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Jaanuu Joins Hope for Marian

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You may have already heard about our little hero Marian and her fight against Niemann-Pick Type C, but we are here to tell you about how our paths crossed. We are all about family here at Jaanuu. Shaan is a father of two, and Dr. Neela is the mother of two and a pediatrician to hundreds.

When we heard about Marian and her fight against NPC, we were touched by the power of her family and the community that rallied around her. We were given the opportunity to donate to Hope for Marian while they were visiting The Doctors. It was an incredible day for our team.

Not only did we get to meet Marian, but we got to visit with her parents, who have fearlessly led the charge to defeat NPC. As you know, “Jaan” means “life” in Hindi.  “Jaanuu” is a term of endearment, often from a parent to a child, meaning that person is as important to you as life itself. Marian and her family embody this spirit and so much of the strength and determination that we aim for every day.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your story – we are forever changed from meeting you.

Calling All Unsung Heroes

It takes a lot of heart and soul to be able to open up your lives to the world. Marian’s mom shared with us the struggles, fears, and rewards of opening up about NPC.

“It has been really surreal to see elements of Marian’s story spread. When we got the diagnosis, we knew that for her to have a chance to survive it was going to take a lot. It was a huge fear that when we opened up our lives, people wouldn’t care that much. So when we saw elements spread and gain attention, it was so humbling – it lifted us up and helped keep us going. Sometimes it feels like all of this is happening to another family!. It’s hard to wrap our heads around it, but we are so touched.”

To learn more about how you can help Marian and join the fight against NPC, please visit her website here


We know you all do so much already, but we’re asking you to help us raise awareness and get involved. We’re calling you, our fans out to participate in the #NoPuckerChallenge. All of us at Jaanuu HQ took the challenge! See why Marian’s story hit so close to home for our co-founders, Shaan and Neela.

Our team in the Philippines taking on the #NoPuckerChallenge

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