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Women Empower Women

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At Jaanuu we’re all about self-love and women empowering women. Our co-founder, Dr. Neela Sethi Young lives by this ideology. To celebrate the holiday season, Dr. Neela invited some of our local Brand Ambassadors to an intimate dinner in LA. Around this table, we saw a group of incredibly strong and motivated women participate in exciting conversations about furthering their education, handling a hefty workload, the steps they’re taking in order to grow their careers, and how self-love is essential in order to provide the best care possible. Thank you to all the ladies that joined us for this event and for all of our Jaanuu fam across the country – we are inspired by you every day.

Why is Self-Love Important?

As we enter the craziness of the holiday season, we want to encourage you to take a moment (or a few hours) for yourself. Dr. Neela always reminds us that self-love is not selfish. You need to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally, before you can help your patients, your family, your friends, and your pets. Go for a walk, get a manicure, or eat a fancy dinner – you deserve it. Happy Holidays!

Special Jaanuu gift for BA dinner

BA Dinner charcuterie plate setting for the blog


Some Of Our Local LA BA’s

Lauren – @mama_mochi_: ER Nurse from San Juan Capistrano

Christine Huong – @christine_cth: ER RN

Kylie – @surfandaloha: Orthopedic & Plastic surgery Nurse

Kia – @kiabillinger: RN and plus-size model

Teagan – @teaganbrookeplusmodel: Respiratory Therapist

Kacey – @kcelisabeth: nursing student

Aimee – @adumaua: ICU RN

Jannel –  @noviceisthenewnurse: PICU RN

Ashley – @kennedy_504: PICU RN

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