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Everyday Superhero:
Dr. Jennifer, OD

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Dr. Jennifer has a passion for optometry, world travel, and self-expression. In this installment of Everyday Superheroes, she shares her career journey and how she found a balance between work and life.

Name: Dr. Jennifer Tsai

Profession: I am an optometrist practicing in New York City. I mainly specialize in orthokeratology, dry eye treatment, and computer vision syndrome therapy.

Why did you become an optometrist?

I knew that I always wanted a career where I could provide service to others. I love listening and problem-solving. I believe optometrists embody the ideal traits I’d like to carry, which includes being well-rounded, compassionate, empathetic, and communicative. Lastly, I’ve always had a knack for fashion and creativity, so I love that eye care incorporates that into frames and sunglasses.


What advice would you give to an aspiring optometrist?

You don’t have to know your end goal, but you should aim towards a direction and know that your path may change over time. Put yourself first, but not in a selfish way. Do it to be the best version of yourself. You are in charge of your own future, and it’s up to you to create the life you love!

“Put yourself first, but not in a selfish way.
Do it to be the best version of yourself.”

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

I love the one-on-one interaction time with my patients. I like the ability to offer personalized, tailored care because I get to learn as much about them as they get to about me. I get to see their growth and journey over the years, and it creates an interpersonal connection that is invaluable.

What inspires you at work?

I want to provide the best standard of care, so it is inspiring to see my patients happy with their treatment. It makes a world of a difference when I can help patients see better with glasses or contacts, or to help non-Lasik candidates with an alternative option such as Orthokeratology. It is also inspiring to see teamwork in the office when everyone works together to achieve a goal.

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What inspires you outside of work?

Traveling inspires me. For me, it has always been a bigger desire to see and experience the world. It allows me to gain perspective, remembering that the world is much bigger than you reminds you to stay humble when you see those less fortunate. It makes me more cultured and relatable as a person, which are important traits to be a well-rounded doctor.

Why did you decide to create your Instagram account and what has it meant to you?

I initially started it as a form of self-expression in optometry school through my travels and introspective thoughts. I decided to incorporate optometry this year, to share acceptance on social media without fear of judgment. I wanted to show that you can demonstrate multidimensionality with hobbies, share your personality, and be a well-balanced doctor. It allows me to showcase myself as a doctor who cares about vision, fashion, health, and traveling.

What are the benefits of having Jaanuu in your work wardrobe?

I love having classic, timeless work attire that adds personality. In New York City, it makes life easier to have stylish medical apparel that fits with the ambiance and changes with the season. I’ve always cared for fashion, and Jaanuu clothing makes it much more fun when I get ready for work!

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