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30 Funny Memes Only Nurses Will Understand

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A wise person once said, “Meme your way through the apocalypse.”

Okay. Maybe it’s not the end of the world just yet, but it’s safe to say the past couple of years has put us all through the wringer. But even before the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses were well-acquainted with long, grueling shifts. If you’re a nurse, you know nothing can help pull you through stressful moments on the job like a little comic relief.

Sure, not all jokes land across the board, but who doesn’t love a good exhaustion meme

Here’s a quick list of nurse memes to give you a chuckle during that next 12-hour shift.

Funny nurse memes that’ll make you laugh

Happy nurses week! Well, err, happy nurses week memes, we mean. When people throw their career weight around, who doesn’t want to pull up a chair to sit on the sidelines and watch?


30 years of bedside experience said “pardon me?” #nurse #nurselife #fyp #nursestiktok #nursetok #nursehumor #nursing #nurselifern #foryou #medsurg

♬ Blinding Lights MuchDank edit – Marvie

Sometimes the grind of #nurselife becomes so hard that all you want is blissful, thoughtless, emptyheaded sleep. Seriously, just let a nurse take a nap. We’re not going to find one on this night shift.

Tweets go out of style faster than you can type, but wait! We want to defend this one with a bit of nurse humor of our own. Meme: Old, boring. Predictable. Viral sensation: Technically true, double meaning. Potentially lethal, too.

At last, we’ve hit the jackpot: someone’s calling out this “wellness” false fad-diet. Not only is it unhealthy and primed for its lack of body positivity, but it’s false advertising.

Never speak these forbidden words around other registered nurses. You’ve got too many tasks on your plate, but causing a workplace incident isn’t one of them.


Happy nurses week #fyp #ernurse #nursestiktok #foryoupage @madelinemarie97

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Say what you want about nurse quotes and their sensitivity to the pandemic. However, you’ve got to admit this primetime example has a point (LOL!).

When we say we choked on our coffee, we mean it. Full-on comedic surprise:

Night shifts are not for the weak. It’s not a time to wonder about ghosts, either.


Susan, not tonight. The other nurse is on break and I’m alone. #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #greenscreen #nursingstudent #nursehumor #nurselife #nursingschool #cnalife #nurseproblems #cnastruggles #foryourpage #hospitallife #cnasoftiktok #cnalifebelike #nursesoftiktok #nursing #studentsbelike #dementia #ghost #patientsbelike #patientstories #medicalhumor #medicalstudent #medicaltiktok #emergencyroom #emergency

♬ original sound – Taj.Mahal

You bet your costly nursing degree it’s medicinal. How else do you expect us to survive a 12-hour shift? Perseverance alone might not cut it. It’s time to call in the cat pics.

We’d like to call out night shift nurses, day nurses, charge nurses, EMTs and paramedics for being bad at self-care in real life. It’s time to throw your sleep schedule in the oven for a roast.

Relatable memes for nurses

Technically, this brand of medical memes is relatable for everyone. But like, they’re extra relatable to nurses because you know what happens when you do the “going out” part during current events. You’ll end up in that ICU ward.

When you witness the five stages of grief over a work shift.


Never say easy or quiet 🙃 #registerednurse #nursesoftiktok #nightshiftnurse #MakeItMagical #StrikeAPosay #fyp #nursehumor #foryoupage

♬ sonido original – 🇨🇱🇫🇷15

And they’re our fall plans. Our winter plans. Our spring plans, too. Don’t remind us that consistency in healthcare is not always crucial.

Listen. We’ve all been there at least once or twice. No, seriously, we swear we’ve already checked that spot. Where’s my car?

Is it too much to ask for a calm day where we can have five minutes to think? Maybe enough time to grab a fresh pair of scrubs? Oh, it is too much? Well, okay then. We trained for it.

Funny nurse memes aside, it really is like this sometimes. Please, someone, cheer us up with a few nurse gifts.

There’s always that one coworker who manages to maintain their cheerful facade through the entire workweek. Not all of us are perfect, though, and we need a little room to breathe. Let’s be honest for a second.


#nurses #nursesoftiktok #nursehumor #healthcarehumor

♬ original sound – Dicky

This is another Twitter copypaste that has come and gone, but it’s so good. Would you trust a workplace where the turnover rate is so high that your seniors are barely past their probationary period? We didn’t think so.

Deeply relatable. It’s us too.

At Jaanuu, we try to keep things a little PG-13 to focus on fashion, not F-bombs. But we feel obligated to include this one because it’s so true: Some of you are absolutely not ready for this conversation!

Nursing student memes

If you’re in nursing school, or you’ve already finished medical school, you’ll know it’s like this. Sometimes you just have to smile and nod your way through.


It be like that sometimes 😅 #nursingstudent #nursinghumor #nursingstudent101 #nursingschool #nursesoftiktok #nursetok

♬ I know some of these words – Gracie is kinda lame

What’s wrong with a little overenthusiastic encouragement? Everyone needs a cheerleader on the squad, and today it will be the nursing student.


im *slightly* joking 🤭 #ShadowAndBone #fyp #nurse #nursingstudent #nursestiktok #nurseblake #nursingstudent101

♬ Bretman Rock x MTV_You Can Do It – MTV

Well, are they wrong?

Sometimes you’ve said something a little too bluntly, and you have to sit there with a few uncomfortable truths. Not that you shouldn’t be a nurse, by the way! But yeah, uh. Well. Ouch. That one has to hurt for nursing school memes.


bc I’m a glutton for punishment idk #nursingschool #nursing #studentnurse #humor #fyp #foryou #fypシ #foryoupage #cna #pct #pca

♬ original sound – paramind

Niche humor from the “I had to go to university during the pandemic and all they gave me was this lousy video” crowd.

Relatable to nursing students and the people who supervise them. We can’t lie. We laughed pretty hard at this.


dear student, i promise it won’t be the last time.. #fyp #thebrooksfam #nursesoftiktok #nursehumor #nursingstudent #nurses #patientsbelike

♬ original sound – Marquez Nelson

That feeling when you’re a nursing student looking for a male nurse meme, and you have to roast your own. Everyone’s a bit nervous the first day on the job, okay?


inspired by @jessvalortiz 🥰 #nurse #bscn #rn #nurseextern #studentnurse #nursingschool #rnstudent #nursehumor

♬ original sound – cayden

Some of us don’t learn well with textbooks. What can we say?


I guess we’ll never know 😅 #nursingstudent #nursinghumor #nursingstudent101 #nursesoftiktok #nursingschool

♬ original sound – Karen Hausman

Be brave. Be fearless. Be a nursing student, willing to name and shame the dynamics of your school.

Beyond the desire to help patients, that nice nurse paycheck is why many go into the field. But seriously, this first step? Even though it’s necessary, that “work for free” part has to hurt.


There’s no bread to get 😔 #nursingstudent #clinical #nursingschool #nursesoftiktok #nursehumor

♬ original sound – Joseph

Looking for other ways to make it through nursing school, and humor ain’t cutting it? Use a Jaanuu student discount. Next, head on over to our nurse loungewear or sock collection, where you can put together an “I need comfort” scrub set worthy of a TikTok meme.

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