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Our 6 Best Undershirts For Scrubs and Tips On How To Wear Them in Style

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If you work in any high-activity, high-intensity healthcare environment for any length of time, you’re well aware of the importance of a good set of scrubs. More specifically, you know the importance of a nursing undershirt to wear under your scrubs and how this base layer can regulate your body temperature.

But what are the best long-sleeve undershirts to wear under scrub tops, and why is it essential that you buy a shirt for cold weather? We’ve got all the answers below, plus a few tips on how to style them.

How to wear scrubs the best way

Navy blue undersrub for women

If you work in healthcare, you probably already know most of the following. But if you’re looking for more specific info, or you need a refresher on why scrubs are important, here it is:


Are first impressions crucial to you? Do you want to vibe like the calm, collected, knowledgeable healthcare worker that you are? A nicely cut, form-fitting set of scrubs can quickly denote you as an authority figure in a healthcare setting and build trust with your patients. If your scrub outfits are ill-fitting or too baggy, however, they can have the opposite effect.


There’s no question that you need to be as comfortable as possible on those extra-long shifts, especially in high-stress settings, but you’ll want to look as professional as possible, too. The last thing you need is to be distracted by something like ill-fitting scrubs. Scratchy fabric, improper pant length and uncomfortable seams can make or break your workday. 

Fortunately, premium brands like Jaanuu bypass this scenario with high-quality workwear, ranging from our modern apparel to classic fits. Our super-soft FUSEryx™ and SPINryx™ proprietary fabric blends are gentle against the skin, and our variety of scrub sizes are guaranteed to fit any leg length.

Cutting back on contaminants

Worried about coming into contact with contaminants? A properly fitted set of scrubs can cut back your risk of exposure, keeping both you and your patients safe. 

Sure, medical uniforms with features like antimicrobial-finished fabric can protect you against germs. But if your scrubs are too baggy to begin with, you increase the risk of coming into contact with unwanted germs by simply accidentally bumping into something or someone. 

What to look for in long-sleeve undershirts for scrubs

 Baby pink underscrub for women

Trying to decide what to wear under scrubs? Here are a few key characteristics to keep in mind.


If you work as a nurse or another healthcare professional, this should come as no surprise. As with scrubs themselves, a close-cut undershirt will fit under your scrub tops, hoodies or sweaters, regulate your body temperature, and help you look professional in all healthcare environments.

However, you don’t want to cut it too close: If the undershirt is too tight, it can be difficult to move, or it can cause you to sweat excessively. This is especially true if the undershirt is made out of a less-breathable fabric. Aim to wear a breathable undershirt that falls in the goldilocks zone, one that’s not too snug but not too baggy.


When choosing what type of undershirts you need for your position, naturally, you’ll want to think about what kind you prefer in terms of style. But it’s also important to consider what type of undershirts your workplace’s regulations allow.

Can you wear long-sleeve T-shirts that you can roll up when the situation calls for it? Does your workplace prefer these long-sleeve tees or button-downs to keep with a more professional aesthetic? What about high-intensity scenarios where you’ll no doubt be working up a sweat? In that case, a moisture-wicking, thin underscrub may be more functional.


Lastly, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the proper color scrub, whether it’s a relaxed fit, slim cut, short sleeve or long sleeve. Perhaps your specific department will decide this for you, as most workplaces have a dress code. But perhaps you can have a say in the simple but important details, like the weave and thickness of your uniform. 

For example: Do you wear lighter-colored uniforms? If so, make sure your undershirt is not a dark color, as it can show through your scrub top and may look unprofessional.

Our 6 best undershirts for scrubs

Of course, we’d never tell you what to wear without including some awesome options. We’ve put together a quick list of our best Jaanuu underscrubs to keep you feeling comfortable and looking professional while on the job.

For women’s underscrubs:

 White underscrub for women

  • Try our Tech Tee Underscrub. With a crew neck and a slim fit, this underscrub is made of a blend of polyester and spandex, allowing a super-soft, almost loungewear quality with a breathable finish and moisture-wicking properties. It can be machine-washed and tumble-dried.
  • Want our most popular undershirt option? Our Microrib Underscrub is another slim-fit crew neckline cut that can fit under sweatshirts and uniforms. With moisture-wicking properties and an antimicrobial-finished treatment, its super-soft rayon-spandex blend will work well with a V-neck scrub, and it’s also suitable for machine washing and drying.
  • If you need underscrubs that offer extra support or a more heavyweight crewneck option, our Compression Top is not to be overlooked. With muscle-support, anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties, this nylon-spandex blend is also safe to toss in both the washer and dryer. 
  • For more ideas, you can also check out our full Jaanuu compression selection.


For men’s underscrubs:

Compresion underscrub for men

  • Our Tech Tee Underscrub is an excellent choice if you’re the kind of person to waffle over what you want to buy. Breathable, soft like cotton-jersey, and machine-washable safe, this polyester-spandex blend is one of the best long-sleeve options out there, with a slim fit, a crew neck and thumbhole cuffs. 
  • Our Compression Mapped Underscrub provides a little extra muscle support for those that need it during a long shift. With another crew neckline and a slim fit, its nylon-spandex blend has moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties. It’s part of our men’s compression collection, too.
  • Our final recommendation for our men’s long-sleeve T-shirts is our Paneled-Mesh Underscrub Top. This slim-fit crewneck T-shirt sets itself apart with its side mesh panels, and the undershirt’s nylon-elastane mix is wrinkle and fade resistant, too.



How to sweat less in scrubs

Black undersrubs for women

There’s no denying the fact that we all sweat, especially during high-intensity shifts. But how can you sweat less in your scrubs? 

Fortunately, we have a few tips for that, too.

 Use antiperspirant, not deodorant

There’s nothing to stop you from using deodorant, and it can get the job done. However, antiperspirant does it better. While deodorant masks odor, antiperspirant blocks it entirely, making for a more functional sweat seal over extended periods.

Drink water, and lots of it

Hydration can ward off excessive sweating, and it can also keep you from feeling sick or dehydrated on the job. Remembering to drink regularly on a long shift can be difficult sometimes. Still, if you make an effort, it’ll help immensely. Maybe invest in a bottle with markers to track your intake?

Find ways to relax

We know, we know. Asking a healthcare professional to relax is far easier than it sounds, especially when you’re working during a pandemic. But de-stressing activities can help with excessive sweating. While it may be impossible to relax on the shift, you can take up activities outside of it to help with this task.

If you’re hoping to find something to help a fellow nurse or medical professional destress, our list of best gifts for nurses has great ideas on how to help them—and yourself—achieve a restful state.

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