JAANUU » Jaanuu Turns Three:All Thanks To Our Fans

Jaanuu Turns Three:
All Thanks To Our Fans

Jaanuu's 3rd Anniversary, Jaanuu Team
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It’s hard to believe that Jaanuu is three years old!

Just three years ago, Neela and Shaan were sitting in her kitchen trying to hand-sew scrubs. (Luckily, those initial designs did not make it into the starting lineup.) A few employees, a factory that was willing to work with them, some really smart advisors, some more employees, and thousands of fans later, they look at Jaanuu and see…

Jaanuu's 3rd Anniversary, Jaanuu's Growth

From Neela, Shaan, and all of us here at Jaanuu, we want to say thank you. There is no way we’d be where we are today without you.

Jaanuu 3rd Anniversary, Jaanuu Fans

Jaanuu's 3rd Anniversary, Jaanuu Team

Jaanuu Co-Founders Neela Sethi Young and Shaan Sethi



  1. Theresa Pams

    Are jumpsuits in the design plan? I think they would be a stunning addition.

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