loans, and these kinds of useful gifts are one less thing they have to buy. Plus, you can still have some fun with these options. Scrubs in a nurse’s favorite shade of lavender or a thermos personalized with their favorite quote are sure to make them smile. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Good scrubs: Nurses can never have enough scrubs, so give them comfortable, high-performance workwear to help keep them looking and feeling their best while on the job. At Jaanuu, we offer a range of flattering fits that give our scrubs a more athleisure feel than a work look. Don’t forget to throw in a pair of compression socks to help on a long day or night shift.
  • Nurse bag or wheeled backpack: Nursing students (and registered nurses) have a lot to carry around—whether heavy medical textbooks or the tools of their trade. A wheeled backpack can help take some of this weight off a nurse’s already strained back, and a fashionable nursing bag is a gift that’ll keep on giving throughout their career. If you’re looking for luxury gifts for nurses, a high-end tote bag could be just perfect—both practical and runway-level fashionable. 
  • IV practice arm training kit: Help the new nurse in your life feel confident on their first day of clinical rotations by giving them the opportunity to practice inserting an IV on a faux arm with a training kit. This may not sound like the most exciting gift, but look at it this way: What better present can you give a medical professional than one that helps them feel good about their patient care skills?
  • Personalized tumbler or travel mug: For medical professionals, finding the right balance between caffeination and hydration can be challenging. They work up a sweat in a notoriously dry environment of hospitals, so they need plenty of water. They also work long hours, so they need properly timed boosts of caffeine. For a personalized nurse gift, consider getting a sturdy stainless steel thermos, coffee mug, or water bottle imprinted with the person’s name or favorite inspirational saying. For a touch of humor, get a wine glass printed up with a funny nurse quote.
  • Stethoscope: All nurses need a high-quality stethoscope to better understand a patient’s condition by listening to their heart, lungs, intestines, and blood circulation. Gift a nursing grad a stethoscope that will accompany them in their career for years to come. Be sure to find one that goes with their personal style. Nowadays, you can even find eclectic-finish options like rose gold and “marble.” 

Items nurses need to make great gifts

The following small gift ideas for nurses are items these medical professionals need every day on the job. Mix and match from the list below, and put together a gift box or basket. This gift idea shows the time, effort, and cares you put into it. Get creative and personalize your basket as much as possible.  

  • Hand sanitizer: Nurses are constantly washing their hands to prevent falling prey to germs, so a little sanitizer bottle is a perfect gift.
  • Hand lotion: Because of all the handwashing, it’s common for nurses to get dry skin, so a hand lotion or hand cream is essential. 
  • Scissors: A good pair of medical shears will help nurses cut bandages and tubes. 
  • IV flushes: Nurses can never have enough flushes, which they use to clean IV lines.
  • Notepad: Nursing students take a lot of notes, so help them stock up on aesthetically pleasing pads they’ll love taking to class. 
  • Writing instruments: Nursing students need a constant supply of pens, pencils, highlighters, and Sharpies, so help them stock up and arrive to the first day of nursing school prepared. It can’t hurt to throw in some Post-Its and note cards either.  

Helping nurses feel good is the best gift of all

When you give a gift from the heart that also helps a nurse excel in their career, you’re going above and beyond. Not only are you recognizing a nurse’s effort, but you’re also acknowledging their dedication to performing their role as a healthcare professional to the best of their abilities. Don’t forget to include a card with some words of encouragement or appreciation—they rarely fail to go a long way. 

If you don’t know where to start when looking for a school graduation gift for our strong-headed nurses, check out our collection of performance scrubs. They’re comfortable, fashionable, and designed with nurses in mind. Trust us to help you give a gift the nursing student in your life will truly appreciate. After all, it’s our job to know what they need. It’s nurse appreciation time! 

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