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Meet The Breasties

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The Breasties is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting young women affected by breast and reproductive cancers through community and friendship. Founded by four young women each impacted by breast cancer, The Breasties is an all inclusive community for survivors, previvors, thrivers, and caregivers. They host free weekend wellness retreats, camp for nearly 500 women and have 45+ chapters around the world dedicated to helping women move mountains.

Meet The Team: The Founders

Paige More | Co-Founder

Paige is an advocate for women’s health and empowerment and describes herself as everybody’s new breast friend. In 2017, Paige opted to have a preventative double mastectomy after discovering she carried the BRCA 1 genetic mutation. After feeling alone in making this decision, Paige decided to start sharing her story on Instagram to give other women the hope that they too could become warriors not worriers. She build a community online and decided to start putting together free events for women who have been affected by cancer. This is when The Breasties was born.

Leslie Almiron | Co-Founder

Leslie was poised to take on the corporate world when in 2016 at age 23 she was diagnosed with what would become stage four breast cancer. While extreme, that wakeup call lit a fire within her to help other young women in similar situations. Before joining The Breasties Leslie spent three years as a Staff Accountant in midtown Manhattan specializing in taxation and bookkeeping. Leslie graduated from CUNY Queens College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

Allie Brudner | Co-Founder

Allie is a co-founder of the Breasties who also works as a speech pathologist and professor at New York University. She is a triple negative breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed at 28 years old. During her treatment, she knew that she had to channel her energy into helping other young women affected by cancer. Connecting with other strong women in similar situations is what helped her push through the toughest times. Allie received her Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University and her Master’s Degree from New York University. In her free time, you can find Allie with her chocolate lab Booker trying out the latest heathy-ishcookie recipe. She also can be found dancing to Bey, swinging some kettlebells or thinking of ways to spread some good juju.

Brianna Majsiak | Co-Founder

Brianna is a cofounder of The Breasties and a senior health producer at EverydayHealth.com. She lost her mother to breast cancer at the age of five. Brianna grew up constantly worrying about her increased breast cancer risk. She tested negative for BRCA but positive for a lesser-known gene. She felt even more conflicted about her risk and what to do. Brianna received her Bachelor’s Degree from Brandeis University and her Master’s Degree from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. She wrote her master’s thesis about young women living with BRCA. When she’s not planning retreats for The Breasties or writing articles about wellness you can find her hanging with her dog or scouring NYC for the best tacos. 


How can you show support for The Breasties?

This month, 20% of the proceeds from the sale of all of Jaanuu’s pink products and graphic tees will be donated to The Breasties. You can also wear your heart on your sleeve by adding the limited edition, pink ribbon embroidery on a scrub top or lab coat. Join the conversation on social media by using #OffOurChests!

Visit here to wear your support for The Breasties and their mission. 

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