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The 15 Funniest Memes Only Nursing Students Will Get

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Whether you already are or you’re studying to become a healthcare professional, chances are you could use a good laugh (after all, who doesn’t?). One of our favorite ways to have a chuckle in the 21st century? A good meme. 

We’d venture to guess you already know what a meme is, but just to be thorough, memes are simple images with a text overlay that relates to the photo humorously. For nurses, this usually means funny quotes over basic images (spoiler alert: the production value of memes isn’t that high, but that’s part of their charm). These images feel relatable, and the more specific they are, the more you feel seen. 

We’re dedicating this article to making you laugh in honor of all your hard work. Whether exhaustion memes, hospital memes or nursing exams memes, there is something here that will have you giggling even at the most challenging parts of your work. 

Funny memes that will make nursing students laugh

Go ahead, laugh—you deserve it. Here are some of the most relatable memes for nursing school students.

1.This one’s no joke, but it’s definitely a hyperbole. This meme totally gets how hard you work. To use some internet lingo: #nurseproblems, right? 


2. There’s no shame in laughing at those things that keep us up at night, and this image sums it up with a bit of dark humor.

nurse meme

3. There is no shortage of nursing school memes about how tired you are or were or are going to be, and you know what they say: “It’s funny because it’s true.” But! Your work is valuable—no, priceless!—so all these hours you’re putting in now will pay off. 

sleep meme nurse

4. We’re beginning to see a pattern here, aren’t you? As a nursing student or RN, it seems as though you won’t be getting much (regular) sleep. So take the opportunity to catch some Z’s whenever (and wherever) possible.

lottery nursing meme

5. Nursing school books may be dense, but the material inside is even denser. So when the passenger airbag sensor comes on because of the weight of your books, just remember the weight of your support on your future patients. 

nursing school meme

6. Another common theme in nursing student memes is how difficult your studies will be. But where there’s a challenge, there’s often great reward, both for your patients and you.  

nursing school tip meme

7. If you can’t pronounce that, well, don’t feel bad. You’ll be able to recite these terms in your sleep by the time you get your nursing degree. All nurses love a good pharmacology poke, so laugh on.

pharmacology meme

8. “Anchorman” memes are a classic, but perhaps if you’re having a day like the one in the image, what you really need isn’t a funny meme but to sit down on the couch and laugh at a comedy like the one that inspired this viral photo. Why not do both?

student school emotion meme

9. Cat memes are part of the internet humor canon, so this one is an instant classic. Of course, nothing compares to following your dream, but we understand how difficult it can be. In nursing school, you may find yourself at home studying more than you do going out to dinner with friends.

cat nursing meme

10. Even since grade school, report cards have always been stressful. Surely, we thought at the time that adults didn’t have to deal with them, but nursing school is here to show us otherwise.

nurse grades meme

11. Here’s another one for our comedy film buffs out there. We hope this lighthearted meme inspired by the cult classic “Napoleon Dynamite” will remind you how dedicated you are to your dream.

1st semester nurse meme

12. Sometimes, you just need a simple, uplifting meme. And it’s a bonus if it has a picture of a baby. Can we get a fist bump if you just got through another week of nursing school?

nursing school baby meme

13. There’ll be days when you thrive in nursing school and then there’ll be days when you survive, and that’s totally normal! Even Tom Hanks gets it.

school meme nurse

14. This popular nurses meme applies to students and RNs alike. So if you are looking for nursing week memes to make your team laugh, hit them with a bit of self-deprecating humor (and a picture of Ryan Gosling).

meme nursing

15. If you’re a nursing student, you’ll be in for a lot of standing. Stick with us for tips on how to stay comfortable at work (yes, including our footwear recs and self-care tips). Until then, laugh at this nursing student meme that gives you a taste of what’s to come when you’re on the job. 

nurse sitting down meme

No matter how serious our line of work, everyone needs to have a laugh from time to time. We may be scrubs experts but we’ll offer you a little bit of advice for staying lighthearted as you do all your test prep for the NCLEX. Save a couple of these memes to your phone and share them with your colleagues when the going gets tough

And whenever it does, remember, we’re here for you!

Now, keep calm and chuckle on.

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