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The Top Five Medical Dramas You Don’t Want to Miss

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Finally, you have a day off, and we know how precious this time is to medical professionals. In case you haven’t already planned your day with friends and family and need some “me” time, we highly recommend a day of self-care. Put on the most comfortable pair of loungewear, soak your feet in hot water and cue up Netflix, Hulu or your favorite streaming platform.

Before you question our recommendation, hear us out. We know that you already deal with a lot of medical drama on a daily basis and don’t need an extra dose, that too on TV. But these top five medical dramas are different. They’re full of romance, secrets, and comedic or heartwarming moments. Plus, you’ll be able to relate to almost every advancement in the show (and you’ll be the judge of how well the cast handles emergencies). 

Read on for our official lineup for your next streaming marathon. 

Our Guide to the Top Five Medical TV Shows

Joggers? Check. Remote control? Check. Snacks and drinks? Check, check. It’s time to cozy up and watch Hollywood’s dramatization of the lives of nurses and doctors unfold in these famous medical shows.

Grey’s Anatomy (2005-Present)

The creators of Grey’s Anatomy must be doing something right to get this binge-worthy show to run for what are now 18 seasons. If you’re just starting to watch, you have plenty of hours of entertainment ahead, and you’ll without a doubt fall in love with Ellen Pompeo, the protagonist. This Emmy-winning show centers on surgeons and their interns at a Seattle hospital. It’s full of complex medical cases and romantic pairings that are their own complicated version of open heart surgery! Speaking of hearts, prepare to have yours warmed and broken as you watch this captivating high-drama TV series that will keep you hooked all the way through season 18. 

Grey's Anatomy Show Banner
This image was sourced from abc.

The Doctors (2008-Present)

The Doctors isn’t exactly a drama series; it’s a talk show, but then again, isn’t being a doctor a type of drama? And, as a talk show, The Doctors has been keeping us entertained with the most exciting information about the medical field for 12 long years. Episodes tackle not only tough topics like opioid abuse, the emergency room and eating disorders but also light subjects like celebrity news related to medicine. 

Logo for hit daytime talk show The Doctors
Image sourced from The Doctors Facebook page.

The Good Doctor (2017-Present)

This beloved series from ABC focuses on an autistic savant doctor, Shaun Murphy, who has a knack for visualizing unique circumstances and solutions for patients’ rare cases. Watch as Murphy works to improve his bedside manner, falls in love, and deals with the repercussions of a difficult past. And prepare to fall in love with the character’s rare genius and unique way of looking at the world.

Scrubs (2001-2009)

An absolute classic, Scrubs will make you laugh and cry in all its nine seasons. The show aired on NBC. Witty banter, hilarious voiceovers, and silly daydreams collide in a sitcom like no other, with Zach Braff winning your hearts. The series focuses on the experience of John Michael “J.D.” Dorian and his fellow surgical colleagues and friends—all fresh out of medical school and learning about life on the job at Sacred Heart Hospital. Part absurd, part totally based in reality, this show will pull you in with its woven storylines and (mostly) upbeat feel.  

Banner for the hit series on hulu and abc scrubs
Image sourced from Hulu.

House (2004-2012)

Dr. Gregory House is a total character. Sometimes, a captivating main character is all a show needs to become a hit. This series, which ran on Fox, focuses on a doctor who has a bit of trouble playing by the rules and getting along with his fellow staff members (and humans in general, if we’re being honest). Despite his tricky personality and dependence on strong meds, Dr. House shines as a genius, able to unpack tough cases and see a way forward for his patients. We’ll let you be the judge on his more controversial tactics in medical practice. After all, you’re the expert! 


The ultimate guide to enjoying your favorite shows

Mostly, the medical center-like work environment of healthcare professionals is fast-paced, which after a point can become exhausting. Whether they work at hospitals or in private practice, many of these healthcare workers can suffer from stress, burnout, and even depression. The take-home message? Self-care is essential to succeeding in your career and staying healthy. So, no matter how busy you are, carve out time for yourself. If one of the ways you relax is by spending some quality time on your couch watching a great series, go all in. Here’s how you can maximize the fun: 

Grab some snacks

Medical professionals often don’t have time to prepare nutritious food unless they’re meal-planning experts, so use your downtime to fill up on power snacks like nuts, berries, avocado (yes, guacamole counts), and protein-rich meals like sushi and tacos. That’s right, we said “tacos.” And if you’re someone who likes to munch popcorn, we won’t stop you.

Get comfortable

Make yourself a relaxation station. Put on your most comfortable loungewear, and take care of your body. If you have foot and ankle pain from standing in uncomfortable positions or running around the hospital all day, now’s the perfect time to start up your portable foot bath or ice your ankles. You could also put a relaxing heating pad on your neck or back. 


Grab the softest, coziest throw with your snacks, and set your phone aside. Unless you’re on a call or absolutely need to have your phone in hand, put it away and take a full break from your work. Ask your partner, roommates, or family members to support you with housework or childcare as you make this time for yourself. The more well-rested and relaxed you are, the more focused you’ll be when you head back to work. 

It’s Showtime!

It’s finally time to tune into your favorite show and pause the world. Pick your remote and binge-watch a series from our recommendations. We promise it’ll all be worth it!   

We make scrubs, not series, but we sure do enjoy the latter. We’re here to make your off-days a bit better by setting you up with the best loungewear possible, giving tips on how to unwind, and screening Hollywood’s healthcare television shows so you know what you watch. 

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