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Jaanuu team and founder One saved lives. The other saved financial models for a living. Some say a perfect team, others say just a sister/brother combo with a dream.

Founded by Pediatrician to the stars, Dr. Neela Sethi Young and private equity investor (and younger brother) Shaan Sethi, Jaanuu was formed in 2013 to reinvent the medical apparel category with contemporary, runway-inspired fashion. The company was named Jaanuu for its Hindi meaning of “sweetheart”, a term of endearment used in many cultures for someone you love, often a child.

Since the early days of brother/sister strategy sessions, we have formed a brilliant team of designers, production gurus, software developers and many more who have trained at, invested in or worked with the finest of companies including Lululemon, Bisou Bisou, Skechers, American Eagle Outfitters, Quiksilver and DSW.

We like to call ourselves a wrecking crew of fresh talent challenging the traditional norms in the world of medical apparel.

from Dr. Neela

Something better...

I was handed my first set of scrubs at 5am on my first day of hospital rounds. “Here!” said the medical resident, “and hurry!” It was a blue, starchy set of scrubs, and as I put them on, I thought...these must be for a man. The shirt was boxy, the crotch was low, and they overall just made me feel sad. I asked the resident if she was sure these were mine, and she just laughed. “Welcome to feeling frumpy all day and night. That is all there is!” I thought, “How sad...We are here to make people feel better, but we look and feel so terrible ourselves.” I spent the next 5 years of my life in the hospital, and when I had the choice to buy my own scrubs, sadly, it was no better. I was left to choose between cartoon characters and rainbows, or just plain boring. I wanted to feel confident and fashionable, just as I did in my daily life. It was then that the idea for Jaanuu was born.

I wanted to create a medical apparel brand for the contemporary woman out there. A woman that wants to look and feel as good as she does on a date night or out having happy hour with friends. I want that woman to transfer all that positive energy to the patients she is treating.

Look good, feel good, do good...that’s the Jaanuu woman.

My husband, Chuck, lives in scrubs as an Orthopedic Surgeon. He has his own issues with ill-fitting scrubs that easily add 20 pounds of “cushion” to his lean body. My goal is to make the modern man feel strong and confident in our scrubs. I want him to walk into his office, the hospital, or even the operating room proud of not only how he looks, but also what his scrubs stand for.

Welcome to Jaanuu...



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