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7 Essentials You Need for a DIY At-Home Spa

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If you’re a medical professional, there’s something you need. A stethoscope? Yes, but that’s not the answer we’re looking for. An oximeter? Guess again. A spa day? Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! 

Healthcare providers are some of the hardest-working people on the planet. They pull long and irregular hours, spend all day on their feet attending to patients and literally save lives. We believe that self-care is something people need, not deserve, but if someone ever really did deserve a spa day, it’s a doctor or nurse. 

And since you’re so hard working, your hours may not always allow you to take off on a weekend escape to your favorite spa hotel. In the meantime, turn your own home into a sanctuary where you can kick back and relax—a five-star-style spa. Read on to learn how to transform your home into a relaxing zone and why you so badly need this break.

Benefits of making a DIY spa

Making your home bathroom a relaxation station can improve your post-work/off-day self-care routines. Picture this: You come home and ask your partner, family members, or roommates to order takeout, watch the kids or take the dog for a walk. Then, you unwind with a bubble bath and some aromatherapy, letting the stress of your day go. 

Healthcare professionals report high rates of burnout and even depression. While DIY spa days (or spa nights) aren’t the only self-care you should do as a medical worker, they do help. Taking baths, getting massages, and relaxing your body help control other conditions like swollen feet, sore backs, and stiff necks. 

So, a little pampering and detox are great for both your physical and mental health. It’s not a cure-all, but it’s a part of a routine that can help you control stress. And when you manage stress, you show up to work with more energy and focus, and your patients also stand to benefit. There you have a great reason to get yourself a DIY spa session. We know you won’t risk your patients’ treatments! 

But how to transform your regular bathroom into a five-star spa, you ask? Check out our seven tips below.

7 steps to making an at-home spa

Set the Mood

Put on your favorite relaxing tunes, light an aromatherapy candle and turn that cellphone all the way off. Get the lighting in your bathroom just right by avoiding those harsh overhead bulbs and letting just the candles light the room. Need help choosing the right scent? Try aromas like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, chamomile, and green tea. Consider lighting an oil diffuser with essential oils.

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The Healthy Maven Spa Candles
Image sourced from The Healthy Maven.

Mask On, Mask Off

Everyone has their own masking style. For some of us, it’s a sheet mask, while for others, it’s a clay one. Maybe you have your own secret recipe for an at-home mask. After you’ve washed that tough day of your skin using your favorite cleanser, put on a relaxing face mask and let the ingredients work their magic.

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Feelin’ Salty

We’re going to use the good ty

Bath salts can moisturize the skin, relax your weary muscles and decrease stress, so what’s not to love? Stress and sore muscles are at least two of the issues you’re trying to address in this spa moment, and your skin is probably pretty dry, too, from the sterile hospital environment. So, drop a hearty handful of bath salts into the warm water of your bath. 

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Feelin’ Sweet

Our one word––exfoliation. It kind of feels like taking a layer of stress right off, don’t you think? Well, it at least feels like taking off a layer of dead skin cells. Coat yourself in a sweet sugar scrub and refresh the surface of your epidermis (that’s the clinical term, right?). Let yourself enjoy the delicious scent that fills the room. 

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Images sourced from The Kitchy Kitchen and Chasing Foxes.
Images sourced from The Kitchy Kitchen and Chasing Foxes.

Really Bomb Bath Bombs

Add a bit of effervescence to your day with a foaming bath bomb. These work much in the way of bath salts to smooth your skin and help you relax. We’re all about decadence in your spa moment, but we recommend choosing either a salt or a bomb for the best results. 

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Lotion up

Complete your spa routine by soaping down your body or lathering your hair—whatever feels right. Just remember to rehydrate your skin and hair afterward. Dry off, and then apply lotion and serums all over. Do your night-time skincare routine, and put on any additional conditioning or leave-in hair mask treatments. And, don’t forget your hand cream. Your skin gets dry from all that antibacterial gel and handwashing at work. 

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Rest up

Here’s something you can’t do at a real spa, i.e., fall asleep right after your treatment when you’re so utterly relaxed. But, at home, you can crawl right into bed and start getting those essential Zs that will leave you feeling sharp in the morning (or the evening, if you work the night shift). All you’ve got to do is grab a pair of our comfy loungewear, wear an eye mask (or invest in a long-term solution like black-out curtains), turn off the blue light of your phone, put in your air plugs, and even take a dose of melatonin (after consulting with another medical professional) to optimize your sleep. Keep the spa vibe going by spraying your sheets with a relaxing linen spray before you get in them.

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Images sourced from The Little Pine and Hello Glow.
Images sourced from The Little Pine and Hello Glow.

At Jannuu, we’re all about comfort, and we don’t just show it in our scrubs. We’re dedicated to supporting your comfort as a healthcare professional in all aspects of your life by providing content that helps you live and work better—whether that’s home spa treatments or information on continuing education in your field.

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