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6 Tips for Keeping Your Scrubs Looking Wrinkle Free and Flawlessly Professional

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Ever watch an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” see a picture-perfect healthcare outfit, and think, “Wow, why can’t my scrubs look like that?”

It’s no secret that scrubs—lab coats and scrubs tops and pants—should be fit, functional, durable and comfortable. Even still, you’ve probably noticed your own set of newish scrubs looking a bit dull and far too wrinkled (alas, it’s all that packaging).

If your stock of healthcare uniforms needs a makeover, fear not. Jaanuu is here to help with six quick, easy ways to get your medical uniforms looking fresh, crisp and brand new again. 

Whether you’re looking to wash your scrubs, iron those bad boys or simply get wrinkles out of scrubs without hauling out the ironing board, read on. We’ll have you looking like a flawless, fashionable, fresh-faced healthcare professional in no time.

What causes scrubs to wrinkle?

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A mixture of heat and water

When you combine heat with H₂O, the bonds that hold your fabric weave (or the shape of that fabric) in place, loosen. When the moisture evaporates and your scrubs dry, new shapes in the weave take form. Little refresher chemistry for you there. 

If you work in a hot, humid environment, your clothes are more likely to wrinkle, especially certain fabrics like cotton and linen, which soak up moisture like a sponge. Synthetic materials like poly blends or Jaanuu’s FUSEryx™ and SPINryx™ fabrics, on the other hand, help to repel liquid, which, as any healthcare professional knows, is a lifesaver on the job.

Improper storage

Here’s a quick scenario for you. You’ve crammed too many scrubs together in your closet, or you’ve haphazardly tossed them in some random drawer. No judgement, we’ve all been there. However, the reality is that your medical uniform ist likely not going to stay fresh and fashionable all bundled up like that. All that extra pressure on your scrubs will cause them to wrinkle faster, especially if they happen to be semi-damp.

Improper clothing care

Sometimes, a set of scrubs can turn frumpy in the wash-and-dry cycle because you’re not following the proper care instructions as per the tag. 

By following the instructions on the tag, you’ll know whether to wash your scrubs in cold or hot water or use fabric softener or color-safe bleach. The tag will also let you know whether you should hang dry your new scrubs after the first wash or if they’re okay for a hot iron or the dryer’s delicate cycle. 

Whatever the fine print says, the wash-and-dry process takes time—time that you may not have, especially if you’re working back-to-back shifts.

Fortunately, modern, wrinkle-free scrubs like Jaanuu’s FUSEryx™ and SPINryx™ options offset this problem in a meaningful way. We design each antimicrobial-finished fabric to resist fading and wrinkling, so you can easily toss them in the wash or dryer with no fear of your scrubs wrinkling or shrinking.

6 tips to keep your scrubs wrinkle-free

Man wearing pink scrubs

Crinkly clothes are a fact of life, but our following tips on how to keep scrubs from wrinkling will help keep you looking sharp and professional on the job. 

Wash scrubs separately from your other clothes

This is important for reasons other than a wrinkle-free finish, as you’re most likely also dealing with contaminants. But you also want to avoid mixing your scrubs and clothes in the wash because it’ll most likely increase the size of your wash load. An overloaded washing machine can put too much pressure on your clothes, causing them to roughen up prematurely. 

Keep in mind, the care instructions for your regular clothes versus your scrubs will most likely differ. So if you follow one set of care instructions but not the other, your scrubs will be fighting a losing battle. Separating your street clothes from your scrubs in the wash is wise, especially if you need to disinfect heavy-duty stains.

Wear the right size of scrubs

Hot, humid weather or excessive sweating can cause your clothes to wrinkle quickly. If your scrubs fit correctly, they’ll ideally still be form-fitting while allowing your skin enough room to breathe. This allows those moisture-wicking properties to kick in. 

On the flip side: If your scrubs are too tight, sweat will build upon your skin, and eventually the fabric. Once those scrubs dry, the wrinkles will set in place. Check out our Jaanuu fit guide to get a better sense of how your scrubs should sit on your unique figure.

Learn how to store scrubs properly

Remember, improperly storing your scrubs is a major culprit behind wrinkles. If you use a cabinet, make sure to keep those scrubs hanging evenly and adequately spaced apart. If you use drawers, fold your scrubs neatly. A great way to store folded clothes without wrinkling them? Roll them. You’re welcome!

Be sure that the scrubs are completely dry before wearing them

Like with excessive sweat and hot, humid weather, wearing your scrubs before they’ve thoroughly dried will cause wrinkles. The reason for this? Instead of the weave returning to its original shape after drying, it’ll adhere to the shape of your body, which, in turn, causes creases.

Wash and dry with care

Following the care instructions for your scrubs is the best way to avoid those wrinkles. At least, it’s the best way to prevent the extra time you’d spend ironing them out. 

Proper scrub care can mean various things, from using the correct temperature in the wash cycle to hanging your clothes immediately after the wash cycle is complete.

Only wear your scrubs when you’re on duty

Another commonsensical way to keep your scrubs looking fresh is to wear them only while you’re working.

When you have a few days off, and you’re in recovery mode, reach instead for some extra comfy loungewear. At Jaanuu, we have two distinct lines of recovery wear—loungewear, for a pajama-like comfort that’s good for the soul, and a limited-edition comfortwear collection that is perfect for weekend brunches and coffee runs. 

You may feel tempted to wear a clean set of comfy Jaanuu scrubs around the house, but, trust us, our newest lounge sets are built to outfit the way you recover best. If you wear your scrubs outside of work, not only are you exposing them to outside contaminants, they’ll wear out faster and, not to mention, they’ll develop wrinkles more quickly. 

A win-win alternative? Treat yourself to Jaanuu loungewear for those off-shift days.

Want a better option? Buy a wrinkle-resistant pair of scrubs

Woman wearing black scrubs

No one likes to wear wrinkled scrubs, especially in public. At best, you look frumpy. At worst, you’ll come off as unprofessional or unfit for work. 

But with these simple tips, you can keep those wrinkles to a minimum. Better yet, invest in a wrinkle-resistant set of Jaanuu’s scrubs to cut back on your laundry time even further. Be sure to check out our new arrivals and bestselling men’s scrubs selection for inspiration.

May you always look as good as you feel. Jaanuu scrubs. Check ‘em out!

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