Fabric & Technology

We have reimagined the medical apparel industry by infusing our runway-inspired designs with the most advanced fabrics and technologies in the industry.

Our Factories

We realized early on that premium fabric is only as good as the eyes and hands that produce it into a garment. We’ve established direct partnerships with the best fabric mills, factories and design talent to bring you high-quality products. With each factory line, we seek out perfection and precision, one thread at a time.

Design Innovation

We pride ourselves in bold innovation and seek to provide a variety of contemporary silhouettes to an industry with antiquated options. We take our inspiration directly from the runway while leveraging a data-driven approach to ensure our designs always offer comfort, functionality and optimal performance.

Terms and Conditions:

Enter by 11:59 PM PT on Sunday, December 16th. Winners will be drawn on Monday, December 17th at 12:00 PM PT. Code applies to full-price styles only.

Visit blog.jaanuu.com/winyourwishlist for more details.