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Eromomen E., Model: An Interview

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Eromomen E. was 27 years-old when her girlfriend discovered her lump. Doctors quickly confirmed it was breast cancer. Now eighteen months in remission, Ermomen is determined to keep laughing and dancing – no matter what life brings her way. She recently shaved her head in solidarity for a close friend whose cancer returned. Committed to sharing her truth, she holds gratitude as her north star.

We had the chance to talk with Eromomen. We’re honored to share her words of wisdom.

On Diagnosis:

The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer changed my life. My girlfriend found the lump in my breast and we went to planned parenthood. The doctors checked me out and sent me to a breast cancer specialist. 

That was probably one of the scariest moments of my life. Being in that room alone finding out I had breast cancer. Asking yourself, What happens next? You feel so lonely because you’re left with no direction – with nothing. 

On Her Doctor:

Can I swear? She’s fucking dope. She saved my life. My cut is pretty. There is no scar. She made me feel safe. When someone is going through something so difficult, it’s a gift to make them feel safe. Like they don’t need to panic or worry. When their life is on the line, and when their life is in your hands. She did that so effortlessly.

When someone is going through something so difficult, it’s a gift to make them feel safe.

On Treatment:

Going to chemotherapy made me sad. Everyone around me was sick. I would get to the hospital, probably wearing my red fur coat, and my doctor would always say, “I really look forward to you coming in.” 

I wish there was more love in hospitals like that. You can tell there is a lot of love from the physicians, the nurses, the clerks, the attendants, and from everyone working there.

On Gratitude:

I’m breast cancer free! I’m healthy AND I’m happy. Chemo is over. Radiation is over. Surgery is over. Everything is over. And my breasts look perfect. Cancer made me more grateful. Gratitude is my north star. 

Cancer made me more grateful. Gratitude is my north star. 

On Her Father:

My dad always say: “Every day is my birthday.” I couldn’t grasp what that meant as a kid. After having breast cancer, that statement (that affirmation) was put into perspective for me. I even got it tattooed on me. 

On Life After Cancer:

Cancer made me see life in such a fruitful way. Cancer made me love deeper. It made me fight harder. It made me love God more. It made me love myself more. And know that you really can fucking fight if you chose to; if we want it bad enough.

The mind is a powerful beast. Your body can play you. It’s the strength of the mind, the strength of your heart and the strength of God that can pull you through.

On the Future:

I’m learning how to sew. I’m modeling. I don’t know what my future holds, but I am open to any and everything.

On Advice To Someone With Cancer:

I’m here for you. I haven’t met you, but I love you. It’s going to be hard. You can do it. And you will do it. You will do it. I believe in you. Everyday you’re going to push through. Congratulations you have already won. Now go fight.

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