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The Votes Are In! See Your Favorite Entries From #NurseToNurse

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This Nurses Week, we launched #NurseToNurse, a campaign to address ageism, stereotypes, and negativity in our community of unsung heroes.  While professional respect and compassion are often the norm, Jaanuu recognizes that nurses don’t always feel supported by one another. We invited nurses to change the conversation.

In the weeks that followed, we saw nurses recognizing other nurses who had made a positive impact on their careers. Thank you to ALL of the nurses who submitted stories – we are so moved by your compassion and kindness for each other. So much so, that we made every entry a winner! Along with the Top 10,  we decided to give additional Jaanuu gift cards to every nurse that shared their story.

Here are your Top Ten favorite entries.

Grand Prize Winner
1. To Megan – From Karen

“I wanted to give thanks to Megan for always being there for me and encouraging me in my own nursing journey. She has been my idol from the first day I stepped on the unit. From the late night texts and the early morning rants, I know I can count on her. I have been blessed to be able to work with my twin. She’s shown me how to be strong in an emotionally draining unit and how to smile when my day is crap. She’s always a burst of energy and positivity on the unit. Always putting others before herself and never not willing to lend a helping hand. She’s definitely made me a stronger and more confident nurse and I just want to thank her for being herself, a great coworker, and an even better friend.”

2. To Veronica – From Jaynee

“I nominate my friend and coworker, Veronica, to be recognized for her outstanding dedication to the nursing profession and through it, her tireless and selfless efforts to provide the very best care for her patients. Veronica and I are Registered Nurses who have worked together for two years at a skilled nursing facility. Veronica is compassionate, kind, has a great sense of humor, and never hesitates to help others. Her empathetic personality radiates to her patients, always bringing a smile to their face, warmth to their hearts, and brings peace of mind to their loved ones. Veronica truly inspires me to become a better nurse, caregiver, person, and friend.”

3. To Taylor – From Joyce

“I recognize Taylor for being the true epitome of a nurse. We have worked together for a little over two years and not once has she shown me otherwise. Taylor is always willing to help the team regardless if it’s a fellow nurse or an aide. She has never used the infamous line “it’s not my job”. Most importantly, Taylor consistently advocates for the patient. Lucky is an understatement to work side by side or have her as your primary RN.”

4. To Rosemary – From Jill

“Rosemary (front middle) is a charge nurse in my medical-surgical floor. I have been working as a nurse for 8 months and Rosemary has been so patient and helpful. She has been there to answer questions, help start IVs, help me with Rapid Responses, and just to give me a hug when things were tough. I am so blessed to be working with such an amazing team of nurses. I know the friendship we have on our floor is rare. We go out for breakfast and drinks after a hard night shift, and hang out together outside of work. The love and support from these ladies have made my first year as a nurse pretty amazing!”

5. To Nurses on her floor – From Mane

“I work with the most caring, compassionate group of people..one team one dream!! Love my 4n Fam.”

6. To Joy – From Gladdys

“I am so proud and so happy to look up to such a great nurse who has Influenced my life and career. Joy, not only are you my cousin but my role model. You have inspired me to become a nurse and I enjoyed being there every step of the way watching you from elementary till your BSN graduation. I am happy you are here during my nursing school to influence me and give me advice and help when I need it, and always telling me not to give up. Now here I am one semester away from graduating with my BSN! And of course for always buying me and letting me try on your Jaanuu outfits! I also love this amazing brand because of you.”

7. To Erica – From Regina

“I can’t even put into words how much of a great nurse you are in both the workplace and at home. On April 29, 2018, Erica, who is a nurse, experienced a tragic event with her twin daughters by the name of Maya and Makayla were nearly drowning. Makayla is fighting strong in hopes of a fast recovery, while heartbreaking to know Maya has laid to rest. Throughout this experience, Erica continues to stay positive and strong, while also taking care of both parents who are ill. I believe nursing isn’t just an 8-16 hr job but a lifestyle. Erica isn’t just a co-worker, she is a sister, a friend, a person who is selfless and willing to pick up the pieces when someone is in need. Her effortless presence brings joy, laughter, and love to people around her. I am honored, thankful and privileged to have someone like her in my life.”

8. To Aprille – From Krystina

“To my colleague and friend, Aprille. You have been such an amazing person to work with. You’re always so kind and helpful no matter how chaotic it gets. You helped me develop the confidence and skills to be the best nurse I can be. I appreciate all you’ve done for me & always being a patient advocate. It takes a special heart to be a great nurse like you! Happy Nurses Week! Oh and one more thing, thank you for always sharing your food with me! lol”

9. To Amanda – From Jacqueline

“This is Amanda Ramirez, she is a full-time nurse, and a full-time mom to two kiddos. Not only is she my go-to co-worker, but what makes her special is that she is my first cousin. Mrs. Amanda encouraged me to go to school and further my education. I was in limbo after high school and could not decide on a career path. She sat me down in front of a computer and we spent the entire afternoon looking at programs. After starting school, I had tons of questions and she was always a phone call away. On her days off she would come to visit me, about 25 miles away and help me with my assignments. After I finished school I applied at a lot of placed without much luck. Exactly one month later, she called me out of the blue and informed me that the office she worked at was hiring! I emailed her my resume and she made sure to give it to the doctor right away. The next day I received a phone call for an Interview. I was hired on the spot and was informed that my training would start the following week with Nurse Amanda.

She showed me how to interact with our patients and go above and beyond with “white glove service”.  She came in everyday with a smile, ready to work AND teach! We came in early and stayed late to go over procedures and how to get tools and instruments ready for Tuesday morning surgery. She showed me the importance of double checking my work, sometimes triple checking to make sure that everything was done correctly and efficiently for the next nurse. She once told me this quote “If you did not document it, then you did not do it” and I will never forget that. She has taught me so many things, so many methods but she also took a chance on me and recommended me for the job.  She put in a good word for me and helped me get my job that I love so much. I have now been here for five years and have not stopped learning or appreciating this wonderful opportunity.”

10. To Monique – From Monae

“Quick shoutout to my other half Monique, who has been here through my whole journey. From the late nights to the early mornings helping deliver babies. We made nursing a fun career, circulating and scrubbing on C-sections together at 3am. Now telling our funny stories to one another about school nursing. Together we have been able to put some of the biggest smiles on our patients. Couldn’t imagine life as a nurse without you. Happy Nurses Week!”

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