Jaanuu | \ ˈjä-nü \ | jah-new

Derived from the Hindi word for life: Jaan.
In reverence to all that life challenges us to face, accept, and overcome.

Through life’s journey, we grow.

Our Story

We’re siblings who are ready to change the uniform game forever.

Officially launched in 2013 by sister and brother Dr. Neela Young Sethi and Shaan Sethi, Jaanuu got started with the common goal of reinventing the uniform to be performance-oriented and design-centric.

We create category defining styles built with functionality that matters and drive for innovation in all of our apparel and accessories - no professional should settle for anything less.

Our Mission

We inspire your journey to perform at your best.

We study the strength with which you operate to deliver the most innovative uniforms in the world.

Our Values

Our Team

Four Offices. An all-star group. One common focus.

Our passion is to deliver the most premium products and build the best online shopping experience that the medical professional deserves.

Join The Movement

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