JAANUU » Everyday Superhero:Kylie Nishida,OR Nurse

Everyday Superhero:
Kylie Nishida,
OR Nurse

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Name: Kylie Nishida

Profession: OR Nurse and Aesthetic Nurse

Why did you decide to pursue nursing?

I had my moment of clarity one day in nursing school when learning about the final stages of a person’s life. Understanding the changes that someone goes through emotionally, physically, and mentally helped me to better understand what my own grandmother was going through at that very moment. I realized that nurses can be an important bridge between the patient and their family. To know that I can help connect a family on a deeper level of understanding is truly rewarding.

What is the most challenging aspect of being an OR Nurse?

Maintaining composure with difficult patients who don’t always realize you have their best interest in mind can be very challenging at times. My everyday goal is to handle all of my patients’ emotions with understanding and kindness, and I know this means continuously presenting the best version of myself throughout my shift.

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What motivates you to keep going after a particularly difficult day at work? 

Knowing that a lot of people depend on me – including doctors, patients, and patients’ families – really motivates me. It’s not just another day of work, it’s another day of saving lives.

What advice do you have for someone starting out in the nursing field?

Times will get rough, and you WILL have moments when you question yourself, but knowing there are families out there counting on you to take care of their loved ones really can get you through the toughest of times. Also know that other people are behind you – your colleagues, your professors, the doctors. You’re all in it together. Strong coffee helps, too.

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What is your most memorable moment with a patient?

One day, an elderly patient told me that she trusted me because I was kind and I reminded her so much of her own granddaughter. That was the first time a stranger ever put their trust in me, and I will never forget what it meant to me.

Who is your superhero?

My grandmother – my Lola – is my superhero. She was also a nurse. She was kind, she was genuine, and she put everyone’s happiness above her own. I looked up to her so much, and she’s the reason I became a nurse.

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