JAANUU » Everyday Superheroes: Working through the Holidays

Everyday Superheroes:
Working through the Holidays

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Work days are hard—but especially during the holidays. We’re inspired by the ways our Everyday Superheroes are bringing the idea of self-care to themselves and to their patients.

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Name: Teal R., BSN RN

How does it make you feel to occasionally have to work during major holidays?

I remember working my first major holiday and it was tough, especially since I was already long distance from my family. You have to bring everything into perspective, though: Nobody asks to be sick on the holidays. Patients aren’t there for fun. I was just grateful that I was in a position to be well and healthy, and able to bring some piece of happiness and joy to a sick patient on the holiday.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Making a difference. I work in critical care, so I’ve taken care of some of the sickest patients there are. It’s always an amazing feeling watching a patient recover and knowing that your care contributed to their healing process.

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Name: Kelly H., RN

What is a piece of advice you would give to a new nurse working his or her first holiday?

Working the holidays is a tough change when you become an RN. If you know you are working a holiday this year, plan ahead. Have a celebration before or after the actual holiday so you can still see your family and friends. They’ll understand. If you still feel a bit upset that you have to work, remember this: you’re helping another person who is in the same situation you are. Your patients would love to go home and be with their family, too, but they can’t—all they have sometimes is YOU. So feel grateful that you can bring some joy into your patients’ holiday, talk to them, be there for them. It will make you feel good.

How do you keep spirits up for your patients during the holidays?

I keep my patients’ spirits up during the holidays by asking them what I can do for them. Can I call your family? Would you like a treat from our holiday party? (If allowed.) Free hugs 😊. Wishing them happy holidays and making sure they know that I am here for them because a lot of people are in the hospital alone on the holidays, so telling someone that you are here for them makes a big difference.

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Name: Liz I., APRN FNP-C

Do you do anything in particular to make the holidays special at work?

We always have fun celebrating the holidays. In between potlucks, dressing up, and either giving or receiving gifts, I always find it joyful to spend the holidays at work.

What is a piece of advice you would give to a new nurse working his or her first holiday?

One thing I always like to remember is that I was purposed to be there at that exact moment. We have this calling to care for others, and that calling has no restrictions. I am grateful to be able to spend my holidays helping to heal mankind.

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