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We Thank You

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A Note of Thanks to the Medical Community:

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Jaanuu wants to say thank you and acknowledge the incredible work you’re doing out there on the front lines. You’ve reminded us that the bravery of this community extends far to include pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and many more heroes in scrubs.

We could go on and on with our gratitude, but who better to put it into words than the voices of our community?

“Shoutout to the heath care providers (techs, RNs, MDs, PAs, etc.) busting their butts in the ORs covering all the critical cases (since all the elective surgeries/procedures have been cancelled or postponed). I know the ORs are about to get slammed, so I wanna take a moment to recognize their commitment and dedication to their craft!” – (@emjaymie / Instagram)

“Some gratitude toward respiratory therapists would be amazing. We are all working directly with patients airways on the daily, and people tend to forget about us.” – (@shapiroshay / Instagram)

“Please give a shoutout to the company I work for, First Choice Pediatrics in Sanford, FL!” – (@snowvngel / Instagram)

“I work at a state mental health facility that remains open. We get new admissions and change shifts so our risk to exposure is high! Keep us in mind please! Love how you all are keeping the community in mind and are so supportive! <3” – (@raquelitaa_g / Instagram)

“Shoutout to all my first responders, nurses, and other on the front line! I want to thank the local states and health departments for bing proactive and doing the best they can to help each and everyone of us. Additionally, I want to thank companies such as this one (Jaanuu) for bringing attention and awareness to so many individuals. As a community and a crew we WILL get ahead of these trying times. I want to encourage everyone to keep being awesome and doing their part to help keep everyone safe with exceptional consideration to our elderly and vulnerable! #washyourhands” – (@willettbrock / Instagram)

We’re here for you.

In the face of a global pandemic, you show up every day. You never stop working. Learning. Inspiring bravery and resilience. You give us hope. And we’d like to give back to you. Take 25% off sitewide here.



  1. Hi hello ! Thank you for picking me as one of your winners for the latest contest .❤ Love you guys and stay safe everyone !!!



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