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Our 16 Favorite Nursing Podcasts

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What do you do with a long commute when nothing on the radio seems relevant to you? Have you tried furthering your knowledge with a nursing podcast? We’re talking about medical podcasts that speak your language and know everything fascinating and hilarious about healthcare.

This article will give you a list of some fun and informative podcasts for healthcare professionals. 

Which are the best podcasts for nursing and medical personnel?

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FreshRN is so popular right now. This podcast is by and for registered nurses (see what they did there?) and shares compelling advice from experienced professionals to nurses entering the field. They cover everything from clinical information to tips for working in this fast-paced career. 


In the business of staying in business as a healthcare professional? This podcast focuses on the marketing aspect of your career. If you’re a medical professional with your practice, you can learn to grow it and make it thrive. 

The 10 Minute Healthcare Marketing Podcast

In the business of staying in business as a healthcare professional? This podcast focuses on the marketing aspect of your career. If you’re a medical professional with your practice, you can learn to grow it and make it thrive. 

Straight A Nursing

Here’s a nurse podcast for students just starting their nursing careers. You’ll learn about specializations in healthcare, and you can check out their free supplemental materials. With the motto “Learn More. Stress Less,” this podcast exists to support you. 

See You Now

If you want to hear from other real nurses about their experiences, tune in to these enriching conversations with other healthcare professionals. Learn about devices, protocols, research and a broad spectrum of healthcare concerns from real people putting in the work in the field. 

Public Health on Call

Instead of listening to your local traffic and weather, stay up on healthcare news. Listen to medical experts explain the latest in the industry. This podcast’s episodes are only 15 minutes, so they’re short enough to enjoy whenever (we hope you can say the same about your commute!). 

Nurses on Fire

It’s time to talk about money. Nurses work hard, and this podcast is all about getting your dollars to work hard for you. Listen to financial planners tell you how to build up wealth and get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. Use this knowledge to pay off debt, set goals and change how you think about money. 


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If you want even more money talk, listen to the conversations on this podcast for tips on becoming a great entrepreneur. Put your business and marketing skills to work toward your success and community. 

Real Talk School of Nursing

Sometimes we all need a little real talk—that “no-frills” commentary that tells it like it is. The Real Talk School of Nursing podcast has created a safe space for sharing real, hands-on experiences. This isn’t the kind of stuff they’ll teach you in school, so learn about it here. 

Nursing Uncensored

Need a laugh? Check out Nursing Uncensored. This podcast will make you feel at home with everyday stories about life on the job. It’s educational, but you may not want to put this one on when the kids are around—it gets pretty real.

The Lab Values Podcast

Time to crunch some numbers. This informative podcast goes deep on lab work, explaining what different readings mean. The episodes are super short, so you can cram a few into your commute. Brush up on your knowledge while sitting at that neverending stoplight. 

Healthcare Tech Talk Podcast

Healthcare and tech are two industries often interconnected,t and this podcast acknowledges that. In these episodes, you’ll learn about everything from IT to telehealth. When you need a break from nursing-focused news, expand your knowledge here. 


There’s a TedTalk on practically everything. How can you find the information that’s of interest to you? TedTalks have an entire category for healthcare. True to their brand, they’ll take you to unexpected places.

The Future of Healthcare

A favorite among listeners, this weekly podcast allows you to learn from professionals working in different parts of the field. The episodes are long and in-depth, so save these for when you’re on a walk or run. This podcast is for nurse practitioners, surgeons and everyone in between. 

Heathsounds Podcast

The 5-minute sound bites on the HealthSounds Podcast are great for listeners in a rush who want to keep up with the latest innovations in the medical field. 

Second Opinion

Who doesn’t love a bit of drama—especially the kind that gets you thinking? This podcast delves into controversial topics, rare situations and general weirdness in the world of healthcare. 

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Where can I find these podcasts?

The best place to start when you want to find a podcast is to go to the source. Head to the website for the one you wish to listen to and see where it is hosted. Common places include:

  • iTunes 
  • Spotify 
  • Stitcher 
  • Podbean

We always have our eyes and ears on the medical field to stay in the know and to know how to support you better. Come to us for scrubs, but stay for the nurse talk. 

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