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Awesome Gift Ideas to Make a Doctor Smile! 

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If you know a doctor with some free time, you know how rare this is. Always on the clock and helping patients, doctors may have difficulty carving out quality downtime with family and friends.

To show how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication, you may be thinking about ideas for doctors’ gifts or some unique gifts for medical students to say “thank you” to that healthcare worker in your life.This pick-me-up might be exactly what they need.

Whether you’re a family member or a longtime friend, here’s a list of gifts for doctors that we know they’ll appreciate.

Our Jaanuu scrubs

Of course, we have to mention our Jaanuu scrubs! They combine fit, function and fashion into one incredible package. They’re made out of antimicrobial-finished, 4-way stretch fabric that’s soft and gentle against the skin. 

We offer both men’s scrubs and women’s scrubs. Gift matching scrubs sets for a loved one or yourself.

Guy wearing blue shaped v scrubs


When you’re living the full-time doctor’s life, you wash your hands a lot. With frequent hand washing, a person’s skin can dry out. 

To provide relief for those chapped hands, consider a skincare package. Before you buy, make sure your doctor is not allergic to a particular scent; they may require something hypoallergenic. 

Massage gift cards

All those long hours spent in a doctor’s office can make a person tired and sore. If you’re a close friend or family member, consider buying a spa gift card so that doctor of yours can enjoy some much-needed pampering.

Medical books

If you work as a nurse or a doctor yourself, you’ll know that healthcare professionals are always learning. Consider buying a book from their scholarly wishlist. It’s an excellent “thank you” gift for doctors.

House plants

A doctor might insist they don’t have time to care for a house plant, but don’t write our green friends off just yet!

Low-maintenance, low-water plants like succulents can brighten up a living space, and work as a perfect gift idea for anyone on a busy schedule.

Jaanuu gift cards

When you have a general idea of what a doctor needs but not the specifics, a Jaanuu gift card may do the trick. Gift cards are available in various amounts and themes for gifting, ranging from holiday cheer to gifts for doctors’ day to a general all-around “thank you.” 

Jaanuu cards also make great gifts for doctors’ graduation. After all, a newly minted physician is going to need some sleek, modern supplies.

Water bottles, coffee mugs and drink tumblers

Hydration is key, especially for healthcare professionals. Consider gifting your doctor a coffee mug or oversized stainless steel water bottle that will carry enough fluid to see them through a 12-hour shift. Make sure the water bottle is easy to clean, too.

Our Jaanuu underscrubs

Is this doctor a family member or someone whose size you know well? If you’re looking for Christmas gifts, why not buy them a pair of Jaanuu underscrubs? All of our underscrubs are made out of soft stretchy material to help wick sweat and stay cool. You can find them in various colors, too.

woman wearing black underscrubs

Our Jaanuu jackets

If you work in a healthcare facility, you know the temperature can fluctuate a lot. To help your friend or family member stay warm on the job, send them the thoughtful gift of a Jaanuu jacket

Our antimicrobial-finished jackets are 76 percent poly, 18 percent rayon and 6 percent spandex. This means they’re well-suited for keeping away germs and the chill.

White coats for the lab

On top of workplace-approved jackets, you can look at lab coats to pair with that ever-handy stethoscope: a sleek, modern healthcare accessory that immediately evokes an air of professionalism.

Supportive socks or compression socks

When you’re on your feet every day, blood flow and circulation problems can arise. Fortunately, one of the best gifts you can buy is Jaanuu’s supportive socks to alleviate some of the pressure.

A meditation app subscription

This is not a joke or one of those funny gifts for doctors. There’s been a surge in stress-relieving apps available on iOS and Android. If the doctor you’re sending gifts to is mobile-savvy, you can buy them a subscription to one of these services to help them relax and unwind.

A comfortable pillow

Knowing what type of pillow a person uses is dependent on you knowing the person well. So while we don’t recommend this option if you’re a casual acquaintance, if you’re a family member you may want to gift the doctor in your life a high-quality pillow that will help that busy doctor enjoy some much-needed sleep.

Eye masks

A little shuteye just what the doctor ordered? With an appearance like a softly padded bandana that covers your eyes, eye masks are designed to block ambient light while resting, making them perfect for doctors who work the night shift and need a bit of help getting to sleep during the day.

girl wearing white lab coat scrubs

Foot massager

Remember those supportive socks? Well, you can pair them with a full-blown foot massager. Designed to work out those deep aches and pains, a foot massager is a compact self-care gift that a doctor can use as part of their nightly de-stressing. 

A doctor’s bag

As part of their professional ensemble, why not gift a doctor with a new doctor’s bag? Slightly different from a nurse’s bag, but just as important, you can go as fancy or functional as you want with these healthcare accessories, depending on the doctor’s personal style. Just remember to pick a bag that has pockets.

Heat pack

We talk a lot about self-care items on this list, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a helpful but straightforward item: heat packs. Look at electric options that are easy to use and warm up quickly to loosen aching joints.

A nice watch

Doctors are always concerned with the time; specifically, there’s never not enough of it. Quips aside, doctors may work in locations that don’t have clocks but they still need to know the hour. In situations like these, it’s best to give a nice wristwatch that looks professional and upscale. An Apple Watch will do while remaining 100-percent functional.

If you’re looking for other holiday, birthday or just-because gifts to give a healthcare worker, check out our article on the best gifts for nurses.

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