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What to Look for in a Face Mask if You Wear Glasses

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If you wear glasses, you surely know how frustrating it can be to pair them with a face mask, as they fog up almost instantly.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, face coverings have become a pillar of protection; unfortunately, foggy glasses make it difficult to see, and they can lead to pandemic-related health risks, too. If you’re constantly reaching up to scrub those trusty spectacles, there’s a chance you’ll touch your eyes, too, increasing the risk for infection. 
Here are some quick tips for finding the best face masks for glasses wearers, along with some anti-fog tips.

Why are my glasses fogging up with face masks?

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In short, it boils down to the condensation of water droplets.

Face masks are designed to create a tight, streamlined seal around your mouth and nose for a breathable and comfortable fit. As per CDC recommendations, this seal is needed. If there’s a gap, or your breathable face mask doesn’t have two or three layers, that hot, humid air has a way to escape.

Once this hot air hits a cooler surface, like your lenses, it causes moisture to condense, the same way your car windows fog up in the winter when you turn on the heater. When it’s cold outside, the contrast between your hot breath and your glasses’ cold lenses can make the condensation worse.

Face masks that prevent foggy glasses

Want to know how to keep glasses from fogging with masks? The number one thing to keep in mind is the mask’s secure fit. Remember, it has to seal around your face in an anti-fog perimeter to keep that condensation in. 

Although you’ll find many fashionable mask options, both washable and disposable, it might take longer to find one well-suited for you if you wear glasses. To simplify the process, we’re going to drop an easy recommendation for one of the most comfortable face masks for glasses: our best-selling reusable face covering

Beyond our obvious bias toward a product we love, our unisex masks are designed as a modern healthcare accessory that gently follows the contours of your face. The result? Masks that don’t fog glasses, with a reduced misting-over effect.

Some additional benefits of our face masks:

Our soft-knit snug masks feature two layers: The outer layer is made of our custom SPINryx™ weave with an antimicrobial-treated finish, as well as an interior mesh layer. Overall, this ensures that this stylish face-covering sits comfortably against your skin and is stretchy, too. This look is finished with a pair of elastic ear loops to keep it secured.

On top of this functional, form-fitting look, our masks come in multiple colors, allowing you to easily pair them with any outfit. They’re sold in bundles of five or more, ensuring that you always have one on hand for any day of the week.  

Bonus points: Our reusable masks can be bulk ordered for the workplace. And they’re easy to machine wash and dry, too.

What to look for in a mask if you wear glasses

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If you’re on the hunt for a face mask that won’t fog up your glasses, here are a few general tips on what to look for. If you wear glasses, your mask should have:

A firm seal to stop humid, warm air from escaping

Choose masks that are made of stretchy material that follows the contours of your face or masks with foam padding along the nose bridge to block hot air from rising. You can use an adjustable nose wire or nose clip inserted into the mask itself, so you can delicately pinch it over the nose bridge

Adjustable ear loops

Elastic ear straps or non-elastic adjustable ear straps are a great option.

With adjustable straps, you can pull that mask as tight as you need without having that uncomfortable burn of too-tight elastics pressing against your ears. 

A mask with a straight fold that sits across the top half of your face

Some masks are cut to gently curve over your cheekbones and create a more contoured line. However, this mask style does not create a firm seal between the top of your mask and the bottom of your glasses, allowing hot air to rise up over your face. 

In contrast, a straight cut fold or a pleated mask sits more firmly across the entire circumference of your face. A good example of this kind of silhouette can be seen in disposable face masks or surgical masks.

Our face mask tips for glasses wearers

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Along with these general tips on what to look for when buying a mask, we also have a few style-wearing tips.

Wash your glasses with soap

First, wash your glasses with a small amount of soap, then gently rinse that soap off. This hack works well because it leaves a thin film on the glasses to prevent condensation. Long-term, it acts as an anti-fog spray, and your glasses are less likely to mist up.

Pull your mask higher on your face

Pull your mask higher on your face, so the edge of that mask sits beneath your glasses. Yes, this may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but it will allow hot air to travel behind your glasses instead of hitting them directly. This won’t solve the “foggy glasses” issue entirely, but it will definitely help.

Buy a new mask to wear with your glasses

And do it with style! Wearing masks with glasses can feel like a chore and a half, but it doesn’t have to. So long as you find a form-fitting mask and take steps to tighten that face seal, it’ll help with those pesky fog problems. The smooth, sleek fit will make you look more fashionable, too.

If the Jaanuu mask option appeals to you, check out our mask fitting guide before you buy. Stay safe and stylish, everyone!

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