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Is Nursing For Me? 10 Qualities Needed and Things To Consider

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Some jobs are easier than others, period. If you’re a healthcare professional who works in specialty nursing, we needn’t tell you twice. But what if you’re considering becoming a nurse? Have you asked yourself, “Is nursing for me? Do I have what it takes to make this job work?” If not, you definitely should. 

Becoming a registered nurse or nurse practitioner isn’t easy, but what drives most of us is the desire to care for others and cheer them on. Nevertheless, nursing can take its toll, and if you’re currently in nursing school you may experience moments when you wonder if it’s all worth it.

If you need a little guidance, some gentle reassurance or a straight-up cheer squad, read on for a breakdown of the qualities that you need as a nurse. We’ve also included other important factors to consider for your nursing education, whether you’re pursuing an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree (BSN) or a masters of science in nursing (MSN).

Essential qualities to be a nurse

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Everyone has their quirks, and nurses are no exception. Each of us has a unique style of caregiving, that personalized touch to show how much we love our job and how well we do it; however, all types of nurses have a few traits in common.


Flexibility refers to how well you adapt to the hectic pace of healthcare. How easily do you acclimate to constant change? Does it stress you out or do you consider it a good challenge? Successful nurses fall into the second camp; otherwise, inflexibility is a sign that nursing might not be for you.

Dedication and commitment

Nursing isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a demanding career with long, high-intensity 12-hour shifts where you experience triumph one minute and despair the next. To make sure you don’t suffer burnout from this see-sawing emotional sphere, you’ll need a strong sense of dedication to get through the worst of it. You also need an unwavering commitment to helping others and self-help practices in place to help you manage stress. This list of the best nurse gift ideas will give you a good idea of where to start when it comes to your self-care routine.


Do you get frustrated quickly or have a short fuse for dealing with people? If so, nursing may be more than you can handle. As a nurse, you’ll face multiple priorities every day. Some tasks won’t run smoothly or you’ll be consoling upset patients who are having a hard time. A little frustration is natural, but you’ll need to have patience to deal with these work-related hiccups in the long run.

A desire to keep learning

How do you know if nursing is your calling? In nursing, an insatiable thirst for new knowledge is key. A good nurse is never done learning. Healthcare is a constantly changing field, so even after you complete nursing school, you’ll still need to learn new procedures, equipment and patient care techniques. This constant learning will also come with a continuous need for upgraded supplies, like state-of-the-art scrubs, lab coats and scrub caps; fortunately, Jaanuu gift cards can help offset some of the costs.

A helpful attitude

Ask yourself, as a prospective caregiver: Do you love helping others simply for the sake of it or do you consider assisting others a chore? Nurses naturally embody a passion for aiding others, no matter how difficult the task at hand.


Everyone makes mistakes, but when you’re a nurse, mistakes can be costly or even fatal. Competence is critical. Whether you’re looking to work in a pediatric facility or a hospital, you’ll need critical thinking, time management and leadership skills. And don’t forget plenty of physical stamina, as you’ll be on your feet for most of the day helping patients with physically demanding tasks.


When caring for people as a healthcare provider, you need to feel compassion for their situation, combined with kindness and a deft way of addressing their concerns. On top of this compassionate care, you also need to be understanding of your colleagues’ troubles. Healthcare can be a drain on nurses, not just their patients.


Is nursing a major source of pride for you? Always be confident in your skills, as too little faith in yourself can put your patients at risk;, nursing is a collaborative career and there is no room for ego. Be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses, ask for help when you need it and keep your thoughts grounded, too.

Excellent communication skills

Communication is critical for most jobs, especially in a team-oriented setting. It’s essential when you’re studying with others in nursing programs. Communication skills also include interpersonal abilities like conveying your thoughts clearly and succinctly, whether you’re speaking or writing, or absorbing and understanding instructions from others.

An empathetic mindset

Empathy goes hand in hand with compassion. For your patients to feel validated, you need to understand what they’re going through, express that shared emotion and be able to provide support in a non-judgmental manner.

Is being a nurse worth it?

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Absolutely. After all, we are a group of dedicated professionals inspired by the holistic approach of our co-founder, Dr. Neela. But beyond Jaanuu’s obvious bias toward nursing, however, you’ll see some objective benefits to this career.

A great career outlook

Even outside of the increased need for pandemic assistance, a rapidly aging population has caused the demand for healthcare professionals to skyrocket. For nurses, that translates to a healthy job growth rate.

The industry is stable

With most careers, you’ll find fluctuations in what jobs are available and where. Look no further than the pandemic’s devastating effects on the tourism industry. That said, nursing is relatively stable and, best of all, fairly recession-proof. There will always be a need for healthcare professionals.

Favorable job satisfaction

Despite the demands of nursing, job satisfaction is pretty high because of its regular hours, career outlook and fulfilling nature.

Factors to consider before becoming a nurse

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Here are some additional factors to consider before diving head-first into nursing,

You’ll have a varying itinerary

Nursing is relatively stable; however, you’ll still run into fluctuating itineraries depending on where you work and the shifts you take. For example, you may typically work a 12-hour shift at a hospital, while a podiatrist’s office will likely be a little less demanding.

It’s a challenging work environment

Remember, nursing isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for an easy ride, this job may not be right for you.

Non-stop education

If you’re planning to work as a nurse, schooling is a must. While there are ways to shorten your initial education, you’ll need to learn new procedures and tools of the trade as healthcare practices evolve. 

Want a breakdown on educational fees? Read up on how much nursing school costs. It’ll give you a better idea as to whether or not this career path is financially feasible for you. You can also check out our nursing student discounts.

We wish you the very best in your journey towards nursing!

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