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Nine of the Best Educational Nursing Games

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Studying can be enjoyable, and if you’re studying to become a nurse, you will certainly find ways to throw some fun into those long cram sessions. Let’s face it, we all need to shake things up after a certain point—like when it’s 3 a.m., and you’ve had your nose in a textbook since sunset.

That’s where games for nurses come in. These activities are like exams, but they are less stressful. They allow you to test your knowledge in a low-pressure, fun way. That’s what we call a win-win. 

In this article, you’ll find a list of some of our favorite nurse simulation games and other nurse resources perfect for a bit of breakroom fun or, if you happen to be working toward your next certification, study groups. 

And since we know you deserve a break from the stress of the job, your studies, or clinical hours, we’ve also thrown in some games that are just for good ol’ fun to help you clear your mind.

What are the benefits of clearing your mind during shifts?

Nursing is hard work, and many working (or studying to work) in this profession don’t get the breaks they need (and deserve!). While it may seem difficult (or even impossible) to take a break, studies show that such demanding work can lead to injuries and burnout. So be it during a long shift or studying marathon, be sure to allow yourself the opportunity to recharge.

Before we get into games that function as study aids, here are some that can help you clear your mind on a long shift, even if you only have just a few minutes for a short break:


Online puzzles

Mobile games like virtual jigsaw puzzles can help refocus your attention on something more visual than cerebral. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction of completing a challenge, which will boost your mood. 

Word and number games

The world has officially gone wild over Wordle and Sudoku. And it’s no surprise, as these games can help you step back from your stress as you try to win at a brain game that has nothing to do with work. 

Nine exercises and didactic learning activities for nurses

Introducing a fun game into your study routine can cut the monotony of reading and notetaking. These nurse games may not be as fun as that online jigsaw puzzle or word game you love, but you can still have some fun and boost your critical thinking skills.

RNtertainment, The NCLEX Review Game

If you’re a nursing student, you likely dedicate much of your study time to passing the NCLEX exam. With this board game, you can explore 800 clinical questions to help you ace the test, and it makes for the perfect excuse to get your nursing crew together for a game night.

Clinical to Classroom

Making your own game allows you to focus specifically on the clinical knowledge you want to reinforce. To perform this didactic exercise, gather some of your nursing school pals once a week, and have everyone present a case study on the material you’re reviewing in class. The person presenting can ask questions to the group and come prepared with the correct answers to guide the discussion.

Nobel Prize

Until you win a Nobel yourself, you can use the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s official website resources to brush up on your scientific knowledge. With a wealth of browser games, this site offers interactive exercises on blood typing, electrocardiograms, the immune system, and more.


Learning Nurse

The name says it all. Nursing websites like this exist to advance your learning as a student or professional who wants to review. Take this site’s nursing quizzes or play one of the hundreds of games they have available on subjects from pharmacology to anatomy. 

Study Stack

This website isn’t just for nurses, but that’s a good thing. It has flexible resources like tools that allow you to make your own flashcards. You can then play games made from those cards. There’s a massive database of ready-made flashcards covering topics in science and medicine.

Medical Abbreviations

Head over to the Quia gaming platform for various tools geared at learning for nurses: flashcards, word searches, concentration, and matching exercises that test your knowledge of medical abbreviations.

Who says you can’t combine your love for classic just-for-fun games like word searches with nursing exam prep? 

SkillStat ECG Simulator

This game shows you ECG rhythms and asks you to define them by picking the correct multiple-choice answer from a list. Believe us; you’ll learn more from this about matters of the heart than any love game. And, if this doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend your Sunday afternoon, think again.

Your colleagues say that once you click, you can’t quit. And you can enjoy this virtual nursing simulation game for free.


Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

This mobile game platform contains over 400 cases that you can use to perfect your diagnosis skills. The game has cases organized by specializations, so you can search for what you wish to study.

Infection – The Board Game

Do you need a break from studying but want to stay in the medical mindset while practicing your knowledge? “Infection” is the board game for you. Simulating a pandemic, players decide what role they’ll play in containing it by putting together a team and gathering equipment. While this game won’t necessarily prepare you for the NCLEX, it’s certainly relevant to your studies.

At Jaanuu, we believe medical professionals deserve to look good, feel great, and—whether on the job or in the books—have some fun, too. Be sure to take a break to reset and recharge now and then (because you’ve undoubtedly earned it!). And remember, we have your back with health and self-care tips (and scrubs) to help you every step of the way.

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