JAANUU » Stress Awareness Month:4 Tips for Coping WithWork-Related Stress

Stress Awareness Month:
4 Tips for Coping With
Work-Related Stress

Stress Awareness Month, How To Cope With Work-Related Stress, Nurse
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We know most of you experience high levels of work-related stress, whether it’s caused by a hectic work environment or by having to make decisions that directly impact a person’s well-being. Here are a few tips from the Jaanuu community on how they alleviate their day-to-day stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance:

“You entered this profession understanding that stress was going to be intimately linked to the job. It’s going to frustrate you that most people don’t understand this. Your family is going to get pissed that you work the holidays, your friends will find it ‘so cool’ that you only work three shifts per week – completely unaware of your desperate need to reflect and recharge during that precious time away from the hospital. You will feel like nursing is a shadow that follows you from the moment you wake up until you’re fast asleep. Cut the cord. Separate the need to let your profession rule your life.  Once you become a nurse, you can never not be one. However, maintaining passion for the profession and keeping yourself excited about going to work every day depends on your ability to distance yourself from work during the appropriate moments.” @nursesonja, ICU Nurse and Author of Oh Sh*t, I Almost Killed You!

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“I try to minimize stress by leaving work at work. I work 12-hour days, and once I leave the office, I leave whatever happened that day behind. It helps that my husband is also a dentist. This sounds silly, but we record ourselves on Snapchat saying funny things using the voice changing filters. That way, when either of us is stressed at work, we can open up the snap and have a nice big laugh. Laughing always makes everything better.” – @kaganendo, Dentist

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“Being a full-time mom, RN and student, handling stress has become second nature. With career-related stress, I conquer it with exercise. A good minimum workout of an hour does wonders for me. Another key habit is eating healthier because sustainable energy from better food helps control those ‘hangry’ mood swings. Pretty simple, but these were things I had to learn on my own, and they’ve kept me going for over a year.” @joy.mackenzie, Registered Nurse

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“I try to take care of myself and go to the gym every morning before my shift so I have time to reset. Or, I’ll go for a quick run outside to get some sun and fresh air, which helps boost my energy level and puts me in a good mood as I go in for a long 12-hour day.” @angelaspahr, ER Nurse

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Leave a comment below to let us know how you cope with work-related stress.

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