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Nineteen Accessories Every Nurse Wants + Needs

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Do you know a nurse with a birthday or special occasion coming up but don’t know what to gift them? If so, you’re in luck. We’re here to help.

Nurses deserve to be rewarded and appreciated. If you’re wondering what would make a great gift for nurses, head for those essential medical accessories or a fun nursing accessory that will brighten their shift. And, if you’re planning on doubling up with two gifts, you can strike a balance between things nurses need and things nurses want. 

Read on for our complication of nursing gear must-haves and gather your future gift ideas. Even if you’re a nurse reading this article, there’s surely something on this list of nursing essentials that you don’t yet have and would make your day easier. So, start dropping hints with your friends or partner, or treat yourself. 

What accessories do nurses need for work? 

In short, nurses need the tools of their trade. We’ll provide a comprehensive list below, but we’re talking about medical gadgets and essentials necessary to their success on a shift. Nurses also deserve to go to work equipped with accessories that make their shifts more comfortable, and we’ve included plenty of these.  

Jaanuu badge clips in black, rose gold, silver and gold

What are some must-have nurse accessories for work? 

Nursing is a high-pressure, fast-paced role. So nurses have to carry essential tools on them to avoid losing time or feeling unprepared as they work. The better-equipped nurses are, the better patient care they can provide:

  1. A thermometer: Nurses need to keep a thermometer handy to monitor patients’ body temperature quickly and easily. A pulse oximeter never hurts either. 
  2. Medical tape: Nurses have to apply bandages and gauze all day. Plus, tape is good to have on hand for odd jobs.
  3. Hand sanitizer: Healthcare professionals must keep their hands clean, so it’s a good idea to carry around antibacterial gel so they don’t have to go looking for it when they need it.
  4. Hand lotion: Counter the drying effects of antibacterial gel with plenty of hand lotion. Hospitals may have guidelines on the different kinds you can use, and you can learn more about the best types here
  5. Pens: Nurses need to make notes and keep charts, so plenty of pens are essential. Make it a clip pen that can fit right on the pocket of a scrubs top.
  6. A penlight: A penlight helps nurses during patient assessments, not to mention when they need to find something they accidentally dropped on the floor in the dark.
  7. Scissors: In a day, a nurse may need to cut through all sorts of medical supplies, from gauze to tape and tubes. It’s a great idea to have a pair of bandage scissors handy so that one doesn’t have to rummage for them in an emergency. 
  8. Badge holder: Nurses need to keep their ID badges close. With all they have to carry (on their person and in their head), a badge reel or lanyard means losing their ID is one thing they won’t have to worry about. 
  9. Stethoscope: This tool of the trade is an absolute must. We recommend including a stethoscope ID tag so it never gets lost. 
  10. Nurse bag: RNs carry around many nursing supplies, so a fanny pack or carrying case helps keep all these items in one organized space. Want to go bigger? Consider a backpack or a tote. 
Nurse with jaanuu double shift tote in blush

What is the perfect gift for a nurse? 

  1. High-quality scrubs: With all of this work’s physical and emotional stressors, comfortable, good-looking scrubs can help nurses feel better on the job. That’s the kind of gift that’s not just material. It can put a bit of pep in one’s step. 
  2. A reusable mug or water bottle: Coffee and water are two essential beverages for most nurses. Hydration can be tricky in the hospital, as medical professionals are always on the go and don’t often have time to drink enough water. Get the nurse in your life a water bottle or mug they’ll like carrying around with them. 
  3. Slippers: When nurses get off a long shift, they need some self-care. Give them the gift of cozy slippers to kick off their self-care ritual right when they get through the door. 
  4. Comfortable face masks: When one wears a face mask all day, it can feel scratchy, uncomfortable and even dirty. High-quality face masks made from anti-microbial fabric are a great option.
  5. A footbath: Footbaths can help bring down swelling, a common condition medical professionals suffer from since they’re on their feet all day. And we all know a little foot TLC goes a long way. 
  6. Hair accessories: If the favorite nurse in your life has longer hair, they likely need to find a fun way to tie it back every day. Gift your favorite nurse hair accessories like hair ties or headbands so that they can jazz up their look while on the job.
  7. A jacket: This gift serves not only for a chilly commute but also for work within a hospital, which can also be cold. Your favorite nurse will surely benefit from having a light jacket to keep warm.
  8. Nursing shoes: There are many varieties of nursing clogs and sneakers on the market that will help make a long shift a bit more comfortable. Nurses often experience leg and foot swelling, and the right shoes can help mitigate this condition. 
  9. A watch: If you’re looking for a meaningful nurse gift, consider a timeless gift like a nice watch. Be it analog or digital, just make sure it has a second hand to help them keep time when they take vital signs. 
Nurse shoes in Jaanuu's utility backpack in green and black

Yes, we know scrubs, but as medical professionals, we know all about the accessories that can save the day when you’re on the job. You can find some of those essentials above, like masks and jackets, on our site. We’re here to help you give the best gift possible to the nurse in your life. 

And remember, when it comes to celebrating your favorite nurse (or nurses!), one of the best gifts is a heartfelt “thank you”.

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