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Everyday Superhero:
Michaela Pierre, Animal Dental Hygienist

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Name: Michaela Pierre

Profession: Dental Hygienist for Dogs and Cats

Why did you decide to pursue this profession?

I absolutely love animals, and I feel like it’s our responsibility as humans to be their voice, to help them when they’re in need. Dental health is so important, and I wanted to educate owners about their pets’ dental needs. I just love meeting new animals and new people every day.

Michaela Pierre, Veterinary Dental Hygienist, Jaanuu Scrubs

What advice do you have for someone who wants to become a dental hygienist for animals?

Be very patient and try to work with great veterinarians who really care about the health of animals. This is the best career you’ll ever choose. Just remember that patience is key.

What is your most memorable moment with a patient?

I had a dog come in for a teeth cleaning, and when I was doing the assessment, he bit my hand really hard. He wasn’t an aggressive dog, so there must have been a problem. It turned out that there was a piece of wood lodged behind his teeth which was hurting him really badly. After I was able to remove the wood and do a full cleaning, he was so thankful. He started licking me, he didn’t want to get off my lap – he actually licked my hand where he’d bit it, almost like saying, “I’m sorry”. We really bonded, and it was just such an awesome moment.

Who is your superhero?

My biggest superhero is my mom, Penny. She taught me from a very young age that I could accomplish anything in life – even if it had never been done before – as long as I had a good work ethic, was honest, and was willing to put in the hard work.

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  1. Would love to know the brand of that beautiful stethoscope

    • Hi, Millicent! That’s actually Michaela’s own stethoscope, so we don’t know the brand. It is indeed beautiful!

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